Watching the Sun Rise Over the Ocean

When you are on vacation the last thing that you want to do is to set your alarm for 4 o’clock in the morning. That early wake up hurts especially if you went to bed that same day. The weary eyes are instantly opened though when the sun rises over the ocean. It is a beautiful sight that I get out and do at least once every trip to Ocean City. Our house is a fair drive from the ocean so it is not a quick trip in the morning. A beach front condo would allow for a lot more freedom early in the morning. I think that I go back to the pier every year because it is something interesting in the foreground of my photos. The sunrise is great, but you need something of interest in front of it. This pier gives me just that. The lines are great as they fade off into the ocean.

Using OnOne Software to Finish the Photo

I am not a big plug-in user. I really stay inside of Lightroom for 95% of my edits. I used to go out of Lightroom to use Photomatix Pro, but the addition of 32 bit HDR merging this past year eliminated that. For this photo though I wanted to try something. I opened up Perfect Effects 9 which is part of the OnOne Suite. They have some golden sunshine filters that I quite like. I found one that gave me a beautiful look that I was looking for. As I said I don’t leave Lightroom often, but when I do I usually have something in mind. Here Perfect Effects 9 gave me just what I was looking for.


The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Following Through on an Idea

Most of my early memories of the Magic Kingdom come from the photos that we took on our first visit. It is hard to fathom, but I first went to the Magic Kingdom 34 years ago. The look of the photos from those film days inspired me to try something while I was there. I had an idea for a wide park shot that looked like an older postcard. On the morning I made this photo the light was hitting the castle just right to get a very interesting photo. When I had made that photo I zoomed out to make this one with the postcard idea in mind. I think that it really has that old time feel to it. I toyed with taking out the cell tower, but decided that it should stay.

Using Perfect Effects 9 On the Image

I don’t use my plug-ins nearly enough. I have some really cool plug-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop, but I just don’t leave Lightroom that often. For this image I used a Holga filter inside of Perfect Effects 9 by On One Software to get this look. It really gave me the old film camera look that I had in mind when I made the image.