The Rogers Hornsby Statue at Busch Stadium

I love the way that the Cardinals have honored their past outside of the stadium. You don’t need to buy a ticket to see the history of the team. The statues outside of the stadium have been on the blog before so I didn’t want to repeat too much of what I shot a couple of years ago. I did like this photo though so I wanted to include it on the blog.

Getting It Right

The Cardinals really have gotten it right when it comes to their past. They have the great museum that is not too much to walk through. Just walking through the museum really brings back memories from my childhood. They have the great statues outside of the park that lets you visit your heroes whenever you want to even if it is the offseason. My White Sox have tried to bring the statue game up to date, but they are all in the park. You have to pay to see them. The old Hall of Fame disappeared in 2006 never to resurface again. Part of getting youth into the game is having their family walk them through the past. My dad did that for me letting me know about names like Minoso, Fox, Appling, Pierce, and others. I want to do the same showing my daughter players like Fisk, Baines, Konerko, and Buehrle. I hope that eventually the Sox get it together and make something like this happen.


Walking Around St. Louis

One advantage to playing the last game of the night is the fact that I had some time to explore St. Louis a bit. Last year I did not plan any time to do that, and I ended up with no pictures of the city. Part of the fun of traveling to cover sports is walking around the new places that I get to visit. This is a photo that I have wanted to make since 2009. I travelled to St. Louis to watch a couple of games on my birthday weekend that year. I made pretty much this exact photo with my Blackberry at the time, but I have always wanted to re-do the photo with my dSLR. I got that chance this week to do so. One of these years ISU will make a deep run in the tournament, and I will be able to really get to know this town.

Just Get Lower

I walked a few steps away from the photo at the top of the post to make this photo. I wanted just the courthouse and the arch in my frame. The trouble was that there were some annoying cars in the foreground. I used a technique that I used many times over the weekend at my events and I put the camera near the ground. That lower perspective got rid of the cars, and made the image more pleasing to me. It was never an award winner, but it was still fun to make.

The Week In Photos

Last weeks post was mostly my basketball shots from the weekend. I did get some travel shots in there including the two in this post. If you want to see more of my work from last week you can by clicking here.

My Favorite Eighteen Photos From the 2017-2018 Indiana State Basketball Season

It is really hard to believe that this season is over for Indiana State basketball. It really does not seem that long ago that they came to Purdue for the exhibition game. The game at Indiana to start the season also seems like just a couple of weeks ago. College basketball season used to seem like an eternity to me. This team made this season so much fun that I don’t want it to end. At the end of the year we said goodbye to four seniors. They will be hard to replace. The players coming back though have me very excited for next season. Until that can get here though here are my favorite 18 photos from the season that just finished.

18. We will start the countdown at the end of the season in St. Louis. At this point of the year we have good close ups of everyone so I decided to go wider for the game to show the atmosphere of the game. Here I liked how this worked out as Tyreke Key puts up a big three. This true freshman really came in and contributed this past year. It will be fun to watch him grow as a player. As a true frosh he hit many big time shots for the Sycamores.

17. Next year the Sycamores will rely heavily on Emondre Rickman now that Brandon Murphy is gone. Here he battles at Indiana to start the season.

16. Speaking of Big Murph here he is on senior day taking it all in one last time. He was truly fun to shoot for the last couple of years. This might be my favorite picture of him over my time covering the team.

15. This year I played with this tunnel concept quite a bit. I have a few favorites from the season, but here senior Demonte Ojinnaka gave me a pretty good look as he walked through. The lighting is crazy in the tunnel so I created a lightroom preset just for in here. I like the look it gives me.  Continue reading “Top 18 Indiana State Men’s Basketball Photos From 2017-2018”

What to Do When You Have Some Extra Time

This past weekend I shot part of two tournaments. I shot the Friday events at the MVC Tournament in St. Louis, and the opening day of the Big East women’s tournament. When you are at a tournament you end up with some downtime to fill. I will usually fill that downtime shooting if there are spots on the baseline available. Why not? Tournament time is full of action and emotion so why not soak all of it in while you can? During the MVC Tournament I saw almost an entire baseline open for the Bradley and Drake game so I walked out of the media room to shoot a little of it. It allowed me to make sure that my settings were dialed in, and also get warmed up a little. The great finish was also very fun to photograph.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a fun week to make some photos. I had the four main jobs that I was assigned to do along with some of the fun shots like you see in this post. You can view some of my favorite pictures from last week here on my Exposure page.

Downtime At The Big East Tournament

While in Chicago I had some time in between my men’s game and my women’s game. Butler and Providence were playing a heck of a game at the time, and there were only two photographers on the court. One on each baseline. How can that be? I made my way out onto the floor and started playing a bit. With no outlet for my images I decided to play the how low can I go game. I started lowering my shutter speed until I could not make a usable image. The image above was made at 1/20th of a second, and involved a lot of luck. Everything was moving but the ball here, and the Big East logo was facing me. These are the fun little accidents that you can only get by trying.

Indiana State’s Season Comes To A Close With A Loss To Illinois State

Friday night Indiana State ended their season in St. Louis with a loss to Illinois State. When this tournament started I knew that anyone could win the thing. I may have let my imagination get ahead of me thinking about what would happen in Indiana State had won. I was planning the trip to Dayton for the play in game of the NCAA Tournament. That all came crashing down before the weekend really even started. This team fought until the end though, and that is all that you can ask for. You had a senior who ranks high on all of the ISU scoring charts taking a shot with about ten seconds left to tie the game. At the beginning of the season that is what I would have wanted to see. It was not meant to be though.

Going Way Wide

I took my Canon 11-24mm lens to the game to try some things out. I wanted to get a much wider view than I have in the past. The 11-24mm did that for me for sure. I had just planned to use it as a first half remote, but during the pregame intros I couldn’t resist using it. My favorite shot with it though was this jumper by Jordan Barnes. I love the action throughout the frame, and the reflections just make it for me. A remote is never something that you should rely on, but when it hits it always feels good.

A Great Group of Men

This was a fun senior class to be around. They really gave it their all, and I was really sad to see their careers come to an end so quickly this post season. The thing with college athletics is that four years seems like a long time, but it really goes by in the blink of an eyelash. I have only been around this team for three years, but that even flew by. This team has a solid core coming back though, and I think that they can compete for the league title next year with all of the additions coming in.




Arch Madness is Back at the Scottrade Center

Yesterday my tournament season started at the Scottrade Center with the second day of Arch Madness. This is the third year that I have been here for this tournament, and it is a great time. It is so cool to walk around the town and see fans from all of the teams walking around. They are great to be around because it lets you know just how big this tournament is. In this league it is hard to get an at large bid so you really have to win out here to sniff the NCAA Tournament. The next couple of days will go a long way towards making the dream come true for one team.

Getting A Day Behind

I am purposely offsetting the blog a day to give me some time to write and process what will occur each day on this journey. As I write this I may have to travel a long way in a short period of time, or I may be able to sleep in and take a ballpark tour. This time of year everything is up in the air. Being a day behind on the blog will allow me to write something that makes sense instead of trying to rush a post just to get something up. Hopefully these stretch into next week as that means Indiana State has made a run.

Arch Madness Begins Today!

It is funny how things work out sometimes. A couple of years ago all I wanted to do was photograph the Big Ten Women’s Tournament. That did not happen though, and I was a little bummed out about it. Then a unique opportunity came up. That was to photograph Indiana State in the MVC Tournament. What I quickly found out when I got there was just how cool ArchMadness really was. It is now something that I look forward to every year. That is one thing that I have quickly learned in photography. You get beat down a lot. If you sit there and dwell on the beat down then you will not get anywhere. By opening myself up to a new opportunity I was rewarded with a lot of great opportunities over the last couple of years. I have expanded my view outside of the town that I live in.

What To Expect This Weekend

This weekend will be an interesting one for sure. As of this writing I have some options ahead of me. The best case scenario is that I stay with Indiana State until Sunday afternoon. That would be a wild and rewarding ride. If that does not pan out I have another opportunity that would be pretty cool as well. No matter what this weekend is sure to be filled with some fun tournament basketball. Indiana State went a long way to make sure that I stay in St. Louis longer by getting the first round bye. A little 2016 magic against Illinois State would get me to Saturday, and from there I think it is a coin flip as to what can happen.

My 17 Favorite Stadium Shots of 2017

2017 was a fun year for me traveling around making sports photos in different venues. I travelled to nine states this year to make sports pictures. Many of those trips make their way into this list as they were memorable venues. This list has moments of action in it, but a lot of it represents my first few moments in a new stadium. I like to get there early and then find a way to show the venue that I am shooting in.

17. This year the Purdue softball stadium finally received a name. It was christened Bittinger Stadium. That seemed to coincide with me getting some time to fly my drone around. I went out to the stadium one day to make a photo of the stadium at sunset. I liked how this turned out. I was really looking forward to making many pictures in this stadium this year, but it just didn’t work out that way. Maybe the new year will bring a few more games here.

16. For the second straight year I helped cover the Big Ten Swimming and Diving Championships. This time it was the women who made their way to West Lafayette. At the start of a race I had an idea to show off the aquatic center. I used my 8-15mm to get ultra wide to show off quite a bit of the venue.

15. I had a similar thought during the 2017 MVC Track and Field Championships in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Thirteen years prior I saw a spring football game in this venue when I lived in Iowa. It was cool to come back and shoot there for Indiana State. I wanted to show just how cool this building was so I broke out the 8-15mm lens again. It was a long distance race so I had plenty of time to change lenses and find my composition.

14. I like this photo for what it means in many ways. It is a blue hour photo of an Indiana State pitcher throwing to a Purdue batter. The top of the photo is blue and the bottom has the yellowish tint from the lights. I used to shoot for the gold team (Purdue), but now I shoot much more for the blue team (Indiana State). My past and my present all in one very cool looking picture.

13. Speaking of the past Purdue did a fantastic job of celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mackey Arena last year. They took the traditional opening and amped it up quite a bit. When the floor came to life and dropped away I was immediately blown away. Without any knowledge prior to the event I was caught off guard. I raced up to a higher position to make a few photos of the show. This one just at the end of introductions was my favorite. The basketball experience at Purdue has grown by leaps and bounds since I last sat in the stands. It is amazing just how far things have come in such a short time. Mackey will show up again on this countdown. Continue reading “Top 17 Stadium Shots of 2017”

My Favorite 17 Indiana State Basketball Photos of the 2016-2017

This past season with the Indiana State basketball team was the first one where I was there from start to finish. There were some very big highs and some lows. It was not the season I thought I was going to see in early December. Sometimes things just don’t work out. This was a fun season to photograph though. This was a hard list to put together not because of a lack of content, but because I had too many moments to show from the year. In the end I just picked some of my favorite photos from the year to share.

17. The countdown starts where the season ended, in St. Louis. I followed the team out onto the floor of the Scottrade Center for their MVC Tournament game against Evansville. I liked this view of Brenton Scott taking the floor. It is the kind of hero shot that I try and make for the players during the season.

16. Head coach Greg Lansing is fun to watch on the sidelines. Here he was perfectly framed for me with the flag in the background. I made this during the first game of the season. During the course of the season I realized that I would have some other good pictures of coach, but this was one that stood out to me.

15. The Butler game was full of great moments. I could probably have filled this countdown up with just shots from that game. I tried to limit that though to spread out some love for the entire season. Here Brenton Scott makes an acrobatic shot when ISU really needed it. I also like how the Hulman Center is shown in the background as well. A good size crowd made me want to shoot a bit wider that game.

14. A nice surprise on the season was the play of freshman Jordan Barnes. This past year the team lost a good point guard in Everett Clemons, but the future at that spot looks great with Jordan leading the team. As a true freshman he really showed the ability to lead this team.  Continue reading “Top 17 Indiana State Basketball Photos of 2016-2017”