My Sixteen Favorite Stadium Shots of 2016

This was a fun year. I was able to shoot in some pretty cool stadiums, and during some pretty cool times to do it. This countdown consists of my favorite stadium shots of the year. They are the ones that I like the most from this year. I have many photos of stadiums at Purdue that I like, and I could probably fill a countdown with them. For this one I wanted to reach out a little and show some of the cool locations that I shot in this year.

16. Of course the countdown will start with Mackey Arena. I love this arena, and I have made many photos of it during this past year. Some of them you have seen, and some of them have not made their way onto the blog yet. This is a great place to shoot, and putting a flag across the entire court makes for a great photo.

15. This year I was finally able to see a game in the Compton Family Ice Arena. When I lived up north I attended many Notre Dame hockey games at the Joyce ACC, but I had yet to see a game in the new arena. Luckily a chance to shoot for Northeastern gave me the excuse to head up there. It is a very cool arena that is meant for hockey. I would love to see something like this at Purdue someday, but I am not holding my breath for that.

14. One of the highlights of the year by far was photographing the NCAA Women’s Final Four. Banker’s Life Fieldhouse is a great place to shoot basketball, and it also makes a great backdrop. Here I love how the stadium looks as the confetti rains down on the Connecticut Huskies after they won the NCAA title this past April. This was part of a very special three days for me. I was able to check a couple of things off of my list as I shot all of the Final Four games as well as the MLB game at Victory Field.

Victory Field

13. Speaking of Victory Field, here is one of my favorite photos from this past summer. The cotton candy sky with the cotton candy vender in the foreground made this a different image for me. I thought that I would have many more photos from the stadium this past summer, but broken promises got in the way of that. That is too bad as it makes for a good backdrop for photos.

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The Northeastern Huskies Advance to the Final Four at the TD Ameritrade Center With a 6-4 Victory Over Notre Dame

Last night I was back in South Bend for game two of the best of three series between the Northeastern Huskies and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Notre Dame was playing at home and ranked #10 in the country so they should have been the favorite. Northeastern paid no attention to that, and kept up their hot play sweeping this series with the Irish. The Huskies scored three goals in the second period to take control of the game. As the final seconds ticked off the clock the only question was where should I stand for the celebration photos? I found a back staircase that led me right to the Northeastern bench so I could make my favorite kind of photos to make. The jube was in full effect as the Huskies celebrated winning the series.

Bonus Photos

Below are a few other photos that I liked from the game. I thought that my hockey season was over a few weeks ago so I was thrilled to get to photograph hockey again. Hockey is not an easy sport to photograph, but it is fun to do. I love the challenge that it presents. In the past three weeks I have photographed the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships followed by the MVC Tournament last week. This weekend was the Hockey East Tournament. Because it is March I can only imagine what I will be photographing next weekend. This is a fun time of year to be a photographer.

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Northeastern Stays Hot With 3-1 Victory Over Notre Dame

Last night I was able to see some great playoff hockey as Northeastern and Notre Dame played a very good game against each other. For most of the game the score was 2-1 as all three of those goals were scored within the first eight minutes of the first period. Shooting through my access hole I was screened for both goals, but I did get the jube that followed.

Shooting Through the Photo Hole

This was the first game that I have ever been able to shoot through the photo hole. I love the idea of giving the photographers an unobstructed view of the action. Of course the holes are in the aisles so a valuable seat is not lost. What I don’t understand is why they are so low. You really have to be in an uncomfortable position if you want any kind of movement. As the game went on I became more used to the hole, but I didn’t mind the third period when I didn’t have one to shoot through.

Get to the Stadium Early

Yesterday I arrived at the stadium very early for the game. Perhaps a little too early. The Northeastern bus was pulling in just as I was pulling in. After a little work I obtained my credential, and found my spot on press row. I then saw that the Northeastern team was warming up not too far from where I was. I grabbed my camera and went over to where they were. I don’t get too crazy about photos of players stretching, but a photo like the one above is one that I love. In a mostly dark arena this player thinking about what lies ahead is one that I like. At this point of the day I am shooting more for my best of the week post then anything else. These are the shots that tell the story of the day. They are also the most fun to make.

Bonus Photos

Below I have included a few bonus photos from the night. This was a fun game to photograph as it should be. This is playoff hockey, and the intensity is turned up a couple of notches. Tonight with their tournament lives at stake I would suspect that Notre Dame comes out firing. If the Irish can win they would force a winner take all game tomorrow at 7. If the Huskies can win, they would move on to Boston to play in the finals four there. This is an exciting time of year to be a photographer for sure.

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Purdue and Indiana Battle It Out With a Birth in the ICHC Championship on the Line

Yesterday I spent one last day in Fishers watching the Purdue hockey team this year. Purdue was the #1 seed in the ICHC Hockey tournament, and that was their first game of the tourney. With a win against Indiana they would advance to the title game Sunday to play Xavier. The hockey puck is a funny thing though, and it doesn’t always go the way that you want it to. Indiana won the game 3-2 and ended the Boilers season. Last year one of the highlights of my photography year was photographing the Boilers as they won the ICHC tournament. The emotion and the pure joy shown was great. Part of what makes moments like that so special though is how hard they are to come by.

Watching #4 One More Time

As the final seconds ticked off of the clock Saturday I realized that it was the last time that I would watch my nephew skate for Purdue. It has been really fun watching him play hockey for the last four years. Last night I also realized just how fast four years can fly by. Sadly I had so much fun watching Brandt play hockey that he may have his embarrassing uncle show up at a rec league game at some point.

A Full Web Gallery on Exposure

I have put up a full gallery of images from the night on my Exposure page here. I was screened for the two goals that Purdue scored last night. Once by a player skating in front at the last second, and once by the goal and goalie himself. Sometimes you guess right where the puck will be shot from, and sometimes you do not.

Purdue Hockey Plays Notre Dame on Senior Day

Yesterday I was down in Fishers again to see the Purdue Hockey club play at the Indy Fuel Tank. I really enjoy photographing hockey, and watching the Boilers play again was a treat. I had meant to photograph both games this weekend, but a flu bug kept me out of the game Friday night. I still was not feeling 100%, but I was not going to miss senior day. Actually due to circumstances out of my control I did miss the senior ceremony before the game. I did make it to most of the game though to make some photos. This was a hard fought game for Purdue where they just did not get some of the bounces. They kept fighting though until the end. Purdue now travels to Grand Valley State next weekend for a weekend series with the Lakers.

More Photos From the Game

I created an Exposure page for the game again that you can find here. I also have a gallery of images that you can right click save here. Covering the Boilers has been fun this season. Once again I did not get to make as many games as I would have liked, but that kind of comes with the territory. I will get to see the Boilers skate again in the ICHC Crossroads Tournament in a couple of weeks. Last year they took home the title, and gave me some memorable photos. Hopefully they can do that again this season.

Purdue Hockey Takes On Loyola

I shot my first hockey game of the year yesterday in Fishers for the Purdue Hockey Club. The game ended in a 2-2 tie, and it was as hard fought as the score would suggest. Ward Newman tied the game at one with a fantastic effort just to get to the goal let alone score. He was tripped up at center ice all the time keeping control of the puck. He got back up and beat the defenders to the goal to score the equalizer. Even more impressive is the fact that the Boilers were short handed at the time. In the second half John VanVilet tied the game with a power play goal. I think that I was very lucky shooting this game that I had a brand new piece of glass to shoot through for two periods. If not for that stroke of luck I would have been shooting through some very dirty glass for most of the game. Next week I may bring a stepladder to use to shoot over the glass as the sheer volume of teams at the Indy Fuel Tank will probably already have that fresh sheet looking pretty rough.

More Photos From the Game

I created an Exposure page for the game yesterday that you can find here. I love the way that Exposure makes my photos look. They have some kind of special sauce that makes a 5mb jpeg look fantastic. Next week I would like to make two Exposure pages for the Boilers as they take on Notre Dame. They have games next Friday and Saturday in Fishers. The Boilers have been playing some really good hockey this season so why not head down to see them play?

My 15 Favorite Sports Photos of 2015

This has really been an amazing year for me when you take it as a whole. I have been given the opportunity to shoot some great athletes in some great venues. Fifteen photos is not nearly enough to scratch the surface of some of the fun that I had this year. I have tried to do the best that I can to get the photos down to fifteen that I liked. If you want to see all of the best of lists so far this year you can click here, or just click the Best of 2015 tag on the left side of the page.

15. The countdown starts off with this shot of Juan Pablo Montoya on the road course at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I wanted to make some different shots on the day, and this was one that I thought told a larger story. By including the sign on the walking bridge I gave this a little sense of place. This was an amazing shoot that I was happy to be a part of. This was my first time shooting Indy Cars as well so it holds a special place for me.

14. This year I shot Lacrosse for the first time. I shot two Purdue club games, and then was contracted by Towson Athletics to shoot their NCAA playoff game against Notre Dame. I am still learning the sport, but I love the athleticism shown by the players. Here you see a big hit by a Towson player on a Notre Dame player.

13. This year I only shot one bout, but my favorite roller derby photo comes from a photoshoot in the studio early in the year. This was actually an outtake, but it was my favorite shot of the night. You see a little of what is behind the player in this shot.  Continue reading “Top 15 Sports Photos of 2015”

My 15 Favorite Photos of People From 2015

One goal that I had this year was to make more interesting portraits of people. The year started with me being part of a very unique and interesting studio. That studio failed, but it was great fun to get in there to play around with light a little bit. I also tried to find more interesting moments with people involved. When you are shooting sports it is very easy to just get involved with the action. Sometimes the best moments are the emotion that comes with the sport. I think that heading into 2016 I still need to improve my focus on making portraits. The opportunities will be there so why not make something interesting with them? For now though lets look back at some of my favorite photos of people from the past year.

15. This is more of a I was there photo than a people photo. This past August my family treated me to a live taping of Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me in Chicago. The program is one of my favorite things to listen to as I travel, and it was great to see it in person. After the show was over the participants were taking questions so I made a photo.

14. Here is another photo from another event I attended this year. Joel Grimes gave a talk in Indy that I wanted to be a part of. His work is amazing, and it was great to get to see him in person. His talk was even better. His approach to photography is great, and it inspired me to go for it as the year went on. Much of what I accomplished, and will accomplish was based off of that go for it approach.

13. Here is one photo that I did not expect to make. I was making some engagement photos downtown, and I just popped into the Lafayette Theater to photograph the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls as they read trivia to the local Comic Con audience. This man dressed as Batman looked interesting, and combined with the cool background I knew that I had a photo.  Continue reading “Top 15 People Photos of 2015”

My 15 Favorite Hockey Photos of 2015

This year I shot more hockey than I ever have before. That being said it still was not really enough for me. I love hockey, and it is a very challenging sport to shoot. You may have picked the best position to stand, but with a large pile in front of the net you do not have a clear shot. When you have those opportunities to get that clear shot you have to make the most of it. As the new year begins I think that I will have a lot of chances in the first couple of months to shoot hockey. The Purdue hockey club will be back in action, and the Indy Fuel are just getting going. This will be a fun next couple of months.

15. We start the countdown with a shot over the goalies shoulder by Purdue forward Rhett Schaefer. Rhett is one of the bright spots of the Purdue hockey team, and here he gets a shot past the goalie.

14. One thing that you have to be ready for in hockey is the sudden goal. The initial reaction is usually a very good one. A goal is not an easy thing to get in hockey so the initial surprise/joy of the act is usually great to capture. You cannot always get this shot. The celebration is not always in the same place so some of this is luck, and another part is good guesswork. Here I positioned myself by the Purdue bench because at some point the celebration will come to the bench. Luckily I got the player to turn right at me to make the shot.

13. One shot that is hard to get at the Fisher’s Forum is this shot from ice level. The glass is so marked up and stained with sweat that you really don’t get crisp shots through it. I end up shooting over the glass which puts me slightly above the action. When shooting the Indy Fuel I am down lower making the ice spray shot much cooler looking. This was one shot that I was looking to make when I went earlier this year.  Continue reading “Top 15 Hockey Photos of 2015”