Flying High Above Terre Haute

It is funny how quickly things can change. When I made this photo I was still using my GPS to get around Terre Haute. I knew my way around the city a little, but I did not have a great grasp on all that Terre Haute had to offer. I made this photo knowing that the courthouse was the anchor, but not really knowing what was in my background. Now with a little time on my side it is fun to pick out all of the buildings that I have photographed in the past year down the streets.

Holding On To a Photo

This was a photo that was made  a while ago. I don’t always hang on to photos on purpose, but sometimes it is nice when you do. When I made this photo I had several days of sports ahead of me so the blog was going to be full. Instead of cramming the post in there somewhere I just put it aside for another time. Here I was able to appreciate more of the photo by doing just that. I haven’t been flying my drone nearly enough lately. Maybe if we can get a little heat wave soon I can get the drone back up and flying.


Finding The Beauty In Winter In My Hometown

LaPorte is a town that has seen a lot of changes, but some things always seem the same. When I was a kid the indian statue used to be located in between the courthouse and the museum. When the museum building was renovated the indian moved to the spot it is in now in front of the courthouse. I remember looking at the statue in it’s fountain every time that we went across the overpass. Now the indian has a nice quiet spot to hang out at. I have made a few pictures from this location since the indian made his move. I am sure that I will make a few more before I am done.

Photographing Your Hometown

Every time that I go back to LaPorte I take my camera with the intention of making some photos of my birthplace. What ends up happening though is that I end up spending time with family instead of making pictures. At the end of the day that is what is important anyway. With my schedule my time to get back home is not what it should be. I have too many people that I want to visit, and never enough time to do it. It is nice to get out and make some photos though as it brings back some great memories from my childhood.

Waking Up Early to See the Ocean City Pier at First Light

This year we went to Ocean City a month earlier than normal. The problem with that was that we went during the longest days of sunlight of the year. My alarm to capture first light at the pier was set ridiculously early. I did not have the drive to the shore that I normally do though. I just had a short walk down the boardwalk to get to the ocean. Little did I know that this was the one really good day to photograph the sunrise. I had a good time shooting the moments of first light, and then I switched over to under the pier for a while while I was waiting for the sun to rise. I like this image of the pier early in the day with the ocean crashing around it.

The Photos of the Week

With nearly a week in Maryland coupled with a wedding as soon as I came home I have been swamped with photos the last few days. I am still sorting through my vacation photos, but that will have to wait until after the next two weeks of weddings are over. Right now getting those photos delivered is the priority. I did have a few that I sorted out during the flight home that I could include in this weeks edition of the Week in Photos. With no big multi-day tournaments to include the past couple of weeks have felt light. In fact they are more the norm. Here is a link to some of my favorite photos from last week.

Looking Back Through Your Work

This is a photo that I have liked for a while now, but something was always missing. I always thought that it had a feel of an older photograph. Everything just has that well worn feel to it. It was not until I took the jpeg (I did not shoot RAW until 2012 can you believe it?) into Lightroom yesterday though until I really liked this photo. I really made a more inky black and white image out of this turning it into one that I really like. The Statue of Liberty in the background with the man on the sailboat pointing really makes this image for me. This is far from the best technical photo that I made on the trip, but it is one that just has a look that I like to it. With my camera in full automatic mode it made an exposure of 1/25th of a second at f/36. I can say that f/36 was not the best here as it took about ten minutes to clean up all of the dust everywhere on this photo. It is that 1/25th of a second from a moving boat though that makes this shot for me. That subtle motion blur gives it that old time feel that I like. I have been back and forth about posting this image in various forms for a while now. It finally has made the blog though nearly eight years after I made the picture.

Different Views of Well Known Monuments

Back when I made this photo in 2008 I was onto something that I would not fully realize until quite a few years later. I wanted the up close photo of the Statue of Liberty that I have seen hundreds of times. Back then I was more concerned about collecting photos I think than making them. I would see a photo, and decide that I wanted to take one just like it. As time has gone by I still make the more common image of landmarks. When you visit someplace that is what the family and friends expect to see when you get back. Shots like this one though of a different view of the landmark I think end up being my favorites over time.

The Week In Photos

Once again it is Monday morning, and I invite you to take a look back at the past week with me. I have created another Exposure page with my favorite photos from the past week that you can find here. This is one of my favorite parts of the week as I look back at the past week. I have been on a roll with some great events every since I started putting the post together so the posts have been getting better and better.

Eating a Tasty Pharaoh’s Donut in St. Louis, Missouri

Earlier this month while I was in St. Louis I went out to find something local for breakfast. As I turned a corner I smelled something delightful. I looked at the sign on the building and saw that it was a donut shop. As I walked in I saw this man getting ready to make a few glazed donuts. I made my order, and I came back over to this table to watch him do his thing. I asked if I could make a couple of photos and he said yes. Sometimes these little photos from the trip are the ones that you remember the most. It will be hard to forget those donuts though as they were amazing. They were nice and warm, and they didn’t last very long.

Ask And Make a Memory

When I first started really getting into photography I saw a lot of scenes like this one, but I was not sure if I should make a photo. I do not like my photo being taken so I think that I just assume everyone else feels the same way. I have found though that many people do not mind the camera, and they make great subjects. Sometimes that quick encounter can be the one that you will hang on to. I really only photographed him for a few seconds. I waited until he did something that would look good and camera, and then fired off a few shots. For some reason this one has stuck with me. I love behind the scenes photos though, and what better thing to get behind the scenes of then the making of donuts?

Photos of the Week

Here is the part where I plug my photos of the week. For the past few weeks I have posted some of my favorite photos from the past week on Exposure. You can find the post for this week here. As luck would have it I have found myself in some great situations to make some great photos during that time. This week was no different. There is nothing like tournament hockey to help make some great photos.

Staying at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn

We love spending our week on the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland every year so when we were choosing a resort to spend our holiday week at Disney we settled on Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. The resort is pattern after the famous Atlantic City boardwalk. As with everything Disney it was really done very well. Just a quick look into the lobby will tell you all that you need to know. So much attention is paid to the little details that you start to believe that you are somewhere else. The resort is also a very quick walk to Epcot which is very nice. The photo above was made at one end of the boardwalk looking back towards the Dance Hall on the far end.

Dana’s Mouse Tails

My friend Dana has a blog called Dana’s Mouse Tails where she talks about her experiences at Disney. You can find her blog here.  I was reading about Disney before we made our first trip to the Magic Kingdom last year. You can pick up little tips from someone who has been there many more times than you. Give her blog a look and see what you think. It is a very personal look at what you can experience at Disney World.

Visiting the VOSS Model on the Campus of Purdue University

I don’t know how this happened, but for some reason Purdue unveiled a new amazing model on campus and I missed it. It was not until seeing year end posts by Charles Jischke and Trevor Mahlmann that I saw this beautiful subject on campus. I immediately made plans to visit the model to check it out. After seeing it in person I knew that I had a picture here. I just wanted to wait for some snow to allow the ground to reflect the colors of the sculpture. I saw two fantastic photos by the photographers above, and I wanted to try something different from what they had already done. I thought the snow would add a little to the foreground for me. After a women’s basketball game I made the trip to the Voss Model to see if my plan would work. I had my basketball gear with me to shoot with, but the Canon 5D Mark III with the Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens on it worked quite nicely for this picture. I think that the color version of this photo was what I was thinking of when I made the picture, but I decided to try the photo out in black and white. I was very pleased with the conversion, and after a couple of tweaks I knew that I had a photo. This was probably the first of a couple of shots of this model that will appear on the blog. We will end up visiting it often I am sure.

Making the Most Out of a Bad Situation

When I walked up to the model I noticed that after having snow on the ground for an entire day I had many footprints to deal with. Instead of worrying about it though I made the footprints work for me. I placed them in the photo so they would lead you straight to the model. At the end of the day I think that those three sets of footprints actually help make this photo. I really could not imagine this photo any other way now. Thank you to those responsible for placing the footprints in the photo.

#SpotTheStation with Trevor

My friend Trevor Mahlmann has a great idea that I thought that I would share with you. He really has the market cornered when it comes to photographing the Space Station. He might not be the only one doing it, but he has rapidly become the most well known for doing it. You may have seen his work across the internet on sites like FroKnowsPhoto, Gizmodo, or PetaPixel. He has his own blog post up here explaining how you too can spot the space station as he does. You can then tag him with the hashtag #SpotTheStation as well as his Twitter handle which is @TrevorMahlmann. Having gone out with Trevor to see the space station I can say that it was a lot of fun. Give it a try, and see what you think.

Favorite Sports Photos of the Week

One thing that I would like to do each Monday is to post an Exposure page with some of my favorite sports photos of the week. I don’t always make an Exposure page for an event so this would be a way for me to get some of my favorite work each week out there. You can find the post for this week here on my Exposure page.

My Favorite 15 Cityscapes of 2015

Over the course of the past year it seems as if I have spent more time in cities than out photographing the landscapes. In fact I decided not to even do a “best of” post for my landscapes this year as I was not happy with what I was able to capture. It seems like my travels have taken me into cities this year where I made some very interesting photos. One thing that is really missing is my own town. There are many interesting things in Lafayette/West Lafayette to photograph. When it is right in front of you it is easy to put off going out to make the shot. This year I need to go out and make the shot a little more often locally. As it is though I made some photos that I am very happy to share with you from the past year. Here are my fifteen favorite cityscapes from the past year.

15. I like this photo for all of the reasons that I originally state in the original blog post. It is a little slice of my hometown. The building this is in front of was one that I used to spend quite a bit of time inside. I once thought that I would be the mayor of LaPorte. Now I think that I can make it as a sports photographer. I think it is easier to become a mayor.

14. This is the outside of Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was an amazing building that we were inside for two nights of great music last year. I cannot wait to see who they have playing this year for the Music Now Festival. More photos from the two concerts can be found on my concert countdown from a couple of days ago.

13. Here is another shot of my hometown of LaPorte, Indiana. You would be hard pressed to find two more iconic symbols of the city than the courthouse and the indian sculpture. They used to be separated, but now they have been placed together.

12. I absolutely loved Michael Jordan as a kid. I once thought that I could grow up to be like him (the song wasn’t far off). Of course now I am attempting something even more daunting, and that is to become a sports photographer. This was part of an exhibit showing some of the iconic work of Walter Iooss Jr. in front of the Field Museum. I thought that this photo showed Jordan and the city that he helped to six world championships.  Continue reading “Top 15 Cityscapes of 2015”

My 15 Favorite Photos of People From 2015

One goal that I had this year was to make more interesting portraits of people. The year started with me being part of a very unique and interesting studio. That studio failed, but it was great fun to get in there to play around with light a little bit. I also tried to find more interesting moments with people involved. When you are shooting sports it is very easy to just get involved with the action. Sometimes the best moments are the emotion that comes with the sport. I think that heading into 2016 I still need to improve my focus on making portraits. The opportunities will be there so why not make something interesting with them? For now though lets look back at some of my favorite photos of people from the past year.

15. This is more of a I was there photo than a people photo. This past August my family treated me to a live taping of Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me in Chicago. The program is one of my favorite things to listen to as I travel, and it was great to see it in person. After the show was over the participants were taking questions so I made a photo.

14. Here is another photo from another event I attended this year. Joel Grimes gave a talk in Indy that I wanted to be a part of. His work is amazing, and it was great to get to see him in person. His talk was even better. His approach to photography is great, and it inspired me to go for it as the year went on. Much of what I accomplished, and will accomplish was based off of that go for it approach.

13. Here is one photo that I did not expect to make. I was making some engagement photos downtown, and I just popped into the Lafayette Theater to photograph the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls as they read trivia to the local Comic Con audience. This man dressed as Batman looked interesting, and combined with the cool background I knew that I had a photo.  Continue reading “Top 15 People Photos of 2015”