A Little Luck Helps Make a Good Picture

Photography is all about being in the right place at the right time. Many times you put yourself in that place. Sometimes though you just happen upon something very cool. During my photo 365 project I happened upon this Hudson just sitting in a field on a beautiful day. I loved the way that the blue sky and clouds were reflecting off of the car. I stopped to make a few photos of the car. The photo that ran on the blog that day showed both Hudson’s in the field side by side. I did isolate the cars though, and this might be my favorite photo of those shots. I made this shot with my Tamron 10-24mm lens. I had just bought the lens, and I never realized how much publicity the lens would help me get. It was a lens that I used for a very long time, but sadly now is only used for special needs.


Sometimes There Just Isn’t a Category For Photos

I have a folder that I throw all of the photos that I don’t think fit the other categories that I have for my blog. It has been called posts, but maybe it should be called the potpourri category. I guess I could stretch things to fit the photos into the other categories, but they probably would get lost in the shuffle. Here are the fourteen photos that I liked the best from the other category this year.

14. 2014 was a year that saw me cover many Purdue baseball games. It was a very rewarding year for sure. Just like any young boy I collected baseball cards as a kid. I was very pleased that many of the baseball cards that Purdue gave out as part of a promotion had my photos on them. When the first set came out I made the photo that is at the top here. The bottom photo was one that I made as part of a photo essay for a weekend series. I know that it is an overused concept, but I like the photo. I wanted something for the page cover, and this worked out perfect.

13. Whenever we visit Ocean City, Maryland we visit Hooper’s Crab Shack. It is a very unique building that has seen me make a few pictures in and around it over the years. This small scene was just over our table, and I made the photo with my G16.

12. This year I covered the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls scrimmage at OutFest. As we were leaving the light was beautiful so I stepped behind the band playing to make this photo. It was just about at that time when all of the light evens out so things really can look great. I am glad that I walk back a bit to make this photo.

11. The LaPorte County Museum has a lot of classic cars as well as memorabilia from LaPorte’s past. I have photographed the cars before so this past January I decided to focus on parts of the cars. This classic Tucker was one of my favorites.

10. This year I was lucky enough to get to visit the old Purdue power plant before it was torn down. I went in with a Purdue photographer to make some backgrounds for future projects. This was one of my favorite photos from the day. Continue reading “Top 14 Potpourri Photos of 2014”

The Dog and the 1910 Velie

Earlier in the year while visiting the LaPorte County Museum in my hometown I saw this antique car with a unique looking dog on the front of it. I loved the way that this dog looked ready to travel. I thought that it would make a nice picture, and it does. The cars of the museum were donated by Dr. Peter Kesling and his family. Dr. Kesling was a very prominent member of the community that built the current county museum as a way to showcase his own cars. The building was later transferred to the county so that the museum could live on. Each car has it’s own story and look, and I have a blast making images in this museum. I am not really a car buff though so I probably tend to focus on things that are not normally focused on by those who love cars.

Techical Data

This photo did not need any presets. I adjusted the highlights, exposure, and temperature to start off. I then made a small crop to bring the dog more into the focus of the photo. A little vibrance was added, and that was all that was needed here. This was never intended to be a fine work of art so the quick edit is the way to go.

Photo Sale!

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Photo of the Day

Today I thought that I would post another photo from the LaPorte County Historical Museum. This is the famous Tucker ’48. Only 50 Tuckers were built, and fewer remain intact. This is a rare car for sure. George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola are both proud owners of a Tucker. Coppola even directed the movie about the car called Tucker: The Man and His Dream. This is a cool car, and makes the $5 that it costs to get into the museum worth it for sure.

Technical Data

For this photo I decided to try something a little different. I normally edit photos in pretty much the same fashion. I hear that there is a new analytic program for Lightroom to show you your trends in editing. I think I am pretty sure that I know what it will tell me.  I love the HDR Look presets from Matt Kloskowski. I usually dial them down a bit, but they are a great starting point. I used that one here as well. What I did differently though was to crank up the vignette a bit. I normally get rid of it completely, but I felt that it added to the image here.

Photo of the Day

Here is another photo from the Dr. Peter Kesling collection at the LaPorte Museum. This car is one of 97 made in 1948. It was actually number 77 that rolled off of the assembly line. The car was made long before the famous magazine was thought of. That does not mean that it isn’t tied to it though. When Hugh Hefner was trying to come up with a name for his magazine he kept running into names that were taken. He happened to see one of these cars, and he suddenly had the name for his magazine. It was a good name though as I don’t think that Ford would have done so well on the magazine shelves.

Technical Data

For this photo I applied one of Matt Kloskowski’s HDR in Lightroom presets. A couple of tweaks from there was all that I needed to be happy. Most of the hard work was done in camera.

Photo of the Day

In my hometown of LaPorte they have a historical museum that used to be a car museum. The museum still has a bunch of classic cars of all shapes and sizes. This 1935 Auburn was one of the classic cars that intrigued me. The hood ornament really was what drew me to the car. I tried some different things with the cars in the museum. I liked how this one turned out.

Technical Data

For this photo I just tweaked a couple of settings in Lightroom. I wanted to bring out the details in the car without over doing it here.

Photo of the Day

Today’s photo was inspired by the book Christine by Stephen King. When I saw this car in downtown Lafayette I immediately thought of the possessed car. It is not the same make or model, but the grill work really takes you back to that era. I thought it would make for a good picture.

Technical Data

I thought that this photo would be best suited in black and white. I used a preset in Lightroom called ‘Blue Like Jazz’ for the photo. From there it was just a black slider adjustment away from being complete.


Photo of the Day

I have never been into cars. For me a car is something that gets you to where you are going. I have always just wanted something sensible. That being said I do like to admire some nice cars from time to time. Last year just before going on vacation I got a chance to do just that. Every year Lafayette has a great thing called Dancing in the Streets where they mix entertainment, food, and classic cars together. Before the cars parade around the are staged so that people can take a look at them. I took the opportunity to try out some things with them. I had never really photographed cars before then so I really was winging it. I just took my wide angle lens which worked really well in some cases, and not so good in others. Here is one case where it worked perfectly I think. I will probably go again this year to see what new cars show up as well as try some new ideas out.

Technical Data

This was processed using a Trey Ratcliff preset called Grandma’s Lemonade. It was one of his presets that he released last year. I found that with these older cars it really seems to convey a great look. I really don’t use many presets from that pack very often, but in certain circumstances they work really well.

elvis ride

Sports Photo of the Day

When most people think of the King of NASCAR they think of Richard Petty. On a weekend when the Daytona 500 will occur his name comes up often because of his dominance of the sport. In 1998 thought the King of Rock and Roll made his way into NASCAR. Rusty Wallace raced the inaugural race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with this Elvis pain scheme. This was a very cool car that I bought as a diecast to have. How can you not love a car with the King on it that goes nearly 200 MPH? I was really thrilled to see the real thing when I toured Graceland in 2006. This was a sharp car that I was happy to get a picture of up close and personal.

Technical Data

As I said I took this picture in 2006 just a couple of months after getting a dSLR. I really had no clue what I was doing so inside in low light like this it was hit or miss as to what kind of a shot I would get. This was one of the shots where I got extremely lucky. Here I performed three steps to clean up this shot. The first was to apply the Matt Kloskowski light sports preset to it. That really seemed to sharpen it up for me. I then cropped the image because I did hot like how I framed it initially. The final step was to get rid of the noise caused by the high ISO. I did not use any third party software. I simply used the noise reduction portion of Lightroom. Sometimes this is all you need, and I completed a fairly simple edit with that.