Photo of Day

These gates do not look that bad, but during the Civil War many atrocities occurred behind them. This was the north gate of the Confederate prison Andersonville. The evil that went on in here is hard to believe, and even harder when you think that it was done to men who just a few years earlier were your countrymen. How different times must have been then. During my tour of the grounds in late 2006 I tried to keep in mind that this was hallowed ground because of that. The goal in this prison was just to survive long enough to get rescued, and about a fourth of them did not due to various forms of the terrible conditions. I first learned of the prison because of a nineties TNT movie simply named Andersonville. I was amazed at how to stay alive the prisoners turned on each other. This is a part of our history that should be remembered so that something like this does not happen again.

Technical Data

This shot was another easy one using a Lightroom preset. I just simply used the sepia preset that is included with Lightroom. It was a subtle change, but enough that I felt it conveyed a sense of history. The sky was cloudless that day so the shot needed something to give it some punch. Funny how taking the color away can provide that.


Photo of the Day

Tonight I was once again looking for something to get a picture of. We ran a couple of errands, and then went out to eat. I had a semi-interesting shot, but it lacked something. We were waiting to make a right turn when I saw this out my window. I snapped a couple of shots before moving on. This may not be the best shot of the project, but it is a a decent shot. In less than a month a night like this will allow me to post a shot that I have been collecting in a folder for that reason.

Technical Data

This is a three shot HDR image that was created using the -2, 0, and +2 exposures that I took by hand. The quick nature of the shoot did not lend itself to running home to get my tripod. I should know by now that I should have my tripod with me even if I am just going to eat. I did not though so this has some noise.  I adjusted the shot in Lightroom, and then used the built in noise reduction to try and get the shot that I wanted. That noise reduction really left me with something that I didn’t like. It really softened the shot, and I was not okay with that. I was ready to just post the shot when I thought of something that I had not used yet. I bought the Topaz Suite a few weeks ago, but I have been so happy with Lightroom that I haven’t used it much. I opened the jpeg in Topaz DeNoise 5 to see what it could do. It really took the noise out without softening the photo. While I had the jpeg in the program I realized that I could have used the RAW file in here as well. I may have to try this program out a bit more over time. I really liked what it could do.

Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

Here is that part of the post where I talk about the photowalk that I am leading on campus after the Wisconsin game in October. The date is October 13th to be exact, and the walk will start at 4 o’clock est at the Neil Armstrong Statue in front of the Armstrong Hall of Engineering. Over  1,000 photowalks are planned around the world. If you are not near West Lafayette then you kind find a walk near you on the Kelby site. Sign up now to be part of this event. Nearly 19,000 walkers have already signed up so far. Activity has picked up a bit on the Purdue sites even with the short time being posted. You don’t have to be a pro (I am far from it) to attend. Any kind of camera is welcome as well. Here are a few links to the various sites which promote the event. If you want to sign up you should do so on the Kelby site in order to be eligible for the prizes though.

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk ( Official Purdue Site)

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (Purdue Facebook Page)

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (Purdue Google+ Page)