The Ball That Never Came To Be

You can blame a lot of things on Charlie Finley. Late starts in the World Series, the designated hitter are a couple of his ideas that are still in use. One that never took off was the orange baseball. About 45 years ago Charlie Finley came up with this idea that the orange ball would be more visible. The only problem was that the ball was super slick which the pitchers did not like. The red seams did not pop off of orange ball like they do the white ball so the hitters couldn’t pick up the spin. The ball never really took off.

My Orange Ball

About fifteen years after the orange ball idea failed I picked my first one up. Being from Charlie’s hometown of LaPorte we always heard stories about this baseball pioneer. Driving on the highway you could still see the hedge shaped in the A’s logo at his former house. I used to play street hockey on his tennis courts because they were so large. When the orange baseballs showed up at the sports store we bought a couple of them. The one in the photo above is the only one that survived. I bet this ball was part of 100’s of games of catch with my dad. It is scuffed, it is beat up, the writing has long since come off the ball, but it is still pretty distinct. This was one of the items that showed up in a box when I finally picked up my childhood effects from my parents house.


Nobow Inspired By Some Classic Movies

Our Elf on the Shelf Nobow shows up in some weird places sometimes. Lately it seems as if he has been inspired by some movies that he has been watching. In the picture above you can see the influence from the movie E.T. in his hiding spot. It has to be hard to come up with a new place to hide for over a month straight. Houses are only so big, and hiding spots up high enough not to become a dog toy are hard to come by. It is cool to see Nobow drawing from many influences in where he hides.

Is Nobow The Last Jedi?

I was lucky enough to get to see The Last Jedi on opening night. It is a great movie, and one of the best Star Wars movies that I have seen. I think that even an elf can get excited about a new Star Wars movie coming out. I myself have loved Star Wars since I was a kid, and it is great to see the new movies come out. They make me feel like a kid again. The story of how George Lucas defied everyone to make the movie his way to great success is an inspiration for a struggling photographer as well.

Using My New Toy

As I always do around Christmas I bought myself a new little toy this week. The LitraTorch is a very small, but powerful light source that makes moments like this much easier to light. I am still getting used to it, but it is the size of a GoPro Session with great power. I used it to light the Star Wars scene, and I am sure that I will use it much more as the holidays get closer.