Top 20 Purdue Women’s Basketball Photos of 2019-2020

My 20 Favorite Images From the 2019-2020 Purdue Women’s Basketball Season

I did not think that I would be writing this post so soon. I thought that I had a little tournament run in me yet before I had to write it. Of course everything is shut down so I have a lot of season ending wrap ups to write. I actually put this one off a bit because I didn’t want to write it. The first step of grief is denial, and I kept thinking that something would turn around. Sports would be back soon. Well now sadly I am thinking that it will be later rather than sooner for that to happen. Enough about that though lets take a look at my favorite images from this past season for the Purdue women’s team.

20. We begin at the end. This was one of my last photos of the team that I made from this year. After their opening win at the Big Ten Tournament the team huddled in the locker room. There is something simple here that makes me love this photo.

19. When you photograph an entire season you want something different. When there is only one player on the court in your picture that is different. Maybe that is why I kept coming back to this photo.

18. When Dominique Oden would get her mind set on taking over the game it was done. Here she takes the ball to the hoop against Rutgers. I love the determination on her face here.

17. I think that I have always liked this photo because of how I got lucky with the placement of the Purdue sign in the background. It connects the ball and the player very well.

16. Before this season I never really felt like I made a good photo of Ae’Rianna Harris. I made okay photos, but I struggled to get photos that I would put on this countdown. Before this season I made a goal of changing that. This is the first of many times that she appears on the countdown so I think that I accomplished my goal. I also never seem to have good angles of these scrums for the ball on the floor. Here it came right at me making me twice as lucky on the same play.

15. After every win the team pummels the coach with towels. After a milestone win it seems like the towels just kept coming. I loved these moments.

14. The game against Indiana was one where I didn’t have to be there. I had no real assignments so I moved around a bit making different photos. Early in the second half I made this photo near the basket that I liked.

13. These two could probably both be higher. The last ride for both of these seniors at the Big Ten Tournament. I tried to place the signage in my photos as much as I could. At the end of the season the photos are being made mostly to tell that story of the tournament run. Putting as much of the signage in my photos as I can helps me tell that story.

12. Earlier this season the stat boards were down. I am sure that many people were stressing it, and frantically trying to get them up and running. I was loving it though. Instead of random numbers in the background I had a great school symbol to use. This is the first of two photos from that brief period of time to make this countdown.

11. This year I had some fun playing with this light in the tunnel. If you were exposed properly it really gave a cool look to the photos of the players and coaches walking out onto the court. Here head coach Sharon Versyp takes the court in the spotlight.

10. I think that this moment is a good one, but having the camera on the ground makes it look so much better. The players and the play look so much more athletic.

9. On senior day my remote captured a cool moment as Ae’Rianna Harris took over the game. She made some great moves in the second half to help me have a good selection of images for her.

8. From the moment I walked out onto the court at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse I knew that I wanted to use these banners in some way. They just made for a cool background. They also helped tell the story of the Big Ten Tournament. Here things worked out for me so that I could make an interesting photo with the banners in the background.

7. This team graduated two seniors that scored over 1,500 points. Karissa McLaughlin with a good senior year will join them in that club next season. At times it seems as if there is nothing that she cannot do. We had some special athletes on the court this season for sure.

6. Speaking of special people. I was always a fan of FahKara Malone. She was fun to watch from the moment that she was pressed into the point guard role as a freshman. She always had a great smile and seemed to enjoy the game. It is always neat to be able to photograph these athletes when they come back. Instead of being in the stands watching them I am now on the court. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be doing what I am doing.

5. This school year was the year of panning. If it hadn’t been cut short I am sure that it would have continued. It started at a swim meet in the fall and then rolled over to football the next day. As I kept using this tool I kept trying to do more with it. Here I was hoping for more blur with a bit of sharpness. The fact that it was the face of the athlete is a great stroke of luck. It might be my favorite pan from the season.

4. Here is another photo from the short time in the first half when the video boards were down. I love the simplicity of the background. It was be great if we could start the games this way for the first couple of minutes. I know that sponsors and other variables are involved, but from a photography standpoint it would be great.

3. This countdown finishes off with emotion. I love bringing the fans into the game. Huddle photos are a great way to do that. They are something that can really add to the gallery. Here the senior leader has some fun with her team before the game. These little moments are what keep me coming back for more.

2. When you get bot seniors together in the huddle on senior day you make sure to have them in your photo. Here I made sure to capture their last pregame moments on the court at Mackey Arena.

  1. This is what college athletics are all about. This might be my favorite women’s basketball photo ever. I love the emotion of this pregame huddle. You can see how much fun this game is. These athletes put in a ton of work, but the fact that they are enjoying themselves makes it all worth it. Action photos are fun to make. Capturing the peak moment is amazing. Capturing peak emotion is so much better though.

So there are my favorite photos from this past basketball season. It didn’t end how we wanted it to. You always hear that only one team ends the season happy. This year everyone ended on a down note. The shutdown was with good reason. I usually end these posts with talk about trying to make this list better next season. Right now though we know so little that I am not even thinking that way. Hopefully there is a next season to play. If there is then I will be there trying to make a gallery to be proud of.


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