The Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Purdue President Mitch Daniels Lights Up the Purdue Christmas Tree

This year was the first year that I have attended the tree lighting ceremony. My daughter gets out of school at a great time to head down to see the ceremony. We found a front row seat, and sat down to watch the events leading up to the tree lighting. This year the tree is named ‘Fat Albert’ because of its girth. I have really come to like Mitch Daniels since his appointment at Purdue.  His speech prior to lighting the tree was a great one. In a year when the country has felt torn apart he hoped that the holiday season would bring us all together. It is a sentiment that I share with Mitch. It was a speech that was short and sweet, but very good. A ceremony like this one is usually not the most exciting. I really enjoyed this one, and we will be back next year to see it again.

A Christmas Tradition Continues

Each year we head down to the Purdue Memorial Union to see the Christmas tree and the various Gingerbread houses on display. Last night we went back down to the Union, this time with everyone to see the tree. We have dinner at Pappy’s Sweet Shop, and then spend some time hanging out with the Christmas tree and the gingerbread house. You have to feed the kids first or parts of the gingerbread house will disappear. The tradition usually involves the kids playing in the gingerbread house while I make a couple of photos of the tree. This year I took a different setup to avoid making the same photos that I have made in the past. The 8-15mm lens allows me to get ultra wide. It gave me a much different look than the past couple of year. I think I will have to visit the tree a few more times this year to try a few more things out.


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