Top 20 Photos Of The Purdue 2019-2020 School Year

My Favorite 20 Photos From The 2019-2020 School Year

This was a crazy year for me. I feel that I was making photos as good as I ever have and getting better. I was heading into my time of year with baseball and softball starting up. In fact when everything fell apart I was planning on making baseball photos the next day. This will always be the year remembered for what wasn’t I would guess. For the next few minutes it will be fun remembering it for what it was.

20. We start the countdown with the future. Purdue has two pretty good football players that are just starting to get things going. These two freshman gave the fans a lot of hope for the future with the way that they played. This was a fun photo to make after a big win. You can see more of my favorite Purdue football images from last year by clicking here.

19. This was a great moment from the basketball season this year. Purdue was putting it to Indiana again. At some point when these games are not competitive they can feel repetitive to photograph. How many times in a row can you photograph Purdue beating IU? A moment like this though is fun to capture. You can see the good sportsmanship as the IU player knowing that he is getting beat yet again still give Trevion Williams a high five as he makes another shot. There are a few more men’s basketball photos on the countdown, but you can see all of my favorite Purdue images from last year here.

18. During the distance events at a track meet you can go and grab a drink or something to eat, or you can try some things. I usually make some panning photos during that time. Here I had the idea to pan with the Purdue sign in the background. I was panning from ground level, and I think that everything worked out pretty well here.

17. Matt Haarms is fun to photograph. He really brings emotion to the court with him. It doesn’t matter if it is on the bench or on the court he can make good photos. Here are four photos that I made of Matt during the season while photograph the opponent. He always seems to make the best plays when I am on the opposite end of the court. Next season I need to try this out when I am just at games for fun to see if I can keep this going.

Edit: Nevermind we all know that I cannot try anything now that Matt has transferred. As a photographer that makes me very sad. As a parent I know that he has to do what is best for him. I was glad that I was able to photograph him for three years. My favorite part about sports photography is the emotion, and Matt certainly brought that to the table. He will make another photographer somewhere else very happy this coming season.

16. This was the year of making panning tennis photos. I knew that there was one perfect tennis pan waiting for me. I just had to have the perfect combo of skill and luck come together. Of course the season ended early so I never did make that perfect panning photo. This was one that I really liked though.

15. Speaking of panning here is a swimming photo that I really liked. Panning during the distance events lets me have some fun when the action is not always the best to photograph. Here things worked out for me.

14. Hayley is a player that doesn’t always show emotion. I think that even keel approach is what makes her so good. During the NCAA Tournament though she let a little emotion out. That instantly meant that the photo would make the countdown.

13. I love a good soccer celebration photo. When they turn towards me I love it even more. Here against Toledo Purdue just went off scoring goal after goal. I could barely send the photos from the last celebration before the next one happened. It was a fun time to make some photos for sure. You can see my favorite soccer photos from last year here.

12. I love a good flag photo. Throw in a flyover and I love it even more. When I made this photo I was still feeling the effects of heat stroke that I got while covering the pregame activities on Slayter Hill. The photographer should have taken some water with him, but did not think of it. The adrenaline from the full stadium perked me up a bit though, and I was able to make some photos that I really liked. You can see my favorite stadium photos from last year here.

11. This was the year of panning. It started at a swim event, and then spilled over to the football game the next day. Since then I have used it in every sport that I have covered. It is a good way to change things up in the gallery. Here it really made for an interesting image during the pink game. You can see more of my favorite Purdue women’s basketball images by clicking here.

10. Hey I snuck a baseball photo into this gallery. It really kills me that I did not get the chance to photograph college baseball this season. Baseball as a whole looks up in the air right now. Lucky for me I did make as many appearances at fall ball as I could. Here I was playing around with freezing the baseball. It is something that I have done for a while now, but I wanted to see how much easier it was with my Sony gear. The answer is that it was much easier. I love these little moments that are frozen. I can’t wait to photograph baseball again.

9. I photographed more tennis this year than every before. It really is a fun game to cover. Here the Purdue men’s team gets ready to take on Indiana.

8. Sometimes you really have to work for a photo. This was one of those times. I really wanted a celebration in front of the NCAA banner. I worked this angle for a long time before it paid off. It seemed like every time I thought that something would happen fate would step in and block me. This photo was worth the wait though.

7. This year I had the pleasure of photographing many games of these two seniors final year. They put up stats that not many classmates have at Purdue. They also seemed to really enjoy playing the game which makes photos fun. Here are a couple of photos of them that I think show that. You can see more of my favorite women’s basketball images from the year here.

6. This was a lucky image. At the time I didn’t even know what I had made. It wasn’t until I was going through my images one last time that I really that this was a cool image. Those white jerseys were amazing, and everything just kind of worked out here. It quickly became one of my favorite football images of the year. to see all of those images you can click here.

5. Senior night for the King of Mackey was an interesting one. I made this image during the pregame festivities knowing that it was the last time that I would get the opportunity. I like how it turned out. I will miss the Hanging with Luce segments although maybe he can make a couple of guest appearances next year. Why not?

4. A few years ago Paul Sadler at Purdue made a great image of Ryan Kerrigan on a rainy day against Michigan. I have always loved that photo. Here I did my best impression of it on a rainy day this year. Rainy days can mean that you as a photographer are uncomfortable, but they can also mean that you have some great opportunities ahead of you.

3. This quiet moment with Eric Hunter Jr. before the crossroads game at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse is one of my favorite images fo the season. It is a simple photo, but so was the moment. I love these little moments before the big game. Who would have known at the time that this would be the only time the Boilers would play at Banker’s Life during the season?

2. Folk Field sunsets are the best. This year I didn’t have the luck with them that I have in years past. This was the closest that I got. I still love the colors here. The stadium as always looks great, and I was lucky to get a moment close to me.

  1. This was far and away my favorite image from this past season. I have fun making images at all kinds of sporting events during the year. This year during volleyball though it felt special. This was a long day that ended with an amazing moment. I spent the early portion of the day covering the Purdue football game in the rain. The image at #4 was made during that time. Then I dried out and went to volleyball to cover the match against Nebraska. A college football gameday can sap your energy. Your are going all out for a long time to make good images. The buzz in Holloway though got me going. The great play by Purdue kept me going. The adrenaline after the win kept me up half the night. It was a great day of making photos for sure. I thought that I had a good photos of the team celebrating already. Then this moment occurred. I couldn’t believe my luck! It was up for NCAA volleyball photo of the week. It did not win, but it was still cool to have made such a special photo. I will have to work hard to top this one. Every year it seems like I make one photo of a great moment at Purdue. Last year it was the Purdue Pete photo after the Ohio State football win. This year it was this one. I can’t wait to get out there again and see what moment there is to capture next year.

So there are my favorite images from the abbreviated 2019-2020 school year. It might be my most complete year yet. As I write this there is a lot up in the air. We know that the spring sports schedule is cancelled. I cannot see a way that they cancel the college football season and lose that revenue. As a freelancer that works with universities the thought of that terrifies me. I am the first thing that gets cut when the budget gets tightened. I love capturing these moments during the year, and I hope that I can find a place to do that when the season hopefully gets started up next fall. For now though it is fun to look back at this year at all of the great moments I was able to be a part of.

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