The Final Day of the NCAA Golf Regionals Was An Exciting One

The third day of a hot tournament should be one you just want to end. I was dragging my butt up and down the golf course for three days with a baseball game also thrown in the middle of all of that. The thing was thought that even though it was a tough day on the course I was really excited about it. I really enjoy covering golf. You get to pick where you want to be with very few exceptions. Coming soon after basketball season where you are given a small square it is a great amount of freedom to have. I will probably end up shocking some random golfers this summer when I just show up at a course to make some photos.

Purdue Survives a Scare to Advance to the Championships

At one point in the afternoon looking at the leaderboard Purdue was in trouble. They had just fallen out of the top five, and the team that knocked them out was the top seed Florida. The top five teams advance to the Championships so Purdue needed to be there. The Boilermakers were at the end of their day so they had little time left to make a move. Luckily for them Florida was making a move in the other direction. Purdue ended up in the next round comfortably, but not without a little scare I would imagine. For the first time during the tournament I was able to see them play as they were paired with Illinois. I made a few pictures of the team while waiting for my athletes to play their ball. It was fun to see Purdue on such a big stage, and I can’t wait to see what they do at the next level.

In The Bunkers

After day two one of the other photographers was talking on Twitter about how much fun it is to photograph players in the bunker. The problem with that is that it probably is not much fun for the golfer being in the bunker. Our pleasure comes at their pain. Moving around quite a bit over the course of the three days I did not see many bunker shots. That is until day three. I seemed to be in the right place at the right time quite a bit to capture the sand flying. On the 18th green alone at the end I saw two players play out of the bunker. I think that it is so fun for photographers because it is so visual. The sand flying gives you a sense of motion that you don’t always get in golf. No matter the case it is fun to photograph.

Good Backgrounds Everywhere

One other great thing about photographing golf is that for the most part you can choose your backgrounds. You can move around as needed to get a good look for your shot. Sometimes a stray object will be there, but for the most part you can avoid it. Here at the 7th tee is a great example. The lush green background gives this shot a great look. The layout of the hole also allows for me to get a nearly head on look at the golfer. the end result is a picture that I made multiple times all three days of the tournament. It was a great way to get a fantastic shot of the golfers.


Photographing the Campbell Camels on Day Two of the NCAA Regionals in West Lafayette

Yesterday I spent my morning back at Kampen Course photographing the Campbell Camels. I could only shoot during the morning so I only shot for one team. Kampen is a beautiful course, and I had a great morning roaming the back nine making images. The Camels played well as I saw them go through where I was. It will be interesting to see how far they can climb up the leaderboard today.

More of the Details

I have been trying to make a big effort to try and get more details in. I am only with the players for a couple of holes each, but I still can get some of the details as they setup. The Campbell logo on the ball and on the shoes is a fun way to do this. A camel on each of the players bag is another fun way to get a new look in your gallery. The problem with golf is that everything is so small and I only have a 400mm lens. I try to not get in the way of the action so I have had some fun coming up with ways to get in close without getting in the way.

Making It Look Easy

I have not golfed in years. A bad back and my competitive nature ended my golf career as I was always playing hurt. Watching these athletes golf the last couple of days made me want to go out and try it. I kept thinking about it as I shot today. Why couldn’t I go out and do this? Then I had a thought that was probably pretty true. Watching these guys is a lot like watching the World Series of Poker on TV. It looks easy until you actually go out and do it. I would probably just be disappointed. I really do enjoy photographing this sport though. I think that I am just finding out what kind of golf photos I like. Having three straight days to experiment really helps. Continue reading “NCAA Golf Regionals Day Two”

Photographing Golf Again

I really enjoy photographing golf. It is fun to get out and make some images of a beautiful course like Kampen. At times I am just making a landscape photo and placing a golfer in it. Tuesday morning I was photographing three teams so I didn’t have the time that I would have liked to make some cool images. The beauty of the course though is something that just lends itself to cool shots.

Using the Course To Your Advantage

Some of the holes have very elevated tee boxes. That allows me to just get the golfer and the sky in my photo. It is a beautiful course, and I like to include it in most of my shots. When I get a chance to do this though I am going to take it. There are many spots to get something unique at this course. Over the course of the next three days I need to try and find those spots to make some cool photos.

The Early Morning Light

One great thing about golf is that you get to get out and photograph it in the early morning light. I am not a morning person, but I love that great light early in the morning. The great part about the light is when it falls right onto your subject like it does here. When the long shadows cover your player it can be a bummer though. I will take the good light however I can get it though.

Walking All Over

One thing about covering golf is that you get around. I thought that I was pretty smart with how I moved during the day and I still managed to walk nearly 8.5 miles shooting 18 holes. You are always looking for a good angle, and it seems like I walk more than I should to get that. Now that I have a couple of money spots on the course I may let the action come to me a bit more as the week goes on.

Indiana State Wins the 2017 ISU Invitational

Yesterday I was back at Indiana State, but for something entirely new there. I photographed the final day of the 2017 Indiana State Invitational. The experience was like all of mine at ISU, and that was good. They were crazy enough to give me a golf cart so I spent the day trying to find good backgrounds and or holes that could give me a good background. All of the planning the world can go down the drain when a shot is hit to the wrong side of the fairway. At the end of the day Indiana State took home the team award after having a monster day. It was the second lowest team score in school history.

Photographing Golf Again

I really have only photographed golf one other time prior to this, and that was just for fun. Last year I was not too sure how it could go so I shot a round at Purdue just to get the hang of it. With that in my hip pocket I drove down to Terre Haute with no worries. I do not watch golf, but back when I had a good back I played the sport. It was nice getting back out on the links for a while on what turned out to be a beautiful day. The day started out with some pretty boring photos, but as I got what I needed I could relax and have a little more fun. A winning day by the team I was covering helped make the photos a little better. Smiles are always a good thing.

Getting the Sand Trap Shot

One of my goals on the day was to make a good sand trap shot. That sounds like an easy task, but when you consider that I was covering eight golfers on a 18 hole course it is not so simple. Luckily for me one of my golfers went into the sand in a place where I could easily move right in line with her and the pin. When it is lucky for me it is not so lucky for the golfer. It was late in the day, and I knew that this was probably my one shot at what I was going for. I was already in position when the golfers approached the green so that I would be moving in the background. When she made the shot it was a good one out of the sand, and I was able to get a photo that I had in mind on the drive down to ISU. Continue reading “The 2017 Indiana State Golf Invitational”

Photographing Golf

One sport that I have not photographed, but have wanted to for a while is golf. Back when I had patience I used to play it quite a bit. Golf is not an easy sport to get out and photograph. The weekend warriors probably do not want you photographing them, and it seems as if Purdue has not golfed at home much lately. I did not let this opportunity get away from me. My biggest fear getting onto the golf course is not that the ball will hit me. It was that I would somehow interfere with play. Most sports that I cover have very easy to determine boundaries for where you can be. Golf does not. I was lucky enough to have someone who has been on the course a lot to follow early on to see what I could and could not do. Once I became comfortable with the course I started actually making some photos instead of just taking them. As with most first times out I really am not happy with my photos at all. So now I have to find some golf to photograph again to get out there and redeem myself so to speak. I think that the photos are okay, but I think that I can do better. Another thing that I liked was that I did not think that I walked very far today, but I did log in just over five miles on the golf course. Shooting golf could be a great way to do what I love and still get a little workout in as well. With that said I would love to scout the course on a golf cart to find some scenic locations to camp at. Today was more about the action, but next time I would like to get some more shots of the golfers on this beautiful course. This was the one and only weekend on the course this year though so I will have to wait a while.

Photographers Are Not Cool

A lot of people come up to me at events and say that it must be cool to do what I do. The job itself is very cool. The photographer is not. Late in the day I was camping out at one of the holes to make images of all of the Boilers with the light hitting them right and a good background. One of the guys hit a shot into a grass bunker that I could shoot down into. I just had to climb a large hill with my gear to make the picture. I did that no problem and lined up my shot just right. I had this idea of the beautiful grass as my background for a different looking shot. The golfer made his practice swings, and just before he addressed the ball a large bird flew out of the tree that I was up against and hit my lens hood. Not knowing what happened immediately I made a very audible noise. Of course by the time the golfer looked up the bird was gone, and I still stood there. I am sure that he wondered why they brought in a photographer with turrets.

Photos of the Week

As I have been doing I have compiled some of my favorite photos from the past week in one post on my Exposure page. This has been an amazing week with the Indy Indians finally starting their season, a great softball game, and a fun morning on the golf course. This was a fun week, and it will be hard to top it next week. The fun will be in trying to top it. You can take a visual look back at my week here. This coming week as of right now I have three events that I will blog about, and they are all midweek.