Back In The Hulman Center For Indiana State Women’s Basketball

Last night I was back in Terre Haute to see the Indiana State women’s team take on Northern Iowa. Since the start of the season the ISU squad has been playing very well. This looks like a different team. Last night was part of three games in three days at the Hulman Center. Both teams have been out of town lately so it is great to see them start to play at home again. After this game the women have three home games left this year. Come on out and support them as they close out their season.

Come Out And Support Your Sycamores!

Last night Indiana State was down down nineteen and made a furious comeback to get within a basket. The crowd at the Hulman Center was loving every minute of it. This team is playing good basketball and they need your support. Come on out to their game tomorrow at two. In fact if you read this early enough today come on out to the men’s game at two. These teams are playing hard right now, and they need your support. I am sure that it would mean a lot to them.

Light On Their Feet

Last night at halftime the Sycamore Football team joined the Sparkettes for a show. They were there to have some fun, and they did just that. These are the little moments that make college sports so much fun. If you missed the show and you want to see it again the team will be doing it again at halftime of the men’s game today.

Trying Something New

Last night I hung a remote on the post. I have done this before with a wide angle on it, but last night I decided to try something new. With the stands empty when I was setting it up I decided to go in a little tighter. I put my 50mm on it, and went gambling. I knew I would not get a lot out of the remote, but one shot would have been worth it. I did get one shot, and that made it worthwhile. With the catwalk over the basket needing repairs I have to really try and find new places to hang a remote. For now the basket will have to do.


Waiting For Santa Claus To Come Tonight

When you have small children today is a day of great excitement. Santa Claus is coming tonight! We know what the real meaning of the season is, and tomorrow I will have a post about that. Today though it is about getting back into the mindset of a child and how great this day is. Now that I talk about it I wonder if Santa will bring me a Canon 200-400mm f/4 lens with the 1.4x extender on it? No I will not shoot my eye out!

More Photos of Santa

Over the course of the holiday season I have collected a few photos of Santa in various forms. Here are a few that I like. Click on any of the images to see it larger.

Santa Claus Watches Over Everyone At the Purdue Memorial Union

Each year a new Santa Claus is made to sit in the same room as the large Christmas tree at the Purdue Memorial Union. This year I thought that he looked a little creepier than normal, but still he is pretty cool. Making an edible Santa Claus cannot be easy. Things worked out well here as the light was falling on Santa just right. I got there early as well as most of his name had already been eaten very early on. I can only imagine that bits of Santa himself started to disappear as time went on.

Last Chance To See the Tree

Before you know it the amazing tree in the Union will be gone, and things will start to look a little more normal at the Union. That is sad because I love spending the holidays at the Union. If you haven’t been to see the tree there yet then you need to get down there to check it out this weekend. It is always an amazing sight, and this year is no different.

Nobow Inspired By Some Classic Movies

Our Elf on the Shelf Nobow shows up in some weird places sometimes. Lately it seems as if he has been inspired by some movies that he has been watching. In the picture above you can see the influence from the movie E.T. in his hiding spot. It has to be hard to come up with a new place to hide for over a month straight. Houses are only so big, and hiding spots up high enough not to become a dog toy are hard to come by. It is cool to see Nobow drawing from many influences in where he hides.

Is Nobow The Last Jedi?

I was lucky enough to get to see The Last Jedi on opening night. It is a great movie, and one of the best Star Wars movies that I have seen. I think that even an elf can get excited about a new Star Wars movie coming out. I myself have loved Star Wars since I was a kid, and it is great to see the new movies come out. They make me feel like a kid again. The story of how George Lucas defied everyone to make the movie his way to great success is an inspiration for a struggling photographer as well.

Using My New Toy

As I always do around Christmas I bought myself a new little toy this week. The LitraTorch is a very small, but powerful light source that makes moments like this much easier to light. I am still getting used to it, but it is the size of a GoPro Session with great power. I used it to light the Star Wars scene, and I am sure that I will use it much more as the holidays get closer.

Another Trip To The Purdue Memorial Union To See The Christmas Tree

Every year we make a family trip to the Purdue Memorial Union to see the Christmas tree and have dinner at Pappy’s Sweet Shop. It is a fun night of just being together enjoying the season. That is really what it is about anyway right? Sunday night was the night this year for us. We made our way down to campus and had dinner at Pappy’s. Then we went up to hang out around the tree and watch the kids try and sneak pieces of the gingerbread house. While that was going on I had the Canon 11-24mm lens with the idea of making an ultra wide photo of the tree. You rarely get that room to yourself to make a clean photo of the tree. I really had given up on that, and I was over with the kids when the room suddenly emptied. With my family at my back I was able to make a clean photo of the tree. Honestly this is ok, but an exposure with the full room slightly moving might be even better. That one might be impossible without using Photoshop.

From Wide to Tight

While I was waiting for the room to clear out I went around the tree with Lanie looking at all of the ornaments. We had already seen the tree together once, but it seems like lots of ornaments have been added since the tree lighting. I made some tight shots of those ornaments as they are always fun to get in close with. At f/1.4 you can also get some nice bokeh as well. The shot directly below this is also with the 50mm 1.4 lens. I liked the different levels of bokeh while looking up at the tree.

The Week In Photos

Lots of photos from two trips to the Union make their way into the weekly collection of photos on Exposure. You can view that page here. This collection every week is a labor of love, and it is always a little more fun around Christmas.

Nobow Returns For Another Month of Memories

Every year on the morning after Thanksgiving our elf on the shelf Nobow makes his return. Nobow is here to watch the kids and report on their behavior every night to the North Pole. When he returns from his trip up north every day he finds a new place to hide. The fun every morning is seeing just where Nobow is, and what he is up to. This year as you can see above he decided to try his hand at photography. I think being a free elf intern is probably more lucrative so he did not stay with the new hobby very long.

Christmas Comes At The Right Time

Every year when the leaves are gone from the trees I have a few days of depression. What little landscape work there is here seems to fade away pretty quickly. We are left with very little color. Christmas season starts and the color returns! Nobow and all of the other colorful aspects of Christmas give me something to shoot for a month or so. This really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Breaking Out The Good Stuff

Photographing Nobow usually means that I break out a couple of lenses that I don’t use very often. My Canon 100mm f/2.8 and Canon 50mm f/1.4mm lenses don’t get a lot of use. They have a specific purpose, and come in handy when I need them. That being said I don’t really need them that often. When Nobow shows up I tend to rely on those two lenses for the season. I don’t know why I do this, but it is good that they get used. The 50mm 1.4 lens gives a great bokeh so that one is easy. You can see in the top photo what a great job it does. It turns Christmas lights into delicious bokeh.

Nobow Is Back In Our Home

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving our elf on the shelf Nobow comes back to us for about a month. Each morning we wake up and find him somewhere new. Sometimes he brings gifts and sometimes he leaves us notes. We leave him notes as well to give to Santa. He leaves us each night to report how we are behaving to the big man at the North Pole. I am sure that you will see more of Nobow as we approach Christmas. He is fun to photograph, and it is an easy subject.

Trying Out A New Toy

With a lot of lights around the Christmas holiday I bought a star filter for my 77mm lenses. It is kind of a gimmicky thing, but I thought that it would be fun. Each year when the leaves are finally gone I fall into a bit of a funk. The outside just does not look right, and my photography takes a hit for a short time. The Christmas season is a great way to get out and make some photos. I thought the star filter could jazz up some of those shots. Now that I have it and have used it a little I think I can open a Olen Mills studio in my house.

Four Years Ago My Life Changed Forever

It is hard to believe that at just after seven in the morning four years ago I became a father. The time really has flown by. The birth of my daughter has really changed everything for me. Kids will do that. That change has been all for the good though. I still remember how dusty the room got when I was first able to hear her heartbeat in the womb. How excited I was when I saw her for the first time during the ultrasound. How indescribably happy I was when she was born. She still makes me a proud dad all of the time. I can’t wait to see what is in store for her as she grows into a woman which seems to be happening very quickly. For now though she is still my little girl, and she lets me sing along to Beauty and the Beast with her. What more could you want?

Keeping You Grounded

In the age of the internet a photo can blow up and you can get a lot of attention and all that comes with that. The head can start to grow a little which is never good. Kids have a great way of bringing you back down to Earth. I remember thinking I was on top of the world after a shoot only to have my daughter have an accident in the middle of the night and pee all over me. No matter how big you think you are nothing brings you back down quite like that.

My Favorite Photo

Four years ago today I also made my favorite photo that I have made so far. I took my little Nikon Coolpix S9500 into the delivery room with my under my gown. I of course was going to sneak a few photos. The anesthesiologist asked if I had anything to make photos with, and I sheepishly said yes. He encouraged me to get it out and make a few photos of my newly born girl. The photo above of her is the first photo that I made of her. Of course that number has grown as exponentially as she has since then, but this one is by far my favorite. I could shoot the final out of the White Sox winning the World Series or the Super Bowl winning touchdown for the Green Bay Packers and that photo would not get close to this one.

Getting Memorial Stadium Ready For Their Night Game

For the last several months I have been looking forward to last night. The Thursday night start to my college football season has been circled on the calendar. It is hard to believe that it is already here. I wanted to show some of what made the day happen. With that in mind I showed up to the stadium about seven and a half hours before kickoff. It was a long day, but a fun one behind the scenes. This post will show all of what led up to the game, and then tomorrow I will cover the actual game on here.

Positioning Yourself For Success

Sometimes you see a player that is interesting. When everyone has the same warmups on you look for things that make some people stand out. I wanted to make some photos of those people. I found a spot at the entrance to the locker room where I would be able to make photos of the players as they returned after visiting Whitney and the equipment room. I would be able to find people to photograph as they passed me to go to the equipment room, and then be ready as they returned. It was a good plan that helped me make a few of my favorite photos on the day.

The Focus of the Day

The real focus of the day was of course the head coach of the Sycamores Curt Mallory. The feeling around the Indiana State football program has really changed since the day he took over. There is an excitement level there that I did not feel before. He has brought in a great staff that is enthusiastic about the game. It was fun following him around a bit before his first game at the helm of the Sycamores.

The Unexpected Moments

On a day like yesterday it really pays off to follow hunches or just see if something is interesting. At one point just before the game Coach Mallory grabbed the captains to discuss the coin toss. They went to a dark hallway which means that I really didn’t have much of a photo. Taking a couple of steps back though I realized that I really did. The compete sign was an interesting lead in to the players. These are the little photos during the day that you never thought of that make the whole thing worthwhile. Continue reading “Indiana State Preps For Their First Game Of The 2017 Season”