Christmas At The Purdue Union

Spending Christmas At The Purdue Memorial Union

Yesterday I posted a few pictures from part of a fun day at the Purdue Memorial Union. We usually spend a few days there taking in all of the sights and sounds of the holiday. I know that Christmas trees and gingerbread houses are not what the holiday is all about, but we are spending quality time as a family together there. To me that is what the season is all about. This year with the late tree lighting we missed it for the first time in a few years. We did get to see everything that the Union has to offer this time of the year though.

Seeing The Holidays Through Different Eyes

Part of the draw to go Wednesday night this year was to see how other countries celebrate the holidays. They had a great little gathering with games, food, and most importantly a little info on how other countries do things. My little one had a blast. We spent two hours there and it was not nearly enough time for her. We need to do this every year.

Finding A New Angle On The Tree

This year I have it in my mind not to do my typical tree photo. It seems like every year I make the same photo of the tree possibly with a new piece of gear that might make it a little different. This trip at least instead of making my wide look at the tree I decided to go in tight and shoot some of the details. I am sure that by the time all of this stuff comes down I will make my wide tree shot, but I need to think of a different way to do it. I have a little time to think about that one.

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