Photo of the Day

My first full day with the 5D Mark III I drove over to Cutler, IN to see the Adam’s Mill. This is an old grist mill built in 1845 by John Adams. The mill itself is impressive, but I found that the things around the mill were nice as well. This old tractor with the mill as the background I thought looked pretty impressive. I love layering in my photos, and this one has that for sure. I will have more from the mill as I go through the pictures. This was a busy weekend with many pictures being taken with many different cameras. It may take a few days to get through all of the pictures. The important ones have had at least a pass through, but I may end up going through them again.

Technical Data

This had a HDR feel for me on the scene. I bracketed with HDR in mind, but in the end I just used the metered exposure. I ran a HDR Preset in Lightroom on the photo, and then worked from there to bring out more of the data. I really did not spend too much time on this photo, but I like the look in the end.