Top 19 Purdue Football Photos Of 2019

My 19 Favorite Photos From The 2019 Purdue Football Season

This was a fun and strange year for Purdue football. Almost anyone that you would have seen as a threat to the opponents during the preseason was injured. The team rallied behind those still on the field though, and made the end of the season fun to watch. Nothing personifies that better than the fact that the preseason #4 quarterback became the third Purdue quarterback this season to throw for over 400 yards. This team never gave up, and the next man up was always ready. Many great moments came from this season. Watching the walk on quarterback lead game winning drives two weeks in a row was amazing. Watching the emergence of David Bell was fantastic. When Rondale Moore went down most thought that nobody could take his place. David Bell played at a level that has me not so patiently waiting for next year when I can see the two of them on the field at the same time. Lots of big moments this year from very young players has me thinking that the future is very bright for Purdue. Here are my favorite photos from this past season.

19. This photo was made thinking about the future being bright. With the sun in just the right spot I wanted it to spotlight one of the young players after the game. Freshman Cory Trice had some big games already so he was the perfect player for the photo. I love when things work out.

18. The helmet game was strong this year. This one honoring our service members was one that I wanted to feature for sure. Each new design gets a great photoshoot before the games. I try and show it in the environment to give a different look.

17. Another big freshman contributor was King Doerue. Here he celebrates a big score against Nebraska. I like these slightly wider photos that give you a little more perspective of the surroundings.

16. I am crazy. I love the games that weather comes into play. This young band member seemed to as well. He was feeling about the same as I was that day.

15. My favorite game of the season had to be the homecoming game. There was so much to photograph that game that it shows up on this countdown far more than any other game. Here one of the band leaders poses during the halftime show.

14. Before he was lost for the season Elijah Sindelar was having a great season. He was going to do some big things. It is still hard for me to fathom that both he and Rondale Moore were lost for the season on the same play. I liked this photo because it showed a little bit of how hard his job is. From the stands and on TV finding the open receiver looks easy. On the field though things get cluttered quickly.

13. I have made this photo before. I had no intention of making it again, but with a flyover and honoring the military it just made sense. I used my new Sony 12-24mm lens to make the flag as big as I could in the frame.

12. The moon uniforms were the highlight of the year for me. They were so well done, and part of a great day on campus. They were so well done that it will take a lot to top them.

11. The early part of the game against Indiana was played in a pretty heavy rain. That rain made for great photos. This one I thought showed that the best. Prior to the game I was hoping for snow, but that never came.

10. This defense was young, but they played well when they were all together. This is part of why I think that the future is so bright. Here they have a  lot of fun celebrating a defensive touchdown. My favorite part of the celebration is that they were all so happy for each other that you couldn’t tell who actually scored the touchdown. (It was #23)

9. During the TCU game we had a short window of great light to work with. My quarter to be up in the stands was the second quarter. Seeing the light fading I jumped up there a little early to make this image of the stadium. It was almost six years to the date from the runout photo that started this whole journey for me.

8. Rondale Moore is a great talent. We will have limited time watching him play in a Purdue uniform so I felt cheated that he lost so much of this season to injury. He is unlike any player that I have seen play before. I was only at the spring game for a short period of time, but I really had some fun while I was there. I made this photo of Rondale during warm ups. I never saw any of the actual game action, but I came away with a photo that I really liked.

7. With just under thirty minutes until gametime against Maryland I made this photo. I had a feeling looking into their eyes that we would win. I love the intensity here.

6. During the Illnois game I spent a good portion of the second half playing around. We were not going to win the game so I wanted to make some interesting photos. Here was a pan of King Doerue that I liked from that time of experimentation. Part of the fun of working on a big crew is the ability to potentially miss the big play when trying something. I need to take advantage of that more often.

5. Brycen Hopkins closed out his Purdue career against Indiana on a high note. He had a great game including this nice catch over the middle. He tipped a high ball to himself and snagged it. I will have fun watching him play on Sundays.

4. David Bell had a heck of a freshman season. Here the crowd goes crazy as he ices the game against Nebraska. It was a great drive led by a walk on quarterback that ended with a touchdown by a true freshman. At this point of the year I knew that anything was possible.

3. Last year on my football list I included a photo of George Karlaftis playing at West Lafayette High School. It was a photo very similar to this. I said at the time that I would watch him play at Purdue. I knew that he was good, but I don’t know that I knew how good he was. He lit up opposing offenses and really showed that he will be a force during his time at Purdue. Just as I wrote last year I am excited to see what he can do next season.

2. I have liked this photo of Brycen Hopkins celebrating a score since I made it. This was the first home game of the year when anything was still possible. Everything just lined up for me here.

1. For some reason this is the photo that stood out to me the most from this past season. I took the 12-24mm lens up into the stands and made a dark photo of the field. I love the way that everything fades into pitch black. Out of all of the Ross Ade Stadium photos that I have made over the years this one is my favorite, and will end up on my wall. As I said I can’t explain why I like it so much, but I just do.


So there are my 19 favorite Purdue football images from 2019. This was another fun year making photos at Purdue. Each year I hope to see a big increase in quality of my photos. Overall I think that I am a better photographer, but I don’t know that this list is better than my list last year. Next year I really will have to work on that. I want to be a great football photographer, and I have a long way to go. It isn’t work though as it is so much fun trying to get better.

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