iPhone Photo

Last Sunday we flew into Atlanta on our way back to Indy. As we flew over the city I noticed a fire just south of the city. I wanted a shot of the city from overhead, but this just added a bit to it. It was an abandoned warehouse that was used for holding recyclable materials. Firefighters battled the blaze for 14 hours before finally putting it out.

Technical Data

This picture was made with my iPhone using the Camera+ app. I also used the clarity filter to make some of the haze from taking the picture out of an airplane window. That app made a picture very close to what I saw out of the window.



Tonight I was at a party on the night of Grand Prix here in West Lafayette. While this wasn’t the kind of party that we used to have down here, it was pretty fun. During the party I realized that I did not have my picture of the day yet so I grabbed my camera and tried something out. I set the camera down on a chair with my mini tripod under it just enough to frame in my subjects. I then guessed that this would be about a 15 second exposure, and it turns out I was right. I tried a few after this, but it was my first shot that I liked the best.

This morning I was on my way to work when I realized that I forgot my cell phone at home. I had to go back and get it making me just a little later than I would have been normally on my way in to work. That worked out to be awesome as the sky caught fire just as I was approaching the road that I normally take sunrise pictures on. I hurried up and got to a spot where I could get a good picture of the sunrise. As I have done lately I took six exposures of this sunrise. I love and hate how this turned out. I love how the actual sunrise looks. The ground in front of my almost looks fake though. Thankfully I stopped to take this picture as it was the only one I would have time to take all day. That is why I love to get a safety shot early.

I guess it speaks volumes about me that I do not have a pumpkin or anything else Halloween related for today’s post. I really had nothing around the house to get a picture of, and a search of the area around the apartment complex came up empty as well. I guess that I tried to take a spooky fire picture, but came up empty there as well. Today is the first day in this experiment that I am not really happy with how the photo turned out. Taking a photo a day takes a lot of patience, and I guess some days will have bad results like today.