Photo of the Day

I am one of the few people I am sure who enjoys winter much more than summer. On a hot day I prefer to think about a cold day in the mountain with a stream flowing by me. That is why I decided to post this photo today from my trip to Colorado this past winter. As hot as I have been the last couple of days I can’t wait for winter to get here. The shorter days make for a longer period with better light.

Technical Data

This was an easy picture to edit. I used a Matt Kloskowski preset called HDR in black and white. It gets you close to the final product that I like very quickly. The best part about the preset is that it is free. If you go over to his blog which is linked below he has all kinds of presets for you at no cost.

Another Thank You

Yesterday I wrote about a piece that Leanne Cole Photography did on me. She was very kind with her words, and this site has gained a few new followers because of it. You can read the piece here. I just wanted to thank all of the new readers, as well as those like Leanne that have been here almost since day one. This website is a labor of love, and it is much easier to write when I know others are following it.


smokey says

iPhone Friday

I have really been meaning to post a newer picture using one of a couple of new apps that I have downloaded lately. That just has not happened. Luckily I have some older pictures to fall back on even if they are not with my iPhone. Next week I promise to have something good for this section.

This picture was taken in 2010 with my Blackberry Storm on the day of my brothers wedding. Someone had put some banners for the wedding up on the fire danger sign for the wedding. If they only knew our family perhaps they would have increased the fire risk that day. It was a beautiful day though, and the fire incidents were kept to the fire pit.

Technical Data

I did try something a little different here. I used one of Trey Ratcliff’s presets in Lightroom for this shot. Straight out of the phone the shot looked alright, but something was missing. I liked this preset called “A Surprising Touch’ because it was just that. After applying the preset I adjusted the highlights and exposure a bit, and then I was done. The most time that I spent here was finding the right preset. I tried a few black and whites that looked good, but in the end I liked this shot the best.