hemingway home

iPhoto of the Day

Once again I have posted a Blackberry photo on iPhone Friday. As time goes on I guess I will have some good photos from my iPhone so that this doesn’t have to happen, but for now this is a way to get some of my older phone shots on here.

I took this picture a few years ago on a great day in Illinois. I was headed to the Metallica show, but wanted to avoid the rush hour traffic that I knew I would see. I also had always wanted to visit the boyhood home of Hemingway because they had a museum set up there. I decided that I could do both, and it would save me some time. I had a blast there, but I did not have any of my cameras with me. I knew my phone could get the snapshots that I wanted. This picture of the exterior of the Hemingway home is the result.

Technical Data

I did try a couple of post processing techniques here. First of all I ran the strong sports preset in Lightroom that I downloaded from Matt Kloskowski. I really do use the heck out of these free presets. I also performed a small crop to get the shot a little more centered. In all a very easy edit.