Tonight I went back to LaPorte right after work. The sun set on the way up here, but the lack of clouds made it anticlimatic. I was needing a shot late tonight when I went out to get the bags. I noticed that it was a beautful night out. The lack of clouds that made for a terrible sunset made for a great shot of the stars at night. I am not too great at astrophotography yet, but I am willing to learn. I like this shot of the house that I grew up in, and I think that it is a great way to start this weekend.


This morning I decided to leave a little earlier in order to get something other than an empty field in the foreground. I didn’t get out as quick as I would have liked, but I did manage to make it to a barn that has appeared on this site before in time for most of the sunrise. I had the tripod out with the intention of making another HDR shot. While taking the pictures and reviewing them though I really liked this one that had the barn silhouetted against the sunrise. When I got home tonight I still ran the pictures through my HDR software just to be sure that I didn’t have a gem there that I didn’t realize. I knew though that this would be the photo of the day. The blowing stems in front of me ended up being my undoing in the HDR process. Unless I went in and photo shopped them out they gave the program fits, and I never got any kind of workable result. In the end I had my picture, and I learned a lot in the process. At the end of my shoot I noticed some blue and red lights behind me. It turned out that a state cop had taken notice in me, and stopped to see if I needed help. I told him that I was getting a sunrise picture, and he said good luck and drove away. This is the first time that I have had the lights turned on by a cop for me, but I think it was more for his protection in traffic than anything else.

A couple of milestones were reached today. First of all even though this is day 173 it is the 200th post on this blog. I have had a few bonus shots that have skewed the post total a bit. In even better news last night I officially went over my previous record for views in a month. This has been a great month so far, and I just hope that I can keep the pictures coming.

Anyone who knows me knows that anytime the number 72 is involved in something I like it to be special. I really wish I had been thinking about that today when I was out shooting. I really was trying to get a shot of Burnett’s Creek from somewhere. I saw a couple of great shots of it, but could not find parking to get near them. I settled for parking at the Tippecanoe Battleground and walking back behind it to the river. For this shot my tripod was actually in the small stream , and I was standing on a rock. I really like the idea behind this shot, but the execution seems a bit off. I love how the bottom half of the picture looks, but the top half leaves a little something to be desired. I guess the purpose of this blog is to learn something with every shot. Here I learned that perhaps nine exposures would have helped this picture. If every shot was a masterpiece there would be no need for this blog. Tomorrow is another day though, and perhaps I could improve on this shot. No matter what the HDR does look better than any of the six shots used to create it.

Today this little blog reached over 6,000 visitors. Every time I hit another 1,000 visit milestone I seem to hit it quicker than the last time. Last month I had my best month ever on here, and I should beat that this month. All that you can ask for is a little growth, and I am seeing that.

Historically March 25th has been a bad day for me. Today was a great day though, and the picture ideas just kept coming. As we left dinner though I noticed that the waxing moon was in between Jupiter and Venus. I have been wanting to get a good picture of this for a while now so I though that tonight was the perfect time. I was going to go out in the middle of nowhere to get this shot when I realized that I could get it from the driveway. I set up my tripod and tried a few long exposures to put together an HDR shot. I have had not luck with shooting HDR of the sky though so I took a couple of safeties near the end just to be sure. When I saw this picture in the viewfinder I knew that I had my shot. I have not had much luck shooting the sky yet, but I feel that I am getting better.

Last night we went to Indy to watch a roller derby bout. It was my first derby ever so it took me a little while to get everything down. Once I learned the rules I could start to anticipate where the action would be. It was a great experience, and I was amazed at the athleticism that I saw on display. I think that I tore an ACL just watching some of the moves the girls made on skates. With the low lighting conditions I had to make up my mind on what I wanted to do. I do not have an external flash so I shot early on with a high aperture so that I could keep my shutter speed up. By the end of the night I decided to lower the shutter speed to get some ‘action’ shots. Earlier in the day I had seen some shots using a blur technique in a book that I had purchased so I decided to try to pan and capture only my subject in focus. I liked some of the shots that I got this way, but this one of one of the jammers really seemed to stand out to me. Her derby name was Maiden America, and her outfit seemed to match the name. For some reason the star on the helmet seemed to compliment the uniform so in the end this became the picture of the day. This blog is all about learning so I am happy to report that I took many picture trying to learn the art of panning. In a couple of weeks I will get another shot at a derby. Hopefully I can use some of what I learned last night.

By the way I have posted the HDR shot of the double rainbow on my Facebook page. You can click the link below on the bottom left of the page or just search Pinola Photography on Facebook. While you are there looking at the picture why not give the page a like?

Last night we were eating at Bruno’s pizza in Lafayette when a storm moved in. As they often do this time of year it quickly went away and the sun came out. A beautiful rainbow was left behind. Sitting near a window I could see the rainbow, but I didn’t want to get up in the middle of dinner to get a picture. Apparently everyone at the table could see me squirming so they didn’t mind when I excused myself to try and get the shot. I really like how this turned out with the new wide angle lens (still trying to justify its purchase). I took this shot early on, and then shot a little to try using the HDR process to make a better shot. If that comes out good I will post that as well. For now though enjoy the rainbow over Bruno’s.

Today I saw some really good HDR which got my creative juices flowing. It is amazing how sometimes other photographers can inspire you to get out and try for something good. Earlier in the week I saw some great things at a website I follow called Travel Photography by Dmitrii. That inspired me to get the wide angle lens. He loves HDR even more than I do if that is possible so I wanted to merge the two. Today was a good chance to do that. I saw a site today called HDR Creme that is all user content. The pictures of the day really got me going so a shot was just a matter of time. When I left work I drove to the celery bog thinking that I could get some of the color that the early spring brought us. As I was walking back to the main area I realized that I had already walked by my shot. I turned back and took this picture using my six exposure technique. I liked the overall look to it, and I think that it is a great image to start this weekend out with. I think that it will be a great one with my camera.

This morning I was going to get up and camp out somewhere to get a great shot of the sunrise. That was the plan. What happened though was that I got caught up in planning a trip to Chicago, and nearly missed it. I didn’t get to anywhere with any landmarks in the foreground, but I did manage to get a clear shot of the sunrise. From square one this was a beautiful sunrise. I took many pictures, but I liked this one of it just after it came over the horizon the best. I had some fun shooting with my new lens, and some of the pictures will probably eventually end up on my photography page on Facebook.

Today as I said in the previous post I bought a new wide angle lens. I really wanted to have some fun with it so I went out in search of a good sunset shot after work tonight. Of course I was headed to the windmills when I drove past this little pond that I have shot a couple of times. I realized that the real moment of the sunset was at hand, and that I had a good shot right in front of me. I grabbed the camera and tripod and hurried across the road. I like the look of the shot, but I wish that I had some time to prepare. I think that I will have some real fun with this lens.