The Sunset Of Conflict

Another Great West Lafayette Sunset

Last night the sky seemed ready to light up again as the sunset neared. With no time to head anywhere else I decided to make a photo near my house. I waited until the light was good and flew to a spot where the steeple of a church was in the foreground with the sunset happening in the upper two-thirds of the frame. I don’t know that it was a keeper, but it was a nice picture of the sunset. I don’t know that it would ever have made this blog except…

The Sunset Conflict

After I made the photo I flew back to my house. As I landed my drone in my driveway a man came charging in behind it. Apparently as I flew over his house at 27 miles per hour he thought I might have made a picture of him. I explained that I did not, but as he filmed me I started filming him as well. Why not? It was then that the irony hit me. This man did not want a picture made of him, but now I have this video of him acting crazy. For a while I decided to post that video online. Then I decided to let it go. All throughout our ‘conversation’ I kept telling him that he is not interesting enough to photograph. I think that it is funny that someone sees a drone flying fast overhead, and they assume that I am photographing them. Let me tell you right now that I am not. He was worried about his house being photographed from above. I reminded him that everyone has access to that info thanks to Google Earth. The sad thing is that people like this who are paranoid will bring negative press to people flying quadcopters. I try and stay within the rules so that this hobby can keep going. Someone with a tin foil hat will always be afraid of the thing they don’t understand.

Covering the Rankin/Poehlein Invitational

Five Years of Covering the Rankin/Poehlein Invitational

It does not seem like five years since my friend Andy Jessop invited me to shoot the Rankin Invitational. At the time I was just happy to be credentialed at Purdue, and nervous about getting in the way at a track meet. By the next year I was shooting the event for the school, and I have every year since then. One bad thing about being a northern school is the fact that we don’t host a lot of track meets outdoors. This meet used to be two separate meets held about a month apart. The Poehlein was always held in March, and we would get about a foot of snow that week it seemed like. I love shooting track and field, and it would be nice to get more than one event in outside each year.

A Slower Pace

The last track meet that I covered was the MVC Championships for Indiana State. There it seemed like I always had multiple athletes performing at the same time. On Saturday things seemed to work out for me much better. I could not photograph every attempt by every athlete, but I was able to get something of nearly every person. It would be nice to be able to sit around each one to make something amazing for each of them, but a track meet is a hectic place and that is not possible. That is too bad as each of those athletes is really doing something amazing.  Continue reading

Sunset In Ocean City

Sunset on Vacation

One thing that can be difficult when traveling with family is finding time to be alone when the light is good. For some reason that usually coincides with meal times. This past year we stayed right on the boardwalk so I could break away really quickly when the light was good. Here I made my way down to the boardwalk during the sunset. The light was great over the ocean, and I had a nice quiet moment making this photo. In a tourist trap like Ocean City those are hard to find.

Turn the Other Cheek

This is good advice in life for many things, but it also works for sunsets. The sun was setting behind me here. As it goes down though the light was also great over the ocean. If you do it right you can follow that light right back to the sunset. Here I liked the idea of the pier heading out to the sunset. Had I thought a little more I would have put my camera right on the boardwalk to make that effect more apparent.

Purdue Defeats Illinois to Start Big Ten Series

Purdue Jumps Out on Illinois to Take the Opening Game of the Series

I have not seen Illinois play Purdue in quite a long time. In fact it was 2012 during the Big Ten Championship season for the Boilers. They finally made their first trip to Alexander Field this week. The Big Ten schedule is a weird one where you don’t see teams for a long time. Ohio State was the first team to make the trip to Alexander in 2013. Right now things are how they should be with Illinois having a losing record in Alexander. That is because of a good start by the Boilers. The first two innings were very eventful even if only three runs were scored between the two teams. Tanner Andrews really battled it out to keep the Purdue lead. Both teams had chances, and Purdue was getting the hits early. They now look to win the series tomorrow night on Alumni day.

A Long Time Coming

This was the first game that I have shot for the Boilers at Alexander field since 2014. It has been a long time between jobs there. It was nice to get back out there to make pictures for the team. I realize that this would be a one off deal so I tried to make photos that the team doesn’t have. That is hard in a game like baseball where your spots to shoot can be limited. The galleries that the team gets throughout the year are very good so that is a high bar to try to achieve. I think that I put a good gallery together yesterday, and it was fun doing it.  Continue reading

The Man In The Mill

The Keeper of the Bridgeton Mill

Lately when I have been heading to Indiana State I pick one spot to stop at to make a couple of photos along the way. The covered bridges of Parke County are an easy target, but most of them I think I would want to photograph in the fall. Bridgeton was one bridge that I think would photograph well any time of year. I would love to get it in the fall and winter as well, but there are views of it and the mill that don’t need any help to make a good photo. My first stop after I parked was the old mill. The two gentlemen inside were super nice giving me some insight into the mill, and one near me in Lafayette. I had been to the Lafayette mill before, but this was a good reminder to go back. I have many photos from that trip to share with you, but for now I wanted to share this one that I really liked.

A Gift From the Photography Gods

This photo was an absolute gift. I went into the mill to see what it was all about, and to see if it had a view of the covered bridge. While talking to the father and son who run the mill I couldn’t stop checking out the light on the father. It was Joel Grimes rim light if I had set it up myself. Add the flags in the foreground and the rustic elements around the photo, and I had something really special here. As he was putting the flour labels on his bags I snapped off a couple of frames. Moments like this are why I love to travel. You have a few photos in mind along the way, but the unexpected ones really floor you. You have a situation right in front of you, and all that you have to do is to push the shutter button. In the past I would have tried to use HDR to see the bridge outside the window. I have a series to do that with, but this first frame that I made with this in mind was the right choice.

More From Bridgeton

This was a successful trip to Indiana State. I made a few photos that I liked from the game which was the primary goal of the day. Along the way there I made some photos of a couple of covered bridges along with the town of Bridgeton. With the busy weekend coming up I would guess that my posts with those photos will trickle out over the next couple of weeks. All of the photos will be in the photos of the week Exposure page that will come out sometime Sunday night. I had a great time making the photos, and I can’t wait to share some of the behind the scenes stories with you.

Purdue Wins a Back and Forth Game Against Indiana State

Purdue Rallies to Top Indiana State

Last night I was in Terre Haute to see my two favorite teams play. This is the second time that Indiana State and Purdue have faced off in baseball. Both teams won on the road. This was a game that was back and forth. Early on it looked like Purdue had something going. A lead off dinger will do that for you. Indiana State then sprinted out to a 7-2 lead. Purdue used some good base running and a couple of errors to take the 10-7 lead that would hold up as the final. In a way this was the perfect game for me as I had moments for both teams because of the way that it went.

A Trip to Upload

Unless it is a tournament I never upload images during a baseball game. Part of the nature of the game is that anything can happen at any time. After Tony Rosselli hit his three run homer to put Indiana State up 7-2 I ran upstairs to transmit some images. Indiana State was leaving for Dallas as soon as the game ended so I wanted some images ready to go right after the game. At that point everything looked to be going the Sycamores way. Of course that was not how it was going to go, and very quickly Purdue grabbed that momentum. After a couple of runs suddenly their bench came alive and it was a new game. The victory pics I had ready to transmit would not be viewed the same now.

Not Playing Favorites

I have shot against Purdue so much now in various sports that I have kind of learned to separate myself from the team. That has sort of hurt my fandom as I find that I keep that separation up at times. It is good to not be too big of a fan while shooting. The game where Purdue clinched the Big Ten title in basketball this year was an exception. I was cheering pretty hard for the Boilers that day. They say there is no cheering on the baseline so I decided pregame to sit on the side of the court so that wouldn’t be a problem. Last night was weird as I really pulled myself away from caring about who won or lost. I just wanted to make good images. Continue reading

Ball State Baseball Takes on Purdue

Ball State Comes to Town to Face Purdue

Last night I was at Alexander Field to cover Ball State as they take on Purdue. This is the first of three times that I will cover the Cardinals this season. The highlight of those games will be their contest against Indiana at Victory Field next week. There are some personalities on this club that will be fun to watch over the course of those three games. This was a good first look at the club.

The Beautiful Light

Great light is not something that you have all of the time. As the days get longer the light is also not as good for longer periods of time. When good light comes your way you have to have some fun with it. Above you can see some of the light streaming onto the field. For a couple of innings just the pitcher and the infielders were in the light. This creates some opportunities to have a little fun. I was not shooting for Purdue, but the chance to play with some light is always a good thing.

A Beautiful Night

Last night was a perfect night for baseball. Even as the extra baseball kicked in it was still gorgeous. In the top of the ninth I was taking some time between pitches to try to make a panoramic of the scene in front of me. It was just beautiful, and I wanted to show it all in one photo. The photo above is the result of nine photos stitched together. At first I wanted to make a pano with three photos, but then I realized how much more sky I could include if I titled my camera into portrait mode and shot that way. It was more work, and once again Lightroom did not know what to do with it. Photoshop luckily did know what to do with it, and it did a great job.

Extra Baseball With the MAC Yet Again

For some reason when I am involved with the MAC we go to extra innings. Last year it was the 15 inning game between Ohio and Purdue. This game looked to be over a couple of times before the 12th inning, but great plays kept it alive. Finally in the twelfth red hot Sean Kennedy hit yet another home run, and that was the difference in the game. This was an exciting game with plenty of moments that could have broken it open. People who say that baseball isn’t exciting are not watching the right thing. Continue reading

Photo Throwback: A Great Pitching Duel

Looking Back at a Great Game to Watch

I don’t look back like this too often on this blog. Last December I took a look back at the 2006 Grand Valley State Championship game ten years later. You can see that post here. Today I want to look back at a great baseball game played ten years ago today in South Bend, Indiana. At the time I was both a Purdue and Notre Dame baseball season ticket holder. I just loved baseball, and Notre Dame was much closer to me. When Purdue came to South Bend it was a can’t miss game. The game in 2007 was nearly a historic game. Both pitchers carried no-hitters into the 8th inning. In the 8th Purdue finally got their first hit. Despite not getting a hit earlier they had some chances to score thanks to walks. Going into the bottom of the ninth inning Matt Bischoff took his no-hitter into the ninth inning. The first batter of the 9th singled to cancel the post game show. In the end Notre Dame walked it off in tenth inning to win a great game.

How Time Has Flown

It is hard to believe that the great pitchers duel was ten years ago. I drove home from the game listening to Mark Buehrle throwing his no-hitter, and I got home in time to see the end of that game. What a day it was to watch some great pitching. Ten years later I will see Purdue play again tonight as they take on another in-state rival in Ball State. My equipment and knowledge has changed slightly in the last ten years. I was using my Canon Rebel XT and my kit 75-300mm lens back then. I always shot in TV mode even though I didn’t know what that meant. It was just a mode that produced good pictures when the light was right. When it got dark I could never figure out why it didn’t work as well for me. It was still a few years away from me figuring out how the camera worked. Looking back at some of these great moments I wish that I had taken the time to learn back then. I wanted one photo of someone batting to add to this post, but I could not find one that I was happy with sharing. If you see the quality of the two photos that I did share then you get a sense of just how bad the batting photos were.


Spring At Purdue University

Spending Dyngus Day on the Campus of Purdue University

Yesterday we had a great morning so I decided to go for a walk on the campus of Purdue University. It really is cool to have Purdue in my backyard to take a walk through. Of course every time I do I feel just a little older. Spring has a way of making you feel a little younger though. It was a fun walk through a campus that has really seen the best of spring already. There is a new batch of trees starting to show color though so it is all good. The months of everything looking dead are finally over, and life is returning to campus. Pretty heavy stuff the day after Easter.

What Was With the Words Dyngus Day in the Title Above?

If you don’t know, Dyngus Day is a Polish unofficial holiday held the day after Easter. In theory you have given something up for Lent, and on Dyngus Day you can indulge on whatever that is that you gave up. Here in America it has kind of evolved into a day to go out to drink and listen to some good Polka music. My hometown of LaPorte, Indiana makes a huge deal out of the day as does South Bend, Indiana. One of these years I want to go up and make a photo story of the events of Dyngus Day. This week is jam packed though so I thought it best to stay home. It would be a great photo story though although at some point I would have to stop photographing because it starts to get a little crazy. Maybe I could do a story called Dyngus Day After Dark with those photos.

The Week in Photos

Last week was a fun week with some events that I don’t get to shoot very much if at all creeping in to the weekly roundup of my favorite pictures. You can see my Exposure page here. I have fun competing with myself to see if I can up the bar every week. Some weeks I do not, but some I do. I think that this was a good week for me.

Purdue Softball Takes on Wisconsin on Easter Sunday

Purdue Softball Battles Wisconsin

Yesterday I was back out at Bittinger Stadium to photograph the Purdue Softball team. I was supposed to head over the softball complex after the drone championships yesterday, but rain Friday night pushed everything back. It was a beautiful day for softball though so why not have a game? Wisconsin took the game 3-1, but Purdue had them squirming in both the 6th and the 7th innings. Softball and baseball are both games of inches. A drive off the bat of Lexi Huffman in the sixth with the bases juiced landed just foul. Had it been fair my gallery would have been much different. That is just how it is sometimes though. This is a fun team to watch win or lose.

The Moments Between the Moments

Most of my favorite photos from the game come between the moments of action. It is impossible to get them all, but I try and get a few of them. Here was a fleeting moment when Stephanie Ramsey was letting her teammate know that she was warmed up prior to an inning. The smile and the thumbs up say it all. This is a game after all so why not have a little fun.

Easter Sunday is a Great Day For the Family at the Ballpark

Walking into the game yesterday I noticed a couple of pairs of bunny ears walking around the stadium. I knew that it would be a good photo op for Easter Sunday, but they just needed to be in the right place. Sitting right behind the plate is about as good as you can get. As I saw the scene I knew that done right it would be the cover of my Exposure page for the day. Continue reading