Top 20 Women’s Basketball Photos Of 2019-2020

My 20 Favorite Images From The 2019-2020 Women’s Basketball Season

No matter what this will always be the season that could have been for nearly every team. Some teams had finished conference tournaments and were awaiting their NCAA fate while others were gearing up for the conference tournament.

20. We start this countdown with this photo of the Purdue team huddle before the game. I had this idea the game before, but I bumped my focus ring apparently before putting the camera into the huddle. I like this idea, and with the right roof it could really be an interesting photo.

19. Coach Schott spends a lot of time in the same spaces that I do. She coaches the West Lafayette girls team, and she is also the color commentator for the Purdue women’s team. Here she leads her team late in a game.

18. This was a what could have been. Tamara Farquhar was lost early in Big Ten play never to return. She was a much needed presence that was really missed. I really think that this season would have been different with her in the middle mixing things up like she was here.

17. This year I seemed to get more of the fights for the ball. In high school basketball I have never made many of these photos. Here is one that really worked out for me.

16. Late in games I would play around with a slow shutter speed. You really don’t end up with many keepers, but every now and then you get lucky and something kind of cool happens. I love this moment frozen here.

15. When I posted this photo originally I talked about how having the video boards not operating is a pain for many around the stadium. They are furiously working to get them going. I on the other hand liked the cleaner look to my photos. I tried to make some more wider photos during that time to take advantage of that background.

14. Sitting off to the side can sometimes work in your favor. Here I was able to make a clean photo of a player diving for the ball. I love the moment, and being in a slightly different spot allowed me to make it.

13. Here Coach Versyp makes her way onto the court before a game. I loved the spotlights coming into the tunnel so I spent a lot of the year playing with that look. Here is one of my favorites from that time.

12. I only covered one game of the Big Ten Tournament, but it was a fun one. Here Dominique Oden makes a bucket in the first half. I love making sure that the entire scene is in a few photos. The camera at my feet allows me to do just that.

11. This is another photo from that clean background game. The boards were only down for a few minutes, but it was enough to make some clean photos that I really liked. I love that Purdue logo burned into the background.

10. This season I may have attended more West Lafayette basketball girls games than I ever have. Part of the reason for that was the emotion that they played with. Here you can see just how much fun it was to cover a West Side game. This emotion was amazing, and I hope that it is something that will continue over the years.

9. Here is another West Side photo showing just how much fun they were to make photos of. This year I had a little free time to make photos at their games. Hopefully my bookings allow a couple of games this coming year.

8. These are the moments. I love these little moments that you can capture prior to a game. You can show a side of the athletes that maybe the fans can’t always see. They can see the action on TV or in person. Those moments are great, but a nice photo that shows the human side of the athlete gives me way more joy.

7. Putting the camera on the ground allowed me to make this photo of Karissa McLaughlin fighting for a basket against Illinois. Having the camera on the ground makes the athletes look even more athletic. I thought that the moment was pretty good here as well.

6. When Dominique Oden bit her lip someone was in trouble. Here she takes the ball to the hoop against Rutgers. When the lip was being bit you knew that a good photo was coming. I am going to miss making those photos.

5. In the past I never felt like I captured Ae’Rianna Harris very well. I made okay photos of her, but coming into the season I made it a point to figure it out. She plays so much above everyone else that it took a small adjustment. She appears on this countdown seven times so I guess that I accomplished my goal.

4. When I walked onto the court at Banker’s Life Arena and saw these banners I knew that I had a picture. I had to wait until the second half though to have them as my background. They help tell the story in a way that I really like.

3. The last action photo in this countdown is a little different. Motion blur can do many things. Here is shows the chaos of the game. I was trying to pan up with Ae’Rianna as she went up for a basket but at 1/15th of a second it does not always work. Here the face is the only thing really captured well in the photo, and I think that is what makes it work so well.

2. The seniors in the pregame on senior day is always a photo that I want to make. Here they helped me out by standing right by each other. You can see just how much fun the game is to play. It was a photo that I wanted to make prior to the game, and I am glad that I did.

  1. This is my favorite photo of the year by far. The light and the moment all came together perfectly. I knew that I had something good right away. It shows off the joy of this sport better than any action photo ever could.

There are my favorite photos from this past year. As I write this there are many things that are uncertain. As a freelancer nothing is ever certain. This whole thing has really got me thinking that next school year will be even more uncertain. I don’t know if I will be covering as many Purdue games as I did this year. If I do not then I picked a good year to finish on. I had a lot of fun, and I saw some great games. The season didn’t end the way that anyone wanted it to, but that was the same across the board.

I have two more college sports posts to go this year. Later in the week I will post my favorite men’s basketball photos of the year. Then next week I will post my favorite photos from the school year.



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