Making Pierogis On Dyngus Day

Celebrating Dyngus Day At Home

When I moved to Lafayette I realized that not everyone celebrated Dyngus Day like we did back home. It is not a big deal here. In fact I don’t think that anyone even knows about it. Add in the stay at home orders, and you could have a rather boring Dyngus Day. Dyngus Day has always been a fun way to celebrate my Polish heritage. My ancestry is mostly Irish, but my name is actually a Polish word. Within a month usually I get to celebrate both of those.

Food Photography

I am not the best food photographer. Heck I am not the best food photographer in line when I am picking up my daughter from school. It is something that is fun to try from time to time though. My problem with food photography is that I am an eater. I don’t have the patience to wait for photos to be made. I want to eat it now. Lucky for me that I had two plates going here so that I could eat while I made a couple of photos.


2 Replies to “Making Pierogis On Dyngus Day”

    1. These were cheese and potatoes. I did not make them from scratch but rather prepared them. I am not talented or patient enough to not eat everything before they are made from scratch.

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