When I saw this combination tonight I knew that it would have to look good in HDR. In one shot you have so many textures that it had to be my shot tonight. I thought that this shot would get lost in the shuffle as the sunset looked like it would be great as the clouds sort of broke up at just the right time…almost. Of course they came right back in just before an awesome shot could happen. Tonight I just missed the sky lighting up. I guess shooting a picture everyday will allow me to see that sunset one of these days. In the end I fell back on this picture that I took early in my drive tonight. I love how HDR brings details to the forefront. With the absence of color after the leaves fell I have been shooting more HDR lately. I love how the first substantial snowfall is also visible in this shot. It was snowing all day, but as I got off of work it changed to rain. I managed to get out while the white was still on the ground before it changed to slush. On the way back home I found a great barn to shoot later, but with a shot in the can I was ready to get home. The barn will show up later on this blog.

Edit: For some reason the picture does not show up on my computer. I am not sure what is going on. I have inserted it multiple times with no change. I will check again tomorrow to see if anything changes. A photoblog is just not the same without the photo.


After the last couple of days getting some interesting HDR shots I really wanted to try something else with some texture to it today. The problem though is that when I get out of work I have very limited time with the light on my side. When it is raining as it was today that time is even more limited. Not that far from where I work is an old school house that has been converted into a home. It is well over a 100 years old, and really has a distinct look to it. I was going the opposite direction when I hit the breaks. Very quickly I found my subject for today. I might have overdone it tonight in post processing, but I also kind of like the final result. The problem with HDR is that you can quickly get away from reality. On the other hand sometimes that can be pretty cool. I have been looking at way too many of the pictures on Images By Joseph lately so maybe that had an influence on tonight’s picture. He does some great work, and a link to his blog can be found at the bottom of the page.

Today on the way to Wolf Park I stopped by an abandoned grain elevator that I have looked at a couple of times. Both times I drove by I thought that it was interesting, but I was on the lookout for a fall foliage picture. Today I decided to give an HDR image a shot. I liked the idea of taking this shot in HDR because I could bring the details out that might normally get lost. In order for a single shot to look right some of the small details would be lost. By merging my three pictures I was able to bring some of that detail back into the picture. I really wanted to try this on a brick structure, or a barn with paint peeling off. When I saw the rust on this elevator I knew that it would work well for what I was trying to do. This is a large structure that may end up on this site again.

Today I wanted to visit Wolf Park again to see the weekly demonstration they put on pitting two wolves against a herd of Bison. The last time I went the demonstration was really poor. I was hoping for something better this time. The weather was terrible, but I had an umbrella to shield me from the soaking rain. As soon as I heard what two wolves would be brought out I thought “here we go again.” They were the two that were more focused on rolling in bison dung than testing the herd last time. Early on I thought that it would be more of the same. In fact I think they were getting ready to call it a day when all of a sudden they spotted the calf that strayed just a little too far away. They started after it, and the hunt was on. I just watched a show on bison last night that went into detail how this goes on. What unfolded today was just like the show I watched. The wolves tested the herd, and separated one from the rest. Then they tried to get an advantage over it. That is not very easy when the wolf is as undersized as it is. This was the last weekend that the park was open, and I am glad that I was able to see the last show. Even more important was that the show was a good one.

Today I was out looking for a good barn to try out some HDR on. For some reason though I did not find one that was accessible from the road. The barns that looked good were all behind a house or something that I could not shoot through. I had given up the chase because it was too dark, and settled in to try and shoot a Christmas scene in the small town of Otterbein. Otterbein is a small town of about 1,200 just west of Lafayette. I tried a couple shots in the fading light of the town gazebo decked out for the holiday, but did not think that I would like the result. As I started walking back to my car I noticed the ad on the side of the building. I decided to try an HDR here. With the low light available I did not think that it would turn out, but I kind of like how it looks. I may try another older brick building tomorrow to see how it turns out.

Fifty days and still going! I really never thought that I would make it this far. I will admit that as the color left the trees subjects are getting harder and harder to find. Of course I can always fall back on the new puppy to get a couple of shots. Tonight I watched them for a while so why not take some pictures while I was at it. I finally got over there early enough to take advantage of the daylight. I don’t like shooting at a high ISO, but I have had to because of the low light. Being outside I could shoot where I am a little more comfortable. To get this shot I had to spin around and shoot blindly as I tried to keep up with Riot. Of course he started getting tired so he tried to reach out with his paw to slow me down. That made for a picture that I really like.

Today I did not pick up my Canon. While waiting for dinner at my brother’s house today their new puppy was sleeping next to me. I picked up my iPhone and snapped this picture of the little guy taking his nap. I know that with the holiday and all I should have taken a picture of the turkey or something regarding the holiday. I guess I just took a day off the picture taking game. I love how this turned out though even if it is with my camera phone.

Tonight I was at the Purdue basketball game against Western Michigan. This game was not originally on the schedule, but I am glad that it was added. We had pretty good seats for the game, and I took a couple decent pictures. The moment of the game though had to be when 5’9″ guard Lewis Jackson went on the break. I thought that he would get the ball to freshman Jacob Lawson who can get up. Little did I know that “LewJack” would take care of business himself and slam the ball. It was a great moment that I wish more fans had seen live. If the students had not been on break I think that the arena would have explloded.

Today was yet another horrible day outside to go out and take pictures. I went over to my brother’s house to get some pictures of the puppy again. As he often does he started chewing on my camera strap. With my normal lens I could not get him into focus. With that macro screw on lens that I used a little last night I could get him in focus. I had it all the way out so I could be sure to capture him in frame. I intended on editing the picture to take the circle out, but for some reason I like how it looks. This is not the most technically sound picture that you will see, but it captures a moment, and that is what I was going for.