Lightning Strikes The Tippecanoe County Courthouse

Timing Is Everything

Last night I had planned on going out a little later at night to watch the storms as they rolled through our area. Looking at the radar though I decided to head out a couple of hours early because the earlier line seemed to grow stronger. I am glad that I did. One of my earliest frames of the night was this strike that hit the courthouse. In real time I thought that it hit the lightning rod that is silhouetted. After the strike it was glowing and you could see sparks near the end of the strike. After looking at the photo I am guessing that just a small branch of the bolt hit the rod that was closest to me. No matter what this was not what I went to see. I was thinking about a bolt through the sky behind the courthouse. I never thought that something like this would happen. I stayed for quite a while after the strike, but never had anything close to this bolt. I am pretty sure that I never will either. I am glad that I went out a bit earlier than I was going to. I have been on the tops of many parking garages over the years trying for a good lightning bolt photo. Here the effort and planning worked out. Just don’t tell my mother how I got the photo.

Still A Christmas Themed Post

Early on Friday I made some photos of the fog in the country that I liked. I have been keeping to a Christmas theme on the blog until the big day so those photos will come out after the 25th. I went up to grab dinner with my little one around sunset, and we made some photos of the courthouse from the depot side that will show up on here in a few days. It was nice to make this photo that could immediately show up on the blog. I like this idea of staying with the Christmas theme up until the holidays are over. This is a fun time of year, and I like the idea of just getting into it as much as I can. When it is over the other photos that I have made over this time will show up on the blog giving me some time off from posting. Thankfully the courthouse is lit for the holidays or I would have just had to post this anyway.


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