Purdue Volleyball Defeats Iowa State to Advance in the NCAA Tournament

Purdue Sweeps Iowa State to Move on in the NCAA Tournament

Thursday night Purdue started their NCAA journey against Iowa State at the Hearnes Center in Columbia, Missouri. The beginning of the match did not look good for Purdue. They basically were the #3 seed in this pod even if the NCAA wouldn’t put a number on that. Off of the bat Iowa State came out firing and took the lead. They seemed to lead the entire match until it was tied at 24. Purdue ended up taking the set 26-24, and at the time I thought that they stole that one. Iowa State played Purdue tough in set two as well, but Purdue came away with another win. After the break we saw a Purdue team that I hope we see for a couple more weeks. They came out with a mission, and put Iowa State away about as easy as you can in a tournament like this one. This team played great, and gives me hope that I will see them play long into the postseason. Of course I write this before the match against the host school Missouri. A tough opponent awaits, but if they play as well as they did last night I have a lot of faith in this team.

Photographing in the Hearnes Center

On an otherwise great day the one downside was the crazy photo restrictions put into place in the Hearnes Center. They only had a couple of places to shoot, and some of those had a blocked view of the action. What made things even worse was the fact that the shooting locations seemed to be changing by the minute. As the action was about to begin, and the teams were meeting at center court I was told that the spot I was supposed to be in was no longer a shooting position. I asked if the high position was, and was told that it was. No problem then I will move up high. When I got up there I really liked the position. It allowed me to make some nice pictures that made the athletes look like they could really jump much higher. Three plays later I was approached and told that this was not a spot to shoot from. In an empty arena they were worried about photographers being in the stands. Once again the final positions picked were obviously not picked by anyone who knows anything about photography, but what made things worse was the fact that it seemed as if the plan was constantly changing. In an arena that is fairly unique they gave us positions where we really could not show that off. With that said you make the best of what you are given, so I focused more on the emotion from the courtside seats.

Indiana State Basketball Defeats Northern Illinois

Indiana State Gets Revenge For an Early Season Overtime Loss

It is not often in non-conference play that you get a chance to redeem an earlier loss. This year Indiana State was afforded that opportunity. To start the season the Sycamores travelled to Dekalb to take on Northern Illinois. It was a great game that needed overtime to finally decide it. In the end the Huskies came away with the victory. On their home floor a couple of nights ago, Indiana State took home a victory that seemed much easier than the final score would show. From what I have seen so far this season this is a good Indiana State team that has the potential to be really good on some nights. The next time I will see Indiana State play live will be next Wednesday when Butler comes to the Hulman Center. This in state rivalry should be a fun game to photograph.

A Big Night For the Big Man

What a night Sycamore forward TJ Bell had. He finished the night with 17 points, and basically carried the team on his back a couple of times. He really was a spark in both the first and second halves of the game. From what I have seen in the two games that I have seen in person TJ is a fun player to watch as well as photograph. He will be one to keep an eye on as the season moves on.

Behind the Times

By the time this post finally goes live I will have shot the first of what I hope will be a couple NCAA Tournament games for Purdue in Missouri. With all of the travel necessary I will be behind a day in my posts to give myself some room to focus on photographing the team at Missouri. Hopefully I am preparing for day two of photographing the tournament as this goes live.

Indiana State Women’s Basketball vs. IUPUI

The Sycamore Women Return Home to Face IUPUI

Last night I shot a doubleheader of basketball on my way to see the Purdue volleyball team play at Missouri.The first game of that doubleheader was the Indiana State women’s team taking on IUPUI. This was a very low scoring game making it tough to make photos of the made baskets. It was a fun game to shoot though, and a good way to start off this stretch of games. I have five games in the next five days with a lot of travel all around that. What will make this journey worthwhile will be the photos that I come away with when it is all said and done.

Photographing Wendi Bibbins

Last night was my first night photographing the Indiana State women’s team. One player that stuck out to me was Wendi Bibbins. She was a good player who had a good night, but from the photographers standpoint she really was fun to photograph. With Michael Jordan it was all about the shoes. With Wendi it was all about the hair. Her hair seemed to always be going in a different direction from her body, and that makes for some fun photos. The photo above would have been one that I liked after the game, but the addition of the hair all laid out makes it one of my favorites from the game.

Spending Time at Christmas at Timberlake Woods

The Lights Show at Christmas at Timberlake Woods Begins Again

Each year after we eat Thanksgiving dinner we walk outside at my brother’s house to watch the light show he has produced. It really is a fun show that combines music and dancing lights to provide a good time for all. This year the show is a little longer, and had a new song in it. If you are near Martinsville, Indiana on 37 then you need to stop by and see the show after dark. You can find out a little more info on the show here.

Photographing a Light Show in the Dark

It sounds crazy, but you really do not want to photograph a light show in the dark. The dark background and the lights just don’t seem to play well together. I want some detail in the house so I really always want to photograph this show at dusk. This weekend just didn’t work out for that. We were eating as the sun went down on Thanksgiving, and the next day I was shooting the Big East volleyball tournament as the last light left the sky. I will have to get back down to Martinsville to watch this show in some good light to make some good images. I like what I made, but I know that I can do much more in better light.

The Week in Photos

Last week was a fun week for me. I was able to make some photos of Christmas lights as well as shoot some fun games. You can view some of my favorite photos from last week here. This week is pretty full so it should be another good week. Tonight I will be in Terre Haute photographing a men’s and women’s doubleheader for Indiana State. I will leave from Terre Haute and head to Columbia, Missouri to photograph the Purdue volleyball team in the NCAA Tournament. Hopefully that means two wins in two days. A trip back home Saturday should provide some good photo opportunities before one last game for Colgate Sunday here at Purdue. This should be a fun week of photos with a little time on the road thrown in.

My Favorite 16 Purdue Football Images of 2016

Looking Back at the 2016 Purdue Football Season

This was a strange year for me as far as Purdue football goes. I missed more games than I have in years, but I also shuffled some jobs around so that I could attend more Purdue games. At one point it looked as if I would miss far more games than I did, but I love gameday at Ross Ade Stadium so I made some things work. This was not the year going into it that anyone had in mind. That was made clear when head coach Darrell Hazell was let go after the Iowa game. The team kept fighting the entire way though endearing them to me as the season went on. They never gave up when it seemed as if everyone else had. That means a lot, and this senior class will always be remembered for that. I know I say this every year, but I never really know if I will be on the sidelines the following year photographing Purdue play. I hope that I am, but you never know. In any case this has been amazing the last four years photographing Purdue from the sidelines. Here are sixteen of my favorite images from this past season.

16. We will start the countdown with an image that I made during my last Purdue game of the season. Early in the game things were looking great for Purdue. David Blough ran around end to score this touchdown to make the score 10-0 Purdue. I was lucky enough that David ran right at me so that I could make this photo. I love the way the Northwestern player is stopped floating in the air.

15. Just before that game I was at the Varsity P Club tailgate making some photos of it. Some of my family was putting it on that day, and it was a good opportunity to photograph the band among other things. As I was waiting for the band to come I saw NFL and College Football Hall of Fame Rod Woodson talking with Dale Samuels one of the first members in the ‘Cradle of Quarterbacks.’ Dale is one of my favorite people to talk football with so I hurried up and made this image.

14. Speaking of hurrying to make an image I made this one of a Bilal Marshall touchdown with my grab camera early in the season. I always have a camera with a shorter lens on it ready to go in case the play comes to me. This long touchdown was one of those moments made for the grab camera. It is a little loose for my taste though so it comes in at #14 on the countdown. It is still a great moment from an early season win.

13. I am not going to lie about why I made this image. At the time with a loss I was pretty sure that Purdue would let coach Darrell Hazell go. A great win in Illinois made sure that he was not fired, but of course we all know now that he was fired the following week. I liked this photo of Darrell surveying his team prior to the Illinois game. When I made the image I had a black and white conversion in mind, and it looked good that way.

12. Late in the season I was playing around with some lens and camera combinations. When this pass was thrown I had my Canon 7D Mark II on my 400mm lens making it roughly a 640mm lens. I found the receiver just as the ball was getting to him, and I made this shot. As the season was coming to a conclusion I was starting to like having the 7D II on the 400 again. That seemed to get me where I wanted to be most of the time.  Continue reading

Purdue Volleyball Is Headed to Columbia, Missouri

The Purdue Volleyball Team  Learns Their NCAA Tournament Fate

Last night I went down to Mackey Arena to learn where the Purdue volleyball team was headed for the NCAA Tournament along with the team. There was a lot of anticipation in the room as we watched Stanford and Seton Hall play out the fifth place game of the Advocare Tournament on ESPNU. As soon as the game concluded the selection show would start. The show started off with a bang as Purdue was featured twice during the national seed video packages. Playing on ESPN against the top teams puts you in the highlight package. Of course it came down to the final portion of the bracket shown before Purdue learned that they are headed to Columbia, Missouri to take on Iowa State. If they can defeat the Cyclones they would most likely face the host Missouri Tigers for a chance to advance to the Sweet 16. This has been a fun team to watch grow this season, and it will be fun to watch them advance in the NCAA Tournament.

The Week In Photos

This week I was able to shoot a little tournament volleyball as well as some more basketball. My brother has a great Christmas light show that I also made a few photos of. You can find out more about his light show here. You can see my week in photos here on my Exposure page.

The Highlanders Put Up a Great Fight Against Purdue

Photographing a NCAA Basketball Game For NJIT

One of the first gigs that I picked up for the winter season was yesterdays game for the NJIT Highlanders. This game was one where I didn’t know how it would go when I came to the arena. Usually a team like Purdue schedules an easy game just after getting home from a holiday tournament. NJIT had been in Cancun as well, and had travelled a long road to get there. NJIT fought hard the entire game though, and never went away. It took a couple of great individual efforts by Caleb Swanigan and Carson Edwards to help Purdue avoid the loss. Speaking of great individual efforts Damon Lynn scored 33 points on the night most of them in the last 3/4 of the game to keep the pressure on Purdue. He really was a one man wrecking crew at times.

Changing the Gear Up a Little

Last week when shooting for Villanova I was not liking my results in the first half. I ended up staying on the 70-200mm lens a little longer than I usually do. In fact during the second half of that game I put my Canon 1DX on the 70-200mm lens to basically make it my main setup. Yesterday once again I wanted to use my 24-105 as my main lens, but during the first half switched it up again. For some reason I have been liking the tight basketball shots lately, and I have not been getting what I want out of the 24-105. This week I have a couple of games at Indiana State to shoot so I will have a little more time to try and get a good system going. I will also be trying out a couple of remote angles that I have never tried before. This should be a fun week.

Photographing Xavier in the Big East Tournament

Xavier Defeats Marquette in Four Sets to Advance to the Big East Final

Yesterday I was in historic Hinkle Fieldhouse to photograph Xavier volleyball once again this season. It has been a fun season getting familiar with this team. They have a lot of fun playing volleyball, and that makes it easy to make good pictures. Xavier won their match so that sets up a match today against undefeated Creighton for the Big East Tournament Championship, and an automatic bid in the NCAA Tournament. I wish that I could be there to photograph them today, but I have a shoot in West Lafayette. It really is too bad that the schedules could not have worked out better so that I could have photographed both events.  Maybe I will see Xavier again in the NCAA Tournament this year. It has been a fun ride photographing their games in Champaign, West Lafayette, and now Indy. What city will they play in next?

Shooting in Historic Hinkle Fieldhouse

Hinkle Fieldhouse is a very fun place to make photos in. I love shooting in Mackey Arena and that will always be home, but shooting in an old gym like Hinkle is a lot of fun. It has so much character that you have to try and include it in your photos.I look forward to making some images in Hinkle this basketball season as well. Last year I did not shoot one game inside the fieldhouse. At the end of the year that was kind of a bummer. The last event that I had shot inside of Hinkle was the 3 point and slam dunk contests just before the Final Four in 2015. I need to get down to Hinkle a little more, and this year it would be nice to have a couple of shoots down there. We will see as the season goes on. It is a fun venue to shoot in though.

More Photos From the Match

Xavier put together a few of their favorite images into an Exposure gallery that you can find here.

The St. Louis Arch in Spring

Finding New Ways to Photograph the Arch

When I was in St. Louis last March the arch was basically shut down. They are working to make the area around the arch amazing so they had a lot of things torn up. In fact they had a rather narrow path through some orange fencing just to get to the arch. I really wanted to make some photos of it so I tried to find ways to do so without showing all of the orange construction fencing. What I ended up with were shots like this. In the end the negative helped me become a little more creative which was a big positive. Things are not always as bad as they seem.

Heading to the Arch Again

Recently I learned that I will be heading back to St. Louis next March for Arch Madness again. I had a great time in St. Louis on and off the clock for Indiana State last year. This year will be fun to see just what has changed in the past year. I hope that most of the arch construction is done. No matter what there is still plenty to see and photograph in that fun city.

Trinity Church in Boston

A Beautiful Church in Boston

One of the highlights of the Boston trip that I did not count on was seeing Trinity Church in person. I knew that I wanted to go there, but I was not prepared for how beautiful it would be in person. I don’t think that any photo can truly give the church the justice that it deserves. When I was younger I would not pay attention in church, but instead I would look around and find other interesting things to look at. Here I would still probably be doing that. There is so much to take in that you could spend years looking around, and still not find everything hidden in this amazing church.

A Lot To Be Thankful For

Each year I write about having a lot to be thankful for, but this year seems to be another exception. I have found a few more amazing clients that will keep my schedule full through the year. I have had a great year at home with the family, and I have been able to travel quite a bit with them. We truly are blessed, and so I also wanted to thank you for reading this little blog. Every day I post some random drivel on here, and there are a good amount of people that come to read it. That means a lot to me, and I just wanted to say thank you. As always I will try and do better.