The 2021 Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree

This Year’s Blog Official Purdue Christmas Tree Photo

Last year was the first year in a long time that this blog did not have a photo of the Purdue Memorial Union Christmas tree. This has historically been a cool place to try out whatever my new wide angle lens is. I usually have an ultra wide look at the tree and the entire room. This year I turned my camera and made this vertical image of the tree. I still made the other image, but I liked how this photo came out. A small tweak on a photo that I have made for many years in a row. Seeing the tree up this year gives me some hope that things are starting to return to normal. This is a different year than normal though as the gingerbread house is a little different. One of my favorite things about holidays at the Union is the gingerbread house competition that the dining halls have. This year it looks like that is not back yet. I know it is a lot of work, but it is always something that we visit a few times a season. Hopefully that comes back in the future.

Past Christmas Trees

Below I will list my images from past years of the tree. It is always fun (and sometimes cringy) to look back on my past work. You can see where I have changed, and how my style has evolved. In 2018 I decided to not make the typical tree photo, but rather just look at the ornaments up close. In the years since I have done both on the blog. This year the ornaments are very bland, and they don’t have that personal feel that they used to. Maybe those ornaments are yet to be placed on the tree.








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