Top 19 Football Photos Of 2019

My 19 Favorite Football Images Of 2019

This was a year where I was able to see some great football games. Some last minute comebacks, and some near misses that still produced a lot of emotion. The funny thing about these lists is how subjective they are. There are photos on here that did not make my smaller lists earlier. Over time opinions can change, and photos can come in and out of the lists. These are still fun to put together though. A great way to put a bow on a season. Next year though it would be nice if the bow came after the bowl.

19. This one might be here more for sentimental reasons than an actual good reason. I made this photo almost six years to the date from the photo that started it all for me. I love sunsets in stadiums, and this year we had one decent shot at one. This was it.

18. This photo is a good example of why these lists are so subjective. I really liked how this image look, but I didn’t include it on my best of Purdue post a while back. While compiling this one I realized that it was one of my favorite images. It was just so different from the rest. It made this list finally.

17. This is another photo that has a little story behind it. It did not make my best of football folder where I pick these lists from. I remembered it enough though to go and find it, and it made my year end countdown. Sometimes you love a photo when you make it, and you get tired of it over time. Some like this one I appreciate more over time. If I came up with this list in a month it would be completely different.

16. When the theme of the day is the flag then you put the flag in a photo. Here I thought that even though I had made this photo before that it was a good way to start my day off. With patriotism being the game theme it just made sense. The 12-24mm lens really helped me get a lot of the flag in frame as well.

15. The final game of the season was played in a torrential rain at the beginning. While the cold rain was no fun to be in, I thought that it helped make interesting images.

14. Rondale Moore is a star player. We did not get to see him much this season. I made this image prior to the spring game, and everything just worked in my favor. I had an angle that you normally do not get, so I was able to get right into the eyes of the player. This photo has been one of my favorites since I made it.

13. This was a photo that took a conversion for me to see it the right way. When I initially edited the photo it was the Purdue film look color version. After the fact I decided to try one of my black and white presets on it, and I loved it. The looks on the faces of the players tell you all you need to know about the game.

12. During the Illinois game the outcome was pretty much set. With that in mind it was time to play around a little. Working on a very good team means that sometimes I can play knowing that they will make any key photos that may occur. That is always a good feeling.

11. A fun late season game that I didn’t know that I would be attending was the Central Catholic game where they clinched a state title berth. The players were loving every second of the post game celebration, and I was too. I may have made more photos after that game was over than during the game.

10. This whole blog started with a game at Central Catholic in 2011. Just after the blog’s anniversary I made it back to try another game. I switched to my 70-200mm lens to work with another photographer when I made this photo. Had I been on my 400mm lens this would never have worked out for me so I am glad that I made the switch.

9. Early in the season Brycen Hopkins scored during the first home game. I loved the way that the celebration seemed nearly symmetrical. Something about this photo just always appealed to me. Brycen would save his best for his last game though. More on that later.

8. Against Nebraska Purdue needed a last minute drive for a win. With a walk-on quarterback at the helm they did just that. It was a great moment capped off by this David Bell touchdown and celebration. It was a nice victory, and a fun time to make photos.

7. After Central Catholic claimed their state title berth they gathered around the trophy and sang the school song. At Class A these teams are small so most of them fit in my 24mm frame. I loved that fact about this photo.

6. Brycen Hopkins had himself a game to go out on as a Boiler. Here he makes a circus catch to get the first down for Purdue. When they needed a big catch against IU he was ready and willing.

5. George Karlaftis is a player that I saw play down the street at West Side. Here he shows that he can be just as dominate at the college level. He was a fun player to watch as a freshman, and I can’t wait to see him as a sophomore.

4. Here is another photo from that first LCC game that I attended this year where having the 70-200 instead of my usual 400mm lens helped me make a nice photo. I love how everything came together on this photo.

3. This photo was made a little tighter than the photo above. I had my 600mm lens out because the light was in my favor. I love how the 600mm lens gets you into the play. You can see the tension here, and this is just a football picture to me.

2. As I keep saying on these lists I don’t know why I am so high on this photo. This is just one that I love. A full Ross Ade Stadium under the lights always looks good. Next year there will be a big new scoreboard at the other end of the stadium so this has now become a historical photo.

1. My favorite photo of the year just screams football. You have the big uglies lining up against each other with all kinds of stains all over them. The cold air is showing their breath, and they are ready for battle. This was a cold night, but also a fun night to make pictures.

There are my nineteen favorite football pictures from this year. This was a weird year because for the first time since 2012 I did not travel at all to make images. Every football image that I made this year was in West Lafayette or Lafayette. You don’t have to travel to make good images, but I just thought that it was an interesting fact. Even without traveling I was able to see some great football. Football is one of my favorite sports so I am already thinking about making images next season.

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