Windmills Of All Shapes And Sizes

If you have followed this blog since the beginning then you know that I love windmills. Usually what I end up photographing are actually wind turbines, but I still like to call them windmills. More often than not when driving down the road I see a good old fashioned windmills. I am usually on my way to a job or somewhere else. I always want to stop, but by the time I ask permission to go back and shoot the windmills and shoot it I will have lost too much time. Sometimes the windmills are in a great spot at just the right time though.

Perfect Timing At Cedar Creek

I made the above photo one night at Cedar Creek in Martinsville, Indiana. As we were leaving the light was fantastic, and the moon was even making an appearance. I am a sucker for this time of night so the fact that I had a windmill in my foreground was icing on the cake. Sometimes you really get lucky when you are out on the road. This was one of those times.


Taking Advantage of the Good Light

While hanging out at my brothers house a few weeks ago I had the chance to take my drone up and around where he lives. He has some unique scenery around his house that is fun to photograph. An abandoned campground that can look very interesting in good light. The best light for that is overhead though so during my morning flight I kept the drone to the cornfield across the street from his house. I loved the idea of the morning light streaming across the field and through the tops of the corn. I made a few other photos that morning, but this was my favorite.

Do What You Are Comfortable With

One thing that I quickly learned with the drone is that I should stay within my comfort zone with it. When you start to do things that you are not comfortable with mistakes can happen. Here I was far from anyone else, but a mistake and crash would result in my looking for my drone in a cornfield. The best shot here was probably a little lower over the road, but that would have taken the drone out of my view, and I would not have had a visual on the road. A taller vehicle could have taken out my drone. Nothing that day was going to be award winning so it was not worth taking the chance.

My First Time Experiencing Cedar Creek

My brother has been telling me about a brewery near him for some time now. Things have just not worked out for me getting there over the last year. After finishing a job in Bloomington I had just enough time to join him at Cedar Creek to have a beer and check the place out. This really is a cool place that is at the same time a winery, a brewery, and a distillery. As I was leaving for the night I made the above photo of the distillery in some nice light.

Making the Most of the Light

Closing time at this time of year provides you with a nice look at the grounds under some beautiful light. I couldn’t resist taking my camera out of my bag to make a few images even though I had already made quite a few on the day. This is a place that I would love to get back to and really photograph it properly sometime. There is so much to see that it would be worth it.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week with a lot to photograph. The fall sports season really started to crank up, and I was able to make some other photos that I really liked. You can see my favorite photos from last week including a preview of tomorrows photos here.

Changing Things Up A Little

This past week I spent a couple of days at my brother’s house while covering the Big Ten Tournament in Bloomington. Once Purdue was out of the tournament my job there was done. I spent some time with my brother during the day Friday as he had the day off. Walking around his house I noticed these amazing flowers everywhere. I made this photo with my phone of one of the flowers in the front of the house. The wet petals just made it too cool of a photo not to take. Since the beginning of the year I have made a point to make at least one photo with some thought in it everyday. Those photos don’t always make the blog, but it keeps me creating. This is one of those photos.

The Power Of The iPhone

When I made this photo I thought that it would be a good one to post as it was a good way to show just how good the camera is on the iPhone. I use it all of the time for various things, and I am always impressed with it. When I got home I saw the new Rolling Stone on the counter. The cover photo of Lorde was made with the same phone that I made this photo of the flower with. It is amazing what the phone can do, and how many ways we have to make pictures now. Everyone truly is a photographer.

My Favorite Sixteen Concert Photos of 2016

This year was a great year seeing live music for me. We didn’t get out to as many concerts as we probably would have liked, but with our schedules and the kids we really saw more than I would expect. Highlights of the year included the Eaux Claries and the Austin City Limits Festival. The only concert that I was in the pit for in this countdown as the Lettuce show at the Lafayette Theater. Everything else is just a matter of me documenting the fun from my seat. With no real ins for the concert business that is where I sit. The light is so good though that I really can’t help myself during the show.

16. One fun thing that I found this year was the concerts at the Mallow Run Winery. They put on a good show, and of course you have the wine as well. This is a fun time that allows me to spend a little time with my brother as well which is always a good thing.

15. I had so much fun at the Austin City Limits Festival this year that on the final day I was already started to miss the festival. As the sun set on the final day I turned my phone into the sun to document it. I was using the new iPhone 7 Plus and testing out some of the features during the weekend. It really did a great job for a phone, and gave me some lasting images from the weekend.

14. This past summer I wanted to photograph the band Lettuce when they came to Lafayette because they looked like a very interesting band. Of course during the three songs the band was never front lit, and the singer never came out front. With that in mind I moved to the back of the room to make the image above. I liked the way the light was moving around the room, and it was my favorite image from the night.  Continue reading “Top 16 Concert Photos of 2016”

The Lights Show at Christmas at Timberlake Woods Begins Again

Each year after we eat Thanksgiving dinner we walk outside at my brother’s house to watch the light show he has produced. It really is a fun show that combines music and dancing lights to provide a good time for all. This year the show is a little longer, and had a new song in it. If you are near Martinsville, Indiana on 37 then you need to stop by and see the show after dark. You can find out a little more info on the show here.

Photographing a Light Show in the Dark

It sounds crazy, but you really do not want to photograph a light show in the dark. The dark background and the lights just don’t seem to play well together. I want some detail in the house so I really always want to photograph this show at dusk. This weekend just didn’t work out for that. We were eating as the sun went down on Thanksgiving, and the next day I was shooting the Big East volleyball tournament as the last light left the sky. I will have to get back down to Martinsville to watch this show in some good light to make some good images. I like what I made, but I know that I can do much more in better light.

The Week in Photos

Last week was a fun week for me. I was able to make some photos of Christmas lights as well as shoot some fun games. You can view some of my favorite photos from last week here. This week is pretty full so it should be another good week. Tonight I will be in Terre Haute photographing a men’s and women’s doubleheader for Indiana State. I will leave from Terre Haute and head to Columbia, Missouri to photograph the Purdue volleyball team in the NCAA Tournament. Hopefully that means two wins in two days. A trip back home Saturday should provide some good photo opportunities before one last game for Colgate Sunday here at Purdue. This should be a fun week of photos with a little time on the road thrown in.

Watching Another Concert at Mallow Run Winery

Last Saturday night we were back at Mallow Run Winery to see Polka Boy in concert on their lawn. We had a good time watching the Texas Tenors there so we made a point to get back quickly to see them again. With my last name you have to know that a band named Polka Boy would be a good one for me. Looking at the crowds the two times that we have been to the winery it seems pretty obvious that the winery is the prime attraction here. People are there for the event more than the band. It is a good time with good food and even better wine.

The Week in Photos

This past week was a light week for what I can share with you. I had a great night shooting the Tippecanoe County fireworks from across the river to start the week off, but then I settled into a week that was primarily editing. That is the part of photography that you don’t hear much about. I had a couple of fun shoots that kept me from going crazy, but those are not the kind that I post in my photos of the week. Here are some photos that I really liked from last week. Next week will be back to normal as you will read below.

Back to Shooting Baseball

Tonight I will be back shooting baseball again. I have not shot a game since I left Nashville early in June. It is not like me to take this long away from sports, but June was definitely a month for other projects. I don’t think that it is any secret that I love shooting sports. Lately though it seems as if the best places for me to shoot have been away from the diamond. It seems as if all of the deals that I have been getting for baseball have been very one sided for the team offering the deal. That is too bad. I love to shoot baseball, but driving to shoot a game for free does not sound like a good deal at all to me. After shooting two tournaments back to back for very good clients it gave me the opportunity to see just how good it can be shooting baseball. These next two days should off some good baseball as well as the Prospect League holds its annual all star game and home run derby. It won’t be long until the college seasons ramp up again, and my calendar fills back up. This year I have booked far more teams at this point for the year then I ever have before. For the rest of the summer I will have some fun with the people that really want me to shoot for them, and pursue some side projects with any downtime that I will have.

Photographing the Life of a Dog

When I used to get new gear I would always test it out on my dog Bingo. He has since passed, and I have come up with some new subjects to test my gear on. Yesterday I was visiting my brother’s dog Rusty and decided to really give the Canon 8-15mm lens a test. I put it on my Canon 5D Mark III and went up to Rusty to make a photo. At 8mm you really have to get close to your subject to make a picture with some impact. Luckily right when I had my camera up close to Rusty he did something interesting.

Using the Canon 8-15mm Lens

I have not had much time to use the Canon 8-15mm lens yet. I have liked what I have seen in that limited use though. I have two weddings and a vacation coming up in the near future so I am sure that I will have more to say on the lens after all of that has passed. Right now the 8mm circle is a novel idea to me. Lightroom has a feature where you can straighten the photo out. Right now I am not composing the photos well enough to use that. I need to change how I shoot if I want to use the profile correction feature. I like the lens at about 13.5-15mm for some very wide angle shots. Occasionally I think that the 8mm circle could come in handy on my full frame bodies. On my crop sensor cameras this could be a go to lens.

The Texas Tenors With the Carmel Symphony Orchestra at Mallow Run

Last night we started off a fun week at the Mallow Run Winery watching the Texas Tenors accompanied by the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. Live music is great. Live music with a little wine right from the winery is better. The symphony was fantastic. They played one of my favorite themes during the show which is the theme from the movie Silverado. I have a wedding next weekend to photograph or I would be back at Mallow Run to see the tribute to hair metal concert they are putting on. It is a good show that is well worth your time.

The Texas Tenors

Here are a couple of bonus photos of the Texas Tenors. They really did put on a good show for the crowd last night. They brought them out of their chairs a couple of times.