The Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree

The Purdue Christmas Tree

Every year we make trips to the Purdue Memorial Union to see the large Christmas tree. I had made a trip earlier to see the tree, but they had all kinds of stuff around it on the floor. I made another trip last night to see it again. This time of year later at night you can have a few moments alone with the tree to make this photo. I make the same photo every year, but it is one that is fun to make.

The Details Of The Tree

Last week I made all of my detail photos of the tree. Even with stuff around it I could still make the photos that I make every year. Each year I seem to find a new ornament that looks cool. This year it was this Purdue themed snowman.

Finding A New Angle

With the risers still in the room with the tree it is hard to find a different angle other than the straight on photo that I make every year. On my way out of the Union I moved a table and made the photo above. As I found this spot I realized that this would be a great view during the day with light coming through the stained glass windows. Maybe I will head back up there one of these days to try this photo again.

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