iPhone Photo

Yesterday I went down to the Wabash again to look for the Bald Eagles that I had seen just a couple of weeks ago. Once again no sign of them. Of course I only had my 70-200mm lens with the 1.4x extender on it so I couldn’t really take too many nature shots. I would just be in too close. I decided to try and take a couple of pictures with my iPhone. I could have posted an old phone shot today, but I like the idea of keeping things fairly current on this section. The river is above flood level, and this view from my normal location looks much different. It is still a view that I have seen many times, and I like the idea of it appearing on this blog.

Technical Data

Here is where things get interesting. I have many camera apps on my phone, but I usually only use Camera+. I thought that for the next couple of weeks I might try a few new apps to see what they can do for me. This is an app from Trey Ratcliff called 100 Camera’s in 1. It is a nice app that allows for some very interesting effects and textures to be added to your photo. I took this picture with the app, and then applied an in app filter called “It was never quite like that to me” to it. I am really not sure how I feel about the app. I may have to give it another try in the future.