Arch Madness is Back at the Scottrade Center

Yesterday my tournament season started at the Scottrade Center with the second day of Arch Madness. This is the third year that I have been here for this tournament, and it is a great time. It is so cool to walk around the town and see fans from all of the teams walking around. They are great to be around because it lets you know just how big this tournament is. In this league it is hard to get an at large bid so you really have to win out here to sniff the NCAA Tournament. The next couple of days will go a long way towards making the dream come true for one team.

Getting A Day Behind

I am purposely offsetting the blog a day to give me some time to write and process what will occur each day on this journey. As I write this I may have to travel a long way in a short period of time, or I may be able to sleep in and take a ballpark tour. This time of year everything is up in the air. Being a day behind on the blog will allow me to write something that makes sense instead of trying to rush a post just to get something up. Hopefully these stretch into next week as that means Indiana State has made a run.


The Brett Hull Statue at the Scottrade Center

When I was at Arch Madness at the Scottrade Center earlier this month I had a goal of making some nice images of the hockey players outside of it. I made it to the stadium a little early on day one with that in mind. As it turns out my team only made it to day one so it was a good thing that I did get there early on the first day. You can read a little more on the game the Sycamores had here. I made some photos of the stadium overall, and then I started focusing on the statues. I started with the Al MacInnis statue, and you can see that photo and read the story behind it here. I then set my sights on the Brett Hull statue. I made the photo above first focusing on the obvious front of the statue along with the Scottrade Center behind it. The beautiful sky reflects nicely off of the building making for a nice image. The pose of the statue gave me another idea as well.

Finding Another View

As I did with the Al MacInnis statue I worked this one a little as well. I walked around the statue and found this spot where I could get the pose of Brett along with the setting sun in the same shot. For a moment the sun came out so I stopped down to f/16 to try for a starburst, but of course the sun went back into the cloud. It was still a cool shot though as some of the rays were coming out of the cloud. This was not the obvious shot to me, but I was glad that I made it after I walked away. I took one of my regrets from last season and turned them into one of the positives from this season.

The Week in Photos

Last week was another week with no sports in it. At this point the seasons are changing and very little is happening near me. You can view my favorite photos from last week here. The NCAA Tournament is near though, and it is always fun to guess who will be near me. Then once the teams are selected finding out who is bringing their staff photographer, and who is not. This year I think that I will be shutout of tournament action. Last year I scheduled a weekend of baseball during the first weekend of the tournament. It looks like I will be shooting baseball again this season.

The Al MacInnis State at the Scottrade Center

Last year I was so excited to get in and shoot inside of the Scottrade Center that I really ignored the statues outside of it. I think that I made an iPhone photo of the Brett (must not call him Bobby) Hull, but that was it. The skies were never very good so I kept waiting for the next day to do it. On the drive home I remember thinking that I should have just made the photos anyway. As I was walking to the stadium I realized that the conditions were perfect for some stadium shots. The sun was setting with a great yellow glow on everything withe some great skies above. I decided to make some photos before I ever set foot in the stadium. I grabbed my camera out of my bag and made a few images of each of the statues. Maybe a few too many of this one.

Take Your Time Making the Photo Dave

The photo that you see above is not what I had in mind when I walked up to the statue. I actually had my Canon 24-105mm lens on the camera. I was focusing on the statue without much regard to the building behind it. Then I decided to put the building more in the photo as well. I then switched to my Canon 17-40mm lens to get more of the building and sky in the photos. I thought that I had it, but the hockey stick kept blocking the letters spelling out Scottrade Center. I finally found the composition above that I really liked. It was the first statue that I made a photo of, and as I was walking away from it I was thinking to myself that it should not have taken that long to come up with that look. Sometimes you have to work a photo though, and maybe the sun went down just a little more during that process to give a better glow from the left.

Patrick Kane shows off the Stanley Cup as Jimmy Buffett performs at the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre on June 27, 2015

Seeing the Stanley Cup in Person

Just before the start of the Jimmy Buffett concert Saturday night I heard that the Stanley Cup was in the building. The cup has been hitting the concert circuit in Chicago lately so I had wondered if I would see it at this show. As the band started playing the song ‘Volcano’ Patrick Kane walked out onto the stage with Lord Stanley’s Cup above his head. The crowd which was already loud cranked it up to an insane level. The electricity in the building was amazing. I was not in the building when the cup was clinched, but I have some idea of the noise now. I could not hear most of the song because of the noise. Chicago really loves their hockey, and they love it when the Cup comes to see them.

Using the Canon G16 at the Concert

In a perfect world I would be able to shoot the concert with some of my normal tools. I guess they don’t want me to show up with the 400mm lens though so any ‘professional’ cameras that have detachable lenses are not allowed in. I laugh at the term professional every time I see it like this. Give Walter Iooss Jr a point and shoot, and it becomes a professional camera. The good news though is that Canon has a great little point and shoot called the Canon Powershot G16. This camera is a professional camera disguised as a point and shoot. All of the images in this post were made with the Canon G16. This camera has become my go to for everyday family events as well as concerts like this one.

Bonus Photos of The Stanley Cup With Jimmy Buffett

Here are a few extra photos from the short time the Stanley Cup was on stage at the Jimmy Buffett show.

Patrick Kane shows off the Stanley Cup as Jimmy Buffett performs at the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre on June 27, 2015
Patrick Kane shows off the Stanley Cup as Jimmy Buffett performs at the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre on June 27, 2015

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