Photo of the Day

Yesterday I made a trip to Indianapolis to see the Monster Energy Supercross series at Lucas Oil Stadium. I was not shooting for anyone, but rather at the event for fun. I did take my camera though to try a few things during the practice session. When we first sat down to watch practice I was making nice clean photos of the riders. It got boring very quickly so I started taking the shutter speed down. By the time that I was finished I was making picture at 1/20th of a second panning with the riders. Panning in a ¬†straight line is fairly easy, but panning a rider going up and to the side can be tricky. The key is to shoot because no two jumps are the same. In practice they are trying lines and speeds so you really don’t see a lot of consistency. I liked this photo of three time champion Ryan Villopoto the best. Ryan may be on his way to his fourth straight Supercross title so that makes the shot a little cooler as well.

Bonus Photos

Here are a few couple of other shots from the day that I liked. When the practice was over I put my camera down except for the anthem, and just enjoyed the show.


I normally don’t brag on myself, but after I processed the pictures from yesterday I was very pleased with the results. One of them that I really didn’t like all that much turned out very well. I posted two of those pictures onto my Facebook page tonight if you want to see them. I had a great idea to try and get a star trail shot tonight, but with the sun setting so late it really doesn’t get dark for a while. I might have to try that on the weekend. The long exposures would be rushed on a weeknight. I am glad that I too this safety shot when I came home today. I have been noticing this plant by the garage everyday on my way out. Today the bees that were around it were enticing enough to get me to take a picture of them. I thought that one might come out okay, but as I said I had something greater in mind. This is one area where I really have a lot of work to do. I came up with one eureka moment though tonight that might make things a little easier on me. I will let you know what that is when/if it works.

Today was a long day at work. When I first got home I really did not have any intention of getting out the DSLR camera. I was going to phone it in again with my iPhone. For some reason though I looked on Google+ and saw some great pictures. I was instantly inspired, but there was not a cloud in the sky. The shot that I wanted was not there. I walked into the backyard to get this shot of one of the flowers on the ivy again. I put the 50mm lens on the camera in order to really blur out everything but the center of the flower. I like the final picture, but it seems like I am just a little ways away from a great picture. The other day I used my tripod to get the shot, and today I thought that I could get a more natural look getting angles handheld. Maybe tomorrow the weather will cooperate so that I can get a good picture with some great clouds in it.

Today I bought a new tripod to replace the one that I had been using. I wanted to try it out on something so bad, but did not know what to use as a subject. I wanted to shoot something at night that was colorful, but could not get a good angle on anything. That is when I thought back almost three weeks to when I tried to shoot the Lafayette skyline from a pedestrian bridge at night. Next to the bridge is a nice little skating rink for the public. I had already had my picture that night so I decided to save the rink for another night. Tonight was the perfect time to finally get back to the bridge. I picked a vantage point a little higher up in order to get everything in the shot. I really wanted to capture the motion with a blur effect so I tried a few things. I set my aperture all the way up in order to shoot a longer exposure that was correctly exposed. That produced an image with only a couple people in it. Anyone who had been moving just vanished into thin air. I basically then spent the next few minutes slowly opening up my aperture so that I could shorten my exposure time. I worked my way all the way up to the max that my camera would allow. I ended up liking this picture the best. I think that the people stayed still at just the right time in order to give the people in motion a little perspective. It was fun seeing exactly what the camera can do. The purpose of this blog is to learn something, and I think I accomplished that tonight. As usual I tried an HDR shot as well. The composite shot looked good, but when I tried to do anything to it the sky had way too much noise in it. Luckily I actually took the time to take a real picture so that I did not come home empty handed as I did on New Years Eve.

I talked about the new tripod that I bought early on in this post. I finally bought one that would stand up straight, and it appears to be of a very fine quality. In addition to being a tripod it has a center section that comes out and extends as well to give me a nice monopod. I can’t wait to try this out at a football or baseball game. Now that I have a good tripod I can finally take the pictures that I have been wanting to take.