A Double Sunset

When The Sunset Shows Up Twice

Last night I was trying to come up with a sunset location. I decided to drive to campus to see what caught my eye. This exact scene caught my eye as I was driving past. I knew that the sun would peek out of the clouds and give me a cool double sunset. I made a few photos, and then decided to try another spot for the actual sunset. Sadly the clouds moved too fast and there was nothing the sky to reflect as it was going down. This was a great idea though on the way to campus.

Trying Something New

This is still a fairly new spot for me. I have of course looked at the building a lot, but there is so much around it that I didn’t think that it would photograph well. Here up close with a wide angle lens it really does look good. Those reflecting windows are amazing. There still is a better photo around this building somewhere. The fun will be finding just where it is.

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