I thought that the conditions tonight were perfect for a great sunset. I decided to start off at the Cook building to get a shot that I saw while getting gas across the street. I was really happy with the light, and I thought that I had my picture. Just to be safe though I thought that I would head out to the windmills in case the sky caught fire. Thankfully I did that because in my haste to get the shot at Cook I forgot to adjust my aperture after shooting last night. I was set low so the shots came out blurry. I think it could have been a good shot, but not preparing cost my the chance to know. I think that the small pond in front had too many waves anyway. The sunset was not very good either, but it did give me this shot. I am not really happy with what I saw tonight. My time wasted at the Cook building could have been better used scouting locations at the windmills. I guess that in my search for a great shot I came up with an okay shot. It is frustrating when I get the inspiration to go out and shoot, and I come away empty. I guess that will fuel the fire to keep me hungry on this long ride.


Tonight I brewed my second beer. I had some pictures from the brewing process, but for some reason I liked this picture of one of the beers that we drank while brewing the best. My sister in law had one with a little too much foam on it, and of course the annoying brother in law had to take a picture of it. As it usually goes the picture you didn’t think about taking is the one that you like the best.

For the last couple of days I have seen the moon with a couple of bright stars around it. Tonight I looked it up and saw that the ‘stars’ that I saw were actually Jupiter and Venus. I wanted a shot, but the surroundings were very bright. I really love to see great photographs of the stars. Right now I don’t think that I have near the knowledge to get a good shot. I have been wanting to try star trails, but I haven’t been far enough away from city lights to give it a good go. Tonight I just decided to try and point my camera up at the sky to see what I could get. I really want to get better at this, but I guess I have some more reading to do before that happens. Of course I tried this handheld so I had to pump up the ISO. I really enjoy these kind of shots so it will be fun getting better at them.

Today was the final regular season game for the Purdue Women’s Basketball team. I love the way that teams celebrate Senior Day in college sports. They bring out the players and the families for recognition. I wanted to find a picture that captured some of that to use for my picture of the day today. I chose this picture of the six seniors with Coach Versyp because it showed each of them with their framed jerseys. Each of the six seniors have a great story. That is what will be so hard when this season is finally over and they will not be wearing the Gold and Black anymore. This is a large senior class that will be very hard to replace, but for today it was fun watching them play their final game at home.

Today I needed to go out and get my picture after work. I was driving out to the windmills when I realized that my shot was already out my window. The way that the suns rays were busting through the clouds looked great. None of my shots looked great by themselves to I put them together to get this HDR composite. I think that this one looked better than any of the individual shots so the HDR was warranted.

Today’s picture features a Christmas present that I was given by a fellow manager at work. I really meant to make the cookies right away, but as you can see they are still in the jar that they came in. When I am looking around my apartment for things to photograph I somehow have missed this. It was nicely decorated, and the various ingredients are perfect for using the 50mm lens on.

Tonight I was on campus taking pictures yet again. I had a couple of assistants and it was raining so we decided to try and shoot something inside the union. Of course I did not bring my tripod yet again because I would be walking around inside. As is usually goes I ended up outside in a situation where my tripod would have come in handy. I made due with a short wall to get a picture of the clock tower. The picture was okay, but for some reason I didn’t like the result. As we started to walk towards the tower itself I saw the reflection in a large puddle. My camera had already been put away, but of course it came back out to get the shot. I have been trying to capture reflections lately, and this one was too good to pass up. Yet again the tripod would have been great, but I had to just try and stay still. I bumped the ISO up to 6400 which left me with an exposure of one second. It doesn’t sound like much, but that is a long time to stay still. That task can be a little harder when there is a little chill in the air. In the end I liked how my picture turned out. The small movement that I had during the second seems to have helped the clock tower just jump out of the puddle.

Today I thought that my picture of the day was going to come at the Purdue game. As the game time started to draw closer I realized that I really didn’t want to go to the game. Instead of going to Mackey I drove out to the windmills. The clouds seemed to be breaking up just in time for the sunset. I have my normal spot that I always start at, but noticed this small drainage ditch on my way out. The way that the clouds looked I thought that the ditch might be the better shot. I don’t know if it was, but I went back to get this one anyway. I like how it looks, and I even got to work on some reflections. I really like how they look, and I just need to find a big enough body of water to try this on a little bigger scale. This is now two days in a row that I like my picture of the day. Could the inspiration be back?

After not feeling very inspired lately I decided to try an HDR barn again today. The sky was very ominous, and everything was wet from the rain that had been on and off all day. I have really wanted to photograph these barns for a while, but I could never get a good angle from the road. When I did find my angle on this busy road someone would always come up behind me and make me quit early. Today everything worked out well, and I got my shot. I love how this turned out with the HDR, and for the first time in a few days I am very happy with my shot of the day.