The Best Of All Worlds

I love to photograph barns, and I love to photograph bridges. The worlds collide so to speak when you come across a covered bridge. It looks like a barn, and it spans a body of water. These things are great to photograph. Last year I made it a point to get out and photograph as few of these great barns on my drive to Indiana State. I thought that I was doing a good job until I came across the Bridgeton covered bridge. This bridge is amazing, and it has the old mill there as well. I need to stop here a lot more in the future. A little snow would make this scene look pretty good this time of year.

The Vintage Look

For this photo I took a film preset and changed it up a little. I liked the more subdued look of the photo with the preset, but I thought the sky looked a little dirty. I cranked up the saturation on just the blues to sky looking good again. It did not take much to make this a photo that I really liked. This is an example of why I hold some photos back. I wait until I am inspired to do something different with it. That worked out well here.


A Great View of the Bridgeton Covered Bridge

While visiting the Bridgeton mill and covered bridge I made a few photos all around the scene. I really wanted to work the scene. You never know what you will find when you are open to anything. I made one horizontal image at this window that was in another post here. I used HDR to have both the inside and outside look just as they did to me that day. Here for this photo I was happy with just having a little light spill onto the frame. Just enough light comes in to show you that you are indeed looking through a window. What a cool view this is.

Keeping Fresh With Side Projects

This year I have made many trips to Indiana State. The two hour drive can get boring at times. I started leaving a little early to find something interesting to photograph on the way to see the Sycamores. The covered bridges of Parke County are not too far away, and they provided a great way to make something out of the trip as well. I would have a blog post for whatever I was covering that day, and then another post or two based on what I saw on the way down. When I am posting everyday it is important to keep the content coming.

The Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge

It is not a short trip to Indiana State for me. I have regularly made the two hour drive for a while now. The route that I normally take is pretty boring as it is on major roads. When I have a little extra time I like to take a different route to see something interesting. One stop that looked cool on paper was the Bridgeton mill and covered bridge. I had the idea of photographing both of these interesting structures and it would give me two separate blog posts. When you post a photo a day you need to have some photos in reserve for a rainy day. As I started editing these photos I quickly realized that you could not show one without the other. They are intertwined. I picked this site for a spring visit because I thought that they would be interesting at any time. I would like to re-visit the site during all of the seasons as it is a great one to see.

From the Mill Looking to the Bridge

One of the unexpected things of the day was the way I would see the bridge from the mill. The mill was not supposed to be open the day that I visited it. Even if it had been open the hours have a definite start time until tired. There is no real guarantee that you can visit the mill. I loved this view out of the window looking to the bridge. You get a look at this amazing bridge with a little sample of the mill.

From the Bridge to the Mill

After making the above photo I knew that I wanted to do the exact opposite. I wanted to look back at the mill through the bridge. This is something that in my early days I would not have done. I would have made the photo at the top of the post and moved on to the next subject. Part of the fun of photography though is working a scene to find the unexpected photo. A little extra time here made it a memorable trip. Continue reading “The Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge”

The Eugene Covered Bridge in Eugene, Indiana

I have been to the this bridge a couple of times now. Both times I have been there the scenery has not been great around it. This is just off the road on my way to Indiana State so it is an easy visit. I may just have to come back again when the trees around it look a little better. These old bridges look very much like the old barns that I like to photograph so much so it only makes sense that I would find a few of them. I have a couple of more bridges on the list for the future. When I lived in Iowa I visited a few of the Bridges of Madison County. Now I have a new set of bridges to find and see what I can do with.

Finding New Ways For a Familiar Trip

Driving to Indiana State is something that I have been doing a lot of lately. I have decided that on days with no time crunch that I would find something to visit on the way to campus. I have already seen a couple of covered bridges and an old mill doing this. It is a good way to photograph something other than the game, and give me a chance to be a little creative on the way. So far this has been fairly easy to do, but soon I may start running out of easy ideas. That will be when the fun really starts.

The Week in Photos

I have put together another collection of my favorite photos from last week on my Exposure site here. This year I have tried to get out more to photograph things away from the sports arena. I think that my weekly look back at my photos has been a little better with that in mind. More side trips like the one the other day allow me to be a little more creative, and to give the blog some fresher content.