sacred city roller derby

Photo of the Day

Last year while in California I was able to see a bout while there. I went to see the Sacred City Derby Girls in Roseville, CA. I was still very green when it came to derby, but I did manage to get a couple of shots that I liked. This is one of the shots that I liked. I think the ease in the face of the jammer compared to the pain in the other faces really shows how the bout went. I may get a chance to see some derby this weekend again, and I have a lot more knowledge behind me if I do.

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This is my first trip actively using Instagram. If you want to follow along with my trip follow me on Instagram at pinolaphoto. During the trip I hope to show the journey as well as a couple of sneak peaks at what is to come on the blog later.

Technical Data

This was one of the first images that I used the ‘300 look’ preset by Matt Kloskowski on. I wanted some pictures with some red in them to try it out on, and I thought it might work good here. I love how this looks, and I still like the look. I have not messed around with this as much as I could have since that time, but maybe a few instances this weekend will help me find another use for the preset.



Photo of the Day

While in California this past June I went to my first sushi restaurant. I was not sure how that was going to work out, but I ended up enjoying it. One photo from that day can be found here. I shot a couple of the dishes that day because they were so new and exotic to me. I also made a picture of the cooks because they are right in front of you. The first one I did very quickly as I can get very shy about photographing strangers. This was part of a second burst that I shot with a little more planning and thought. I actually like this one a bit more than the other ones.

Technical Data

This picture was developed in Lightroom just using the sliders. I thought that I had it right where I wanted it. After getting some presets I revisited the picture to see if I could make it any better. I could, and I used the medium sports preset to do just that. From there I tweaked the sliders a bit because a preset just gets you close. You have to form that preset into your final image.

Photo of the Day

Today I thought that I would pick this photo that I took in California. After a long day we made time to see a derby bout in Roseville. I have seen a bit of derby around here, but it was intriguing to see how it was handled out west. Everything really seemed very similar  I don’t know what I was expecting. Here is a picture of the star of the night Colt 45 as she cruised back to the bench after calling a bout off. For some reason I liked the composition here, and figured it would make it onto the site sooner or later.

Technical Data

This was an easy edit. I just applied the ‘Strong 300 Look’ preset by Matt Kloskowski. It basically drains all most of the color from the image except for the red. I have made variations of this preset for different colors, and I really like it. A small crop to place my subject where I wanted her, and I was done.

Photo of the Day

I released this shot a couple of nights ago on my Facebook page, but thought that I would do a write up for it on here as well. I took this shot when we were in California earlier in the year. The Midtown Maulies were facing the Roseville TrainWreckers in a bout. Since we had a skater with us it just made sense to check the bout out. I took my 50mm lens to the suicide seats for a short time to get some shots. I didn’t shoot long, but looking back at my shots from that day I wish that I had shot a little longer. I liked a lot of what I did that night. In this shot Colt 45 was out front looking to score some points. Every team has a jammer that is the star, and she seemed to be the star that night.

Technical Data

The shots from this bout really showed me what the 300 preset from Matt Kloskowski could do. The red of the Maulies jerseys really looked good with the rest of the picture desaturated. From here I came up with the idea of making my own preset for the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls that I have called LBD naturally. I thought that I should post a shot here to show where the idea came from, and from there where I took it.

Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

Here is that part of the post where I talk about the photowalk that I am leading on campus after the Wisconsin game in October. The date is October 13th to be exact, and the walk will start at 4 o’clock est at the Neil Armstrong Statue in front of the Armstrong Hall of Engineering. Over  1,000 photowalks are planned around the world. If you are not near West Lafayette then you kind find a walk near you on the Kelby site. Sign up now to be part of this event. Nearly 17,000 walkers have already signed up so far. Activity has picked up a bit on the Purdue sites even with the short time being posted. You don’t have to be a pro (I am far from it) to attend. Any kind of camera is welcome as well. Here are a few links to the various sites which promote the event. If you want to sign up you should do so on the Kelby site in order to be eligible for the prizes though.

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk ( Official Purdue Site)

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (Purdue Facebook Page)

Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (Purdue Google+ Page)

Today for lunch we stopped by the Mikuni sushi bar. I have never had sushi before in my life and I was very skeptical about what I was getting into. I ordered one that seemed much more American than any of the others. The roll pictured above was not mine, but it was actually quite good. It was called the Marilyn Monroll. I walked away from the restaurant full which is something that I did not expect.

I was excited to come out here to California to get some great pictures, and I don’t know if I have yet. Two days into a four day trip and I am really not happy with anything I have shot so far. We had a beautiful sunset tonight with some windswept clouds, but I missed it. I think that a short road trip is in order tomorrow morning. I think I really need a great shot for this trip. I guess that is part of being a photographer is always wanting that great shot.

Due to the time change I was up early this morning. It felt like I had slept in, but it was only 5:30 local time. I grabbed my camera and headed downstairs to get a shot of my first California sunrise. I really had nothing to shoot so I settled for this shot through this gate that led to nowhere. Maybe tomorrow I can get the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in view. I am glad that I was able to capture my first California sunset on film though.