Purdue Baseball Walks It Off In the Ninth Inning

A Nice Treat On A Busy Day

Yesterday I had a lot going on, but during a little downtime I went out to Alexander Field to pick up the first set of Purdue baseball cards for the year. I always loved cards as a kid, and to have my photo on the front of a card is something that I still get a big thrill out of. I took my camera and a lens because I can’t go to a game without making pictures. It sounds like it should be easy to just relax and watch a game, but I have the most fun anymore photographing it. I am glad that I brought something because of how the game ended.

How Did They Even Play?

I was having lunch with my family when it was announced that the game would start at 2:00 yesterday. When the announcement was made it was pouring in downtown Lafayette, and looking at the forecast it did not look good to get an entire game in. The Purdue grounds crew did an amazing job getting the field ready, and the rain held off just long enough to play ball.

The Walk Off

I only saw three innings of baseball yesterday. When I arrived St. Louis immediately hit a home run to tie the game up. In my optimistic mind I immediately thought that they helped out with the dinger because it set up the walk off. After the first two outs were made in the ninth I thought that I was optimistic. I was running through scenarios in my mind of how long I could stay and still get to roller derby on time. A stolen base and an error put a runner on third base. A sharply hit ball up the middle by Harry Shipley is all that was needed to give Purdue the win and the series victory. Continue reading

Good Light at the Golden Gate

A Golden Morning at the Golden Gate Bridge

Still to this day one of the best morning shoots I have ever been on was my morning at the Golden Gate Bridge. Part of that reason is that on the West Coast you can look like a hero getting up super early when it is really like 8:00 in the morning your time. My mornings in Ocean City feel like they are early in the morning. This one did not. Another reason is the amazing views I had that morning. This view of the city of San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge in the foreground is fantastic. I could just sit and watch this all day in person. At the time I was just happy to be using my Canon 60D with my brand new Canon 24-70mm lens. It just could not get much better than that morning.

Growing As A Photographer

When I made this image I was in my heavy HDR phase. No shadows or haze in my photos. At the time I loved it, but as most photographers do you grow and find a style that is yours. What makes the photo above is the fact that shadow and haze play a part in it. In a two dimensional medium the haze helps convert the depth of the photo. I like to visit new places and see new things, but occasionally I want to go back and visit old photos again. This is one I would love to revisit.

The Purdue Day of Giving

A Beautiful Day on the Campus of Purdue University

Wednesday was a beautiful day on the campus of Purdue. I was up there to cover some of the Purdue Day of Giving events. It is amazing how much money comes into the University on that one day. I spent a little time near the fountain waiting for some interesting groups to come by. A few of the organizations would come to the fountain for their day of giving pictures. While waiting for a group I made this photo as the conditions seemed perfect for it.

The Entrance to Campus

My friend Trevor Mahlmann has a nice write up that he posted a couple of days ago about making a photo very similar to this one. For me it was an idea that I tried very quickly. For Trevor it was a mission to make the perfect picture. You can view his photo and his story about it here. The great clouds and the blue skies made for an enjoyable few hours on campus yesterday. Continue reading

Ball State Baseball Takes on Indiana at Victory Field

Back at Victory Field Once Again

My last time shooting at Victory Field was not a pleasant experience. In fact when we made a family trip to the stadium later in the year I was sort of against it because that feeling was still there. Enough time has passed that I was really looking forward to photographing Ball State in their game against Indiana. I got to the game extra early to photograph some of the pregame. I am glad that I did as I was able to make some of my favorite photos before the game started. The photo above was one that I was sitting on for a little while. I positioned myself so that the Ball State name was behind the shortstop during the in and out drill, but something always kept getting in the way, or the play was not right. Because I am stubborn I stayed on it, and I finally made my photo.

Safe at Home!

In the ninth inning Ball State made a great comeback to tie the game and send it into extra innings. A clutch hit and some good base running allowed the tying run above to score. I think that this would have been an okay photo normally, but the hair and the flying helmet really make it for me. Earlier in the game I was on the wrong side of the field for a great defensive play at the plate. Egress in between photo wells keeps me from playing hunches. Here I lucked out to be in the right position to make the shot.


Baseball is Fun

I love capturing the little moments that make baseball the sport that it is. Here before the game Charlie messes around with one of the players. These little moments really make my job fun. They are worth getting to the park a little early to photograph. As the summer goes on all of the action starts to look the same. The thing that keeps you fresh and having fun is the little moments. Continue reading

A Sunrise Flight at the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

Flying Over the Chicago Harbor Lighthouse at Sunrise with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

At the beginning of April I took a family trip to Chicago. I did not have much time to photograph the city, but I did carve out a little time Sunday morning while they were still sleeping. When you only have one sunset or sunrise in a city to photograph you are really at the mercy of the Gods. The night before the sunset was a bust so I really needed that sunrise to be a good one. In one way it really was not a good one. The sky over the Chicago skyline was a bust. The sky over the lake though was very interesting, and it stayed that way for a very long time. The clouds also gave me this narrow band of light that stayed amazing for a very long time. It allowed me to make the photo that you see above. Sometimes the end of one idea is the beginning of a better idea.

What a Difference a Few Feet Make

The photo above was made as I was flying around the lighthouse looking for a good angle. With the quadcopter in a situation like this one I will put my subject below the horizon, and then move to have it above the horizon. This is a good picture, but by going down a few feet I changed the nature of the photo. Having the thin beam of light come from the light of the lighthouse made it much more interesting to me. It is part of working the scene when you visit someplace new.

A Long Wait

This was one of my favorite photos from that trip to Chicago. Right away I really liked the overhead shot of this lighthouse so I posted it first. This was going to be my post the next day, but I wanted to space the lighthouse photos out a little. I posted a shot of the skyline and Navy Pier next. I fully expected to post this within the week, but things happened that got in the way. That is a good thing. When you have to post a photo a day you can sometimes nearly run out of content. This year though I have been lucky enough to have too much content. I will take that any day.

The Sunset Of Conflict

Another Great West Lafayette Sunset

Last night the sky seemed ready to light up again as the sunset neared. With no time to head anywhere else I decided to make a photo near my house. I waited until the light was good and flew to a spot where the steeple of a church was in the foreground with the sunset happening in the upper two-thirds of the frame. I don’t know that it was a keeper, but it was a nice picture of the sunset. I don’t know that it would ever have made this blog except…

The Sunset Conflict

After I made the photo I flew back to my house. As I landed my drone in my driveway a man came charging in behind it. Apparently as I flew over his house at 27 miles per hour he thought I might have made a picture of him. I explained that I did not, but as he filmed me I started filming him as well. Why not? It was then that the irony hit me. This man did not want a picture made of him, but now I have this video of him acting crazy. For a while I decided to post that video online. Then I decided to let it go. All throughout our ‘conversation’ I kept telling him that he is not interesting enough to photograph. I think that it is funny that someone sees a drone flying fast overhead, and they assume that I am photographing them. Let me tell you right now that I am not. He was worried about his house being photographed from above. I reminded him that everyone has access to that info thanks to Google Earth. The sad thing is that people like this who are paranoid will bring negative press to people flying quadcopters. I try and stay within the rules so that this hobby can keep going. Someone with a tin foil hat will always be afraid of the thing they don’t understand.

Covering the Rankin/Poehlein Invitational

Five Years of Covering the Rankin/Poehlein Invitational

It does not seem like five years since my friend Andy Jessop invited me to shoot the Rankin Invitational. At the time I was just happy to be credentialed at Purdue, and nervous about getting in the way at a track meet. By the next year I was shooting the event for the school, and I have every year since then. One bad thing about being a northern school is the fact that we don’t host a lot of track meets outdoors. This meet used to be two separate meets held about a month apart. The Poehlein was always held in March, and we would get about a foot of snow that week it seemed like. I love shooting track and field, and it would be nice to get more than one event in outside each year.

A Slower Pace

The last track meet that I covered was the MVC Championships for Indiana State. There it seemed like I always had multiple athletes performing at the same time. On Saturday things seemed to work out for me much better. I could not photograph every attempt by every athlete, but I was able to get something of nearly every person. It would be nice to be able to sit around each one to make something amazing for each of them, but a track meet is a hectic place and that is not possible. That is too bad as each of those athletes is really doing something amazing.  Continue reading

Sunset In Ocean City

Sunset on Vacation

One thing that can be difficult when traveling with family is finding time to be alone when the light is good. For some reason that usually coincides with meal times. This past year we stayed right on the boardwalk so I could break away really quickly when the light was good. Here I made my way down to the boardwalk during the sunset. The light was great over the ocean, and I had a nice quiet moment making this photo. In a tourist trap like Ocean City those are hard to find.

Turn the Other Cheek

This is good advice in life for many things, but it also works for sunsets. The sun was setting behind me here. As it goes down though the light was also great over the ocean. If you do it right you can follow that light right back to the sunset. Here I liked the idea of the pier heading out to the sunset. Had I thought a little more I would have put my camera right on the boardwalk to make that effect more apparent.

Purdue Defeats Illinois to Start Big Ten Series

Purdue Jumps Out on Illinois to Take the Opening Game of the Series

I have not seen Illinois play Purdue in quite a long time. In fact it was 2012 during the Big Ten Championship season for the Boilers. They finally made their first trip to Alexander Field this week. The Big Ten schedule is a weird one where you don’t see teams for a long time. Ohio State was the first team to make the trip to Alexander in 2013. Right now things are how they should be with Illinois having a losing record in Alexander. That is because of a good start by the Boilers. The first two innings were very eventful even if only three runs were scored between the two teams. Tanner Andrews really battled it out to keep the Purdue lead. Both teams had chances, and Purdue was getting the hits early. They now look to win the series tomorrow night on Alumni day.

A Long Time Coming

This was the first game that I have shot for the Boilers at Alexander field since 2014. It has been a long time between jobs there. It was nice to get back out there to make pictures for the team. I realize that this would be a one off deal so I tried to make photos that the team doesn’t have. That is hard in a game like baseball where your spots to shoot can be limited. The galleries that the team gets throughout the year are very good so that is a high bar to try to achieve. I think that I put a good gallery together yesterday, and it was fun doing it.  Continue reading

The Man In The Mill

The Keeper of the Bridgeton Mill

Lately when I have been heading to Indiana State I pick one spot to stop at to make a couple of photos along the way. The covered bridges of Parke County are an easy target, but most of them I think I would want to photograph in the fall. Bridgeton was one bridge that I think would photograph well any time of year. I would love to get it in the fall and winter as well, but there are views of it and the mill that don’t need any help to make a good photo. My first stop after I parked was the old mill. The two gentlemen inside were super nice giving me some insight into the mill, and one near me in Lafayette. I had been to the Lafayette mill before, but this was a good reminder to go back. I have many photos from that trip to share with you, but for now I wanted to share this one that I really liked.

A Gift From the Photography Gods

This photo was an absolute gift. I went into the mill to see what it was all about, and to see if it had a view of the covered bridge. While talking to the father and son who run the mill I couldn’t stop checking out the light on the father. It was Joel Grimes rim light if I had set it up myself. Add the flags in the foreground and the rustic elements around the photo, and I had something really special here. As he was putting the flour labels on his bags I snapped off a couple of frames. Moments like this are why I love to travel. You have a few photos in mind along the way, but the unexpected ones really floor you. You have a situation right in front of you, and all that you have to do is to push the shutter button. In the past I would have tried to use HDR to see the bridge outside the window. I have a series to do that with, but this first frame that I made with this in mind was the right choice.

More From Bridgeton

This was a successful trip to Indiana State. I made a few photos that I liked from the game which was the primary goal of the day. Along the way there I made some photos of a couple of covered bridges along with the town of Bridgeton. With the busy weekend coming up I would guess that my posts with those photos will trickle out over the next couple of weeks. All of the photos will be in the photos of the week Exposure page that will come out sometime Sunday night. I had a great time making the photos, and I can’t wait to share some of the behind the scenes stories with you.