Back At The Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree

Another Trip To The Purdue Memorial Union To See The Christmas Tree

Every year we make a family trip to the Purdue Memorial Union to see the Christmas tree and have dinner at Pappy’s Sweet Shop. It is a fun night of just being together enjoying the season. That is really what it is about anyway right? Sunday night was the night this year for us. We made our way down to campus and had dinner at Pappy’s. Then we went up to hang out around the tree and watch the kids try and sneak pieces of the gingerbread house. While that was going on I had the Canon 11-24mm lens with the idea of making an ultra wide photo of the tree. You rarely get that room to yourself to make a clean photo of the tree. I really had given up on that, and I was over with the kids when the room suddenly emptied. With my family at my back I was able to make a clean photo of the tree. Honestly this is ok, but an exposure with the full room slightly moving might be even better. That one might be impossible without using Photoshop.

From Wide to Tight

While I was waiting for the room to clear out I went around the tree with Lanie looking at all of the ornaments. We had already seen the tree together once, but it seems like lots of ornaments have been added since the tree lighting. I made some tight shots of those ornaments as they are always fun to get in close with. At f/1.4 you can also get some nice bokeh as well. The shot directly below this is also with the 50mm 1.4 lens. I liked the different levels of bokeh while looking up at the tree.

The Week In Photos

Lots of photos from two trips to the Union make their way into the weekly collection of photos on Exposure. You can view that page here. This collection every week is a labor of love, and it is always a little more fun around Christmas.


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