The clock tower really doesn’t need saving, but ever since I saw Back to the Future I think of that every time that I see the bell tower here at Purdue. I had a goal when I got to the clock today, and that was to try the tilt function on my new tripod. My old tripod didn’t have this feature so I wanted to see what I could do with it. I was so into my settings that I really did not worry as much about composition as I should have. Sometimes when I am trying something new I really don’t think about as much of the details as I should. I guess the fact that I am not particularly happy with this picture means that I will have to shoot this clock tower again.


Today I really only took one series of pictures for an HDR image. Of course the only lens that I had was the new 50mm one so I did not really get the shot that I wanted. The idea was good though so I am sure that it will end up on this blog sooner or later. I was sitting in my apartment thinking of something cool to photograph when I noticed the bottom of my floor lamp. For some reason I have always enjoyed this lamp even before it went through a tornado. The fact that it survived the great Plainfield tornado makes me like it even more. I wanted to try and show how great any picture seems to look with this lens. Just shooting the rope actually looks cool to me. Tomorrow I plan on going on a photo safari somewhere, but I have yet to pick the location. Hopefully I can get something better than this.

In my town as a kid I remember visiting a cool church that was at our local museum. It is not the biggest marvel of technology, but it is still very cool to see. In 1944 a LaPorte man was spending Christmas hemmed in at the Battle of the Bulge. As the bombs rained down on him he made a promise that if he made it back home he would make something that embodied the spirit of Christmas. This is the result of his efforts. He modeled the church after a real one in Lowell, Indiana. It is a scale model with every inch on the model corresponding to a foot in real life. The inside of the church holds 167 dolls in the congregation that sit in their pews waiting for the choir of 28 dolls to march in. Thirty two dolls sit in the choir loft as well. When you add the minister that equals 228 dolls. Now I am a grown man, and dolls are not my thing. This church though was great to see as a kid, and reading the story it was nice to see again today. Otto Giese used to display it in front of his business here in town, and now it sits at the LaPorte County Museum for all to see. As the people in the church sing their Christmas songs you really feel the spirit of Christmas. I think that Otto accomplished his mission. The church has seen many renovations, but the feeling is still the same. As it celebrates it’s 65th anniversary it is still surrounded by people curious to see the mechanics involved.

On my drive back home this morning I stopped just north of Monon to get some pictures. I really had fun, and love some of the results. I also took a few more pictures at the LaPorte County Historical Museum today that turned out okay. With this blog I can only post one so I thought that I would post the others online so that more people can see them. They are in two spots. I have a Facebook page for Pinola Photography that has the overflow pictures that don’t make this site. I also have a Flickr page with the same pictures on it. If you want to see more from my fun day both sites have the pictures on them.

Have you ever had one of those days where you were not productive at all? Today was one of those days. I had to work in the morning, but I have pretty much wasted my entire day after that. That is why at ten thirty at night I looked at the Xbox controller that was in my hand, and I decided that since that is the reason why my night was wasted I might as well put the picture up of the reason I was worthless on the site. Sometimes though it is good just to sit down and do nothing after a long week. With the Packers not playing today I had plenty of time to do nothing today. I think that I was just a little disappointed that I drove for about two hours yesterday with very little to see. Being in a new location makes it interesting trying to find the things I like to photograph. On the other hand it is a challenge that will make this photo a day concept work I think.