The Absolute Beauty of Trinity Church

One thing that was on my list for sure was Trinity Church during my Boston stay. I ended up walking by it everyday because my hotel was right next to it. One day I went in to see what kind of photos that I could make. I tried to find stuff that most people would not see, but when you see something like this you make a picture of it. Everyone else does as well, but that is okay because it is amazing.

A Great Trip

I made this photo as part of a great first trip to Boston. This was a place that I had wanted to visit for years, and something always came up making the trip a no go. I tried to make the most of that first trip there. You can view some of my favorite photos from that trip here. 


The Court Street Baptist Church

While in Lynchburg I did not have a lot of time to walk around. I did manage to get out a bit Saturday morning before everything started to crank up to make some photos. One landmark that I saw from the hotel the night before was the Court Street Baptist Church. I walked up the long hill to the church. Everything in Lynchburg is on the hill. I only walked 1.5 miles during my short walk, but I climbed 15 flights of stairs according to my phone. The walk up the hill was steep, but worth it for this shot of the old church. I am a sucker for old church photos, and this one had a cool setting allowing me to really put it up against the sky.

Walking Around With the Canon 24-105mm Lens

Ever since I bought this lens a couple of years ago it has been a staple in my travel photography. It is great to have while walking around a city. You can be wide at 24mm or zoomed in at 105mm. Here I was at 28mm to get just the interesting aspects of this photo in. It is the perfect walk around lens that will stay in my bag for quite some time. The only way that I might take it out is for the version II of the lens.

A Reflection of the Trinity Church in the John Hancock Tower

During our brief stay in Boston last fall I was lucky enough to be staying right across the street from Copley Square. The highlight of the square of course is Trinity Church. It is a beautiful older church that I was lucky enough to get to have the time to tour. If you have not visited it, and you have some time in Boston I highly recommend it. Part of the fun of walking through Copley Square everyday was finding something new about it. Here I liked the angle with the reflection of Trinity Church in the Hancock Tower.

Repeating the Theme

I repeated this reflection theme a few times on the trip. The changing light as I passed through at different times informed my photos quite a bit. The light here was too good to not have in color. I made this shot above at 24mm, and the shot below at around 45mm. It was really fun to play around with the scene. It has been almost a year since my trip to Boston, and I still can’t decide which photo is my favorite.

An Unexpected Find In Eugene

I have been to Eugene, Indiana a couple of times now. The first couple of times I just photographed the covered bridge and then I turned around to head back on my way. This time I saw some interesting buildings on the mural of the restaurant by the bridge. I knew that they buildings on the mural were in the town so I went a little deeper into the town to see what the other points of interest were about. The first thing that you see is a beautiful home. It looks so out of place in that town. I drove by it knowing that I would see it on my way back. To me the highlight of the town is the  Methodist Church. It is a beautiful old church.

More To See in Eugene

I really had some fun in a limited time in Eugene. Right across from the church is what appears to be an old school building. It looks to have been repurposed now, but it still has the look of an old school building. I would never have guessed what was down the road based on what is around the bridge. The mural that pointed me into the town was a great thing. Below are a couple of bonus photos from the town that I liked.

The Week in Photos

What a week it was! I was able to get back out and photograph baseball again. It was a good feeling, and one that I hope that I can do many more times this year. Indiana State even celebrated my first game of the year with a walk off winner. Saturday morning I also was able to photograph my first football action of 2017. It was only practice, but it was fun to be back on the gridiron. I love to photograph baseball, and for some reason I have been labeled a baseball photographer, but football is the sport that I am closest to. I can’t wait to get some more under my belt this year. I also shot my first softball of 2017 this past week. The games above were part of four games in two days that I shot. The first photos at Purdue were purely for my benefit, but they were still fun games to cover. It was also fun to get to see my first Sycamore softball games ever. I scouted out the field before the baseball game Tuesday, but shot there for the first time Saturday. You can see my favorite photos from the past week on my Exposure page here.

A Beautiful Church in Boston

One of the highlights of the Boston trip that I did not count on was seeing Trinity Church in person. I knew that I wanted to go there, but I was not prepared for how beautiful it would be in person. I don’t think that any photo can truly give the church the justice that it deserves. When I was younger I would not pay attention in church, but instead I would look around and find other interesting things to look at. Here I would still probably be doing that. There is so much to take in that you could spend years looking around, and still not find everything hidden in this amazing church.

A Lot To Be Thankful For

Each year I write about having a lot to be thankful for, but this year seems to be another exception. I have found a few more amazing clients that will keep my schedule full through the year. I have had a great year at home with the family, and I have been able to travel quite a bit with them. We truly are blessed, and so I also wanted to thank you for reading this little blog. Every day I post some random drivel on here, and there are a good amount of people that come to read it. That means a lot to me, and I just wanted to say thank you. As always I will try and do better.

Finding the Little Things in a Big Town

While I was in St. Louis to cover Arch Madness for Indiana State I had some free time to explore the city. I of course decided to do the most touristy thing and head down to the Arch for some photos early in the morning. On the way to the arch I was people streaming by this little church on the way. I decided to poke my head in to see what it was all about. I love the inside of it, but with the light streaming in from one side like it was I knew that I would make this a black and white photo. There really wasn’t anything that screamed color in the shot so I made sure that I had what I wanted for a cool black and white conversion. There was only one person in the church cleaning it at the time so I waited for them to walk behind one of the columns to make my photo. It is hard to believe that everyone was passing this little church up. I am glad that I decided to stop in.

What Is In the Future For This Blog?

In a week or so I will have been blogging for ten years. That is hard for me to believe. It all started with some nice photos that I made from the stands at a Purdue football game in 2006. I wanted some way to show them off so I picked a blog to post the photos. Over the course of those ten years I have blogged on different platforms and toyed with new ideas for my blog. It started out with a blog called Confessions of a Sports Junkie. When I started getting serious with photography in 2011 I started posting more on this blog, and the Junkie just kind of died off. In early October this little blog will turn five. I have posted at least one photo a day if not more for nearly five years now. Coming up with titles for posts and interesting things to say was hard on day 30 let alone day 1,500. I have been toying with the idea of just posting when I have an event. At times it will be back to the old format of a post a day as I shoot quite heavily at times. I like the idea of having something new everyday though. What do you think? Do you like me showing older pictures when I don’t have a new one to share, or would you rather I just post when I have something new?

A Beautiful Wedding at St. Mary Cathedral

Last Saturday I was in St. Mary Cathedral to photograph a wedding for the first time there. I have seen photos of the church before, but I had never stepped into it before the weekend started. From square one I was blown away by the church. There is so much beauty in this church that at first you do not know where to start. One place that I started on the wedding day though was setting up a remote up in the balcony. I wanted a wide shot showing the beauty of the church during the wedding. Once again my Canon 60D came out of retirement to be that remote. I placed my Tamron 10-24mm lens on the camera to get the view that you see above. I toyed with the idea of placing the Canon 8-15mm lens on the camera for a slightly wider view, but I decided to keep it at 10mm. I wanted a lot of the church in the view, but I didn’t want the people to be ants. Here I think that it worked very well for me. I was able to show a lot of the church with the bride and groom being a fairly good size. This is a church that I would like to photograph with some time on my hands one day. To be able to go through the church and photograph it as it sits empty would be great. It is really a great setting for a wedding.

Photographing a Catholic Wedding

Growing up Catholic I had my share of moments where the priest gave me a look when I was not exactly paying attention during a mass. One thing that I always want to do is to make sure that my quest for the shot does not interfere with the service at all. At St. Mary’s they keep a tight reign on what you can do. I really did my best during the mass not to move around too much. Each move was planned to keep the movements to a minimum. In a church this beautiful though you have to try and showcase each part of it. This was my second straight weekend photographing a Catholic mass, and it was a little easier after going through the mass the week before. Each wedding is different though, and you have to adapt to the new situation.

Visiting a LaPorte Christmas Tradition

One Christmas tradition for the past few years has been to photograph the Giese Church at the LaPorte County Museum. If you don’t know the story of the church it is a good one. In 1944 Otto Giese was part of the American forces pinned in at the Battle of the Bulge. While holed up with a family on Christmas he was called away to the front lines. As he made his way to the front lines he promised God that if he made it out of the war that he would do something to make Christmas a little more special for everyone. He made it back home to his family, and he created the Giese Church. This really is a marvel for the time that it was created. It is still pretty amazing as it had my two year old daughter mesmerized. By pressing the button shown above you start the choir moving into the church singing the songs of the season. War does not bring about many good things. In this instance though it inspired a man to create something that would bring Christmas joy to many kids over the course of the many years that it has existed.

Visit the Giese Church at the LaPorte County Museum

I have talked about the LaPorte County Museum a few times on this blog already. This is a great little museum that seems to have something for everyone. You can see the full Giese Church in the picture directly above. Behind it though you can see the memorabilia from the Allis Chalmers factory and on the other side part of the Belle Gunness exhibit. Along with all of the bits of the past of the county you also have the amazing car collection of Dr. Kesling. If you live in the LaPorte area this museum is a great place to visit. When they put up the Christmas decorations it is even better.

The Last ‘Live’ Post of 2015

From this point on all of the posts until January will be scheduled. That is a way for me to take a little time off from the blog, and also to post some of my ‘best of’ posts as well. Unless I know that I will be unable to post I usually write the post of the day for the next day each night before I go to bed. As of right now I am scheduled out until January 2nd with my posts. If all goes according to plan I will be back posting on January 3rd with some photos from a Purdue win over Iowa.

Photographing a Wedding in the New Sanctuary

Yesterday I spent my day photographing the wedding of Lindsey and Dave. This time of year I am usually shooting football on Saturdays, but this was a welcome change. While I am primarily a sports photographer I love to shoot a wedding because of the emotion. That is what I look for during a sporting event. Where is the emotion? At a wedding you usually don’t have to look too far to find it. This was one of the first weddings in the new sanctuary at Christ United Methodist Church in Lafayette. It is a beautiful space with some great light as the sun goes down. Yesterday on a mid November day you couldn’t ask for a better place to get married. The weather was just fantastic. You always hope for the best, and when you get it you know that you are in for a good day.

More Photos From the Wedding

I have already posted a couple of sneak peak images to my Facebook page, but in the next few days I will have the images from the wedding up on my website.