The Basketball Court at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

For years now I have driven by the Indianapolis Museum of Art and wondered about the basketball court that I could see from the road. I always wanted to drive down and see what it was, but the time just never was on my side. I usually am driving home late at night from Butler, and I just want to get home. This past winter while coming home from a day game at Butler I finally stopped by. There was much more to explore here than I thought there would be. I finally made some pictures, and decided to come back when the trees looked a little better. I still need to get back there.

From the Air

Part of the fun at the time of finally visiting the sculpture was flying over it with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. I liked what I saw from up above, but I wanted a different view. I basically made the same photo that is at the top of the post with my drone, but I decided that I wanted more megapixels so I broke out my dSLR to make that shot. Really what the drone has given me is the ability to completely cover something. This might be an even cooler shot around blue hour when the lights have kicked on.


The Basket Where I Learned to Play

A couple of years ago I started a project photographing basketball hoops in Indiana. It is not a novel idea, but one that I have enjoyed. This is the hoop that started that line of thinking. I was playing some basketball while hanging out back home, and I wondered where did other kids and adults get their start? At some point I will take this project a little more seriously, but for now I realized that I needed the hoop where I started. This year I have made a point to shoot for free for less. That just doesn’t ever seem to pay off in the end. Instead of doing that I can have a little free time to work on a couple of side projects that I have been working on.

A Cool Setup

I really was lucky with the setup that I had for basketball. When we first moved into that house in the 80’s I did not have a hoop. I walked down the street to the one there. When the pool was put in so was this 30×40 pad for the basketball court. I think the plan was always to put a shed up when I was down playing basketball there. As of right now I still am not done playing on that court. It has seen many tournaments and games of one on one, and I think that it still has a couple left in it. If the house sells a whole new generation can play on it. I was trying to think of how many thousands of shots that I put up here. Then I started thinking that I might be selling myself short. I may have put up a seven figure number of shots here.

Flying my DJI Phantom 4 Pro Over Sports Venues

Part of the fun of having a drone is seeing things from a  different vantage point. I have photographed most of the stadiums that appear here many times over the years. Having a new way to see them is always welcome. I started trying to find ways to show the stadiums from the skies. In this post I will show a few straight down looks at some stadiums and sports venues that I see often.

It’s All In The Details

One thing that I have tended towards is finding the details of the stadium from above. I think the best example is above from the Indiana State track and field complex. I love the way that the track looks from above. The overall shot is nice and will appear below. I wanted to see some of the details of the stadium though so I came down a bit to highlight them. As this project moves on I hope that I will have some other shots like this to show you.

Continue reading “Stadiums From Above”

I Don’t Think This Map Is Accurate

I was out flying the other day and I wanted to make a photo of Bob Friend Field from the air. As I was doing so I saw the map of the United States that is painted on the basketball court just outside of the outfield wall. I love the idea of painting a large map of the United States on the playground at a school, but I don’t think that this is quite accurate. If it is the new wall going up will prevent us from visiting Hawaii. I think that it does provide a strong visual though, and it was a fun photo to make.

The Week In Photos

It is that time of the week again where I compile my favorite photos from last week into one Exposure page that you can see here. I have a few stadium views in the post along with some great emotion from a couple of great semi-state games. This time of the year I never know exactly what I will get to shoot in a week. With the right weather though I have a few things on the schedule that should be pretty fun this week including a return to baseball, softball, roller derby, and even football.

The Suns Sets on Indiana’s Game

By the time that basketball season comes around you will hear me grumble a little bit. I really enjoy photographing basketball. What I don’t like is the way that you are confined to photograph it. If you are lucky at a big game you will get a seat on the baseline to shoot. You want to be low for the men’s game so you want a spot on the floor. What I don’t like is the fact that you really can’t move around when you get a hunch. In most other sports I can move freely when I get a feeling. In basketball you are stuck in your spot with a couple of other photogs up against you for the game. It is a fun game to photograph, but it can get frustrating as well. Even with that being said I can’t wait to hear Mackey rocking this coming fall as the Boilers take the floor again. I don’t know if I will be there on the floor or in the stands, but I will be there.

Last night we had a very interesting sunset over the house. I went out with my camera to make a couple of photos of it. I came out from inside my house where the air conditioning was on, and my lens quickly started to fog up. I decided to let it go and see what would happen. I thought that it might add a little dreamy quality to the photo. The colors were good so why not try something new? When you are playing around in your yard why not try something new?

The Week in Photos

This week I feel kind of awkward posting my week in photos post on Exposure as it really just contains the same photos from my Prospect League All Star game story.  I took a few out from that story to make my photos of the week this week. Next week will have several events in it as the end of this week is really backloaded. Here is a look at my last week in photos.

Finding Backyard Basketball in Indiana

One of my personal projects is finding the backyard hoops of Indiana. One day something might come of it, but for right now I am just collecting photos of some of the more interesting basketball hoops that I see. This hoop in Farmland, Indiana was very old school looking to me, and it made me wonder who has played here. What kind of history does this old hoop have? I tried to find a good angle on the barn, and I liked the water tower for the city in the background. It kind of gives this hoop a little place. As we get closer to March Madness the entire state of Indiana will be abuzz. It all starts in the small towns like this one. Continue reading “Basketball in Rural Indiana”

Photo of the Day

Last night was an interesting night. I was inside the house getting my camera bag ready to head over to Purdue when I started getting messages to look outside. A beautiful sunset was there waiting for me, but I was too busy getting my gear ready to notice it. I ran outside to try a couple of things, but this is the shot that I really liked. I may have wandered into the neighbors yard a bit to silhouette his basketball hoop with the sunset. I get so into my HDR work that sometimes I forget how nice a silhouette can be. I also captured this with my iPhone so maybe another version of this will pop up on Friday.

I did make it to the basketball game. If you are interesting in any of the pictures that I took there you can find them here. After being up close and personal shooting high school basketball it was strange to be shooting from the upper bowl again. I did have fun at the game, and Purdue won easily against Bobby Knights son Pat.

Technical Data

This shot was just a simple tweak on what was already there. As I mentioned last night in the cookie cutter post most images shot in RAW look very flat when brought into Lightroom. When you take a jpeg with your camera most of the settings I tweak are done for you by the camera. It picks the contrast, highlights, and the rest of the functions. A RAW image comes in zeroed out. I had fun making this shot resemble what I saw in the sky. No presets for this image, but just finding the right balance to get something that I liked.