The Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree

Going to the Union at Christmas Time

Every year we go to the Purdue Memorial Union at least once to see the large Christmas tree. It is a fun family trip to see a truly impressive tree. Of course the large gingerbread house is a draw as well. I usually make a handheld photo of the tree because trying to set up a tripod with two kids running around is impossible. With the high ISO capabilities of the new cameras getting a hand held shot is good enough for my purposes. The photos are here to document our time at the union. I spent most of the time making photos of the kids, but I did stop to make this photo of the tree. I may go to the union during the day when there is a wider variation of light to try a couple of long exposures with the tripod before the season is over. This is a beautiful tree, and I think that I could do something with it. I did take my time to make some images of the gingerbread house though as parts of it start to disappear over time. Luckily the frame is made of plywood or the entire thing may be gone by the time that Christmas comes around.


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