Photo of the Day

This is a photo that I made in Austin, Texas in 2010. This was part of the LBJ museum that had an animatronic former President talking to the guests. I was having some fun with my phone trying to make a photo of the moving man in the dim light. This was one that worked out. In a time when I didn’t take my dSLR with me I like some of the images that I was able to make.

Technical Data

While watching an episode of the Grid I saw a demo of a program by Nik Software called Analog Efex Pro 2. I didn’t have the new version yet, but I did take this photo into the original program. They have some great filters that mimic old film types. I used one called Wet Plate 9. This was a snapshot taken with my phone at the time. I wanted to try and simulate a look from a camera at the time. When I saw this look though I just decided to use it.

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