Living Near a Great Campus

There is a group of students that I see their photography work and get very envious of. That is because you can see how much they love their campus while they are there. I was never that guy. When I went to Purdue it was all about the end result. I never really walked campus much outside of going to my classes. With a little time on my side now though I have come to love this campus. I even moved back to town to be closer to it. This year I have made a point to get out and photograph the campus more. Today’s post will show some of my favorite photos that were still unpublished until today.

The Bell Tower

I think that I focus on the Bell Tower a little too much when photographing campus. I try and put it somewhere in most of my campus photos even if it is in the background. I feel that it is like visiting Paris. By putting the Eiffel Tower in the background of your shots you immediately convey a sense of where you are. It is this tall iconic part of the campus of Purdue.

The Engineering Fountain

The other part of campus that I photograph too much is the engineering fountain. I often will stand in such a way that both the bell tower and the fountain are in the same shot. This year I was determined not to do that so much. I really have not been to the fountain much since it was turned on as the weather turned warmer. Continue reading “Reasons Why I Love Purdue: Part 1”


Taking a Winter Stroll on the Campus of Purdue University

Yesterday I was on the Purdue campus for a client and I had some time to kill. The sky was beautiful, and the temperature was actually pretty mild for this time of year. I love this campus, and this year I have made a little pact with myself that I will photograph it more. One of my favorite new to me features on campus is this Hail Purdue glass mural. I don’t know when it was put into place, but I found it last year. Most trips to campus now include a photo op here. Here the rays of the sun provide a nice addition to the photo.

The Boilermaker Stands Tall

I really love this boilermaker statue on campus. It has been a welcome addition to campus, and it is fun to photograph. With the blue skies I wanted to to focus on that a bit. I actually was on my way home when I decided to photograph this statue. I pulled off the road to make a few frames. I love the sky as a background here. The new performance center is nice, but it is just another item to clutter up the background of this photo.

The Week in Photos

This week was one without any sports in it. There was a bit of everything else though. You can view my weekly collection of my favorite photos on my Exposure page here.

Meet Me at the Fountain

One spot on campus that I love to photograph more than any other is the Engineering Fountain otherwise known as the Class of ’39 Water Sculpture. It seems like you can always make a new picture at the fountain. Earlier this summer I went down with a friend to make some photos of it and the rest of campus. As we were walking back to our cars I saw a group of students from the school paper at the fountain. One of them was on her phone, and I had the idea for the shot that you see above. This might just be my favorite photo from that night. It is simple, but yet something that I did not have before that night.

The Week in Photos

As I do every week I have put together some of my favorite photos from the past week into one Exposure post. This week of course is very heavy on the racing photos. In addition to photographing the racing on the big track I also included some of my favorite photos from the ARCA festivities at IRP as well. Here is a look at some photos that I enjoyed from the week.

Happy Fourth of July

Today is a day where we celebrate the birth of this nation. It is a great day to spend with friends enjoying the summer. I love the colors that this day provides. It is a sea of red, white, and blue everywhere you look. It is a day to have fun, but at the same time be safe. Get out and enjoy the fireworks tonight as they light up the July sky.

The VOSS Model at Purdue in Red, White, and Blue

Last January after a Purdue women’s basketball game I went out to the VOSS model to see it with a fresh snowfall. Just before that time I did not even know that the model existed. Then two Purdue photographers both put out photos of it that were amazing so I wanted to see it for myself. I had an idea for a photo with snow on the ground. That was a black and white photo that I really liked. Here I used another take from the same shoot with a little different edit. I love the black and white, but the color photo really is a red, white, and blue photo. I thought that it would be nice to run it today. Usually I like these types of photos on a warm summer day to help cool me off. The projected high as I write this is not very good though so it might be closer to this snowy day than the 95 degree day.

The sun flows through Armstrong Hall on the campus of Purdue University

The Sun Flows Through Armstrong Hall

This was supposed to be part of a three shot HDR of the atrium on the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering on the campus of Purdue University. I loved how the reflection gives a perfect mirror on the wall. At the time this photo was made I thought that HDR was the way to go here. That way I could capture all of the light that my camera cannot. I remember liking this photo at the time that it was made, but it didn’t fit my HDR everything mode that I was in at the time. Now with some time behind me I can again appreciate the way that the light streams through the hall without having to see every bit of shadow detail in the shot.

I Swear I Am Not George Lucas

I haven’t been getting out to make many photos lately. That means to keep this photo a day thing going I have to go back into the archives. Lately I have been re-working some of my old HDR work that I butchered back in the day. During my photo 365 project I found HDR. In a way it was bad timing as everything that I was learning went right onto the blog. This blog got off to a great start with my HDR images of pizza, dogs, and even better broccoli. Don’t worry at the moment I don’t have any plans to go back and re-work those photos. I think that they are just fine the way that they are. Sometimes though going back through my old work allows me to find things that had gotten lost in the shuffle. This photo that I made nearly three years ago is one of those.

Angelo Cianfrocco at first base against Butler

Sports Photo of the Day

Yesterday I was having some fun shooting two baseball games in the area. I made some pictures at a local JV game with one player in mind, and then I went over to Purdue to watch the game there. The light really makes things interesting as the sun goes down at the new stadium. The shadows stay over the batters box, but the do creep around the pitchers mound from time to time. You basically need two settings. One to shoot the sunny portion of the field, and one to shoot the batters area. I have been shooting in aperture priority mode for this reason at the new stadium. Last night was the first night that darkness really began to set in at the ballpark, and we could see what the lights would do. Just before that happened though a beautiful moment happened. I was in the first base camera well getting ready to find a new spot. I noticed how the last bit of golden light from the sun was splashing across the face of Purdue first baseman Angelo Cianfrocco. The golden light nearly matched that of the scoreboard so I moved over a bit to get this picture. I had just watched Joel Sartore a National Geographic photographer talking about layering that morning so I was happy to put that into practice. Sometimes everything works in your favor. This is not an action shot by any means, but it is one that I like a lot from the night.

More of my pictures from the game can be found on Purdue’s website here.

Technical Data

I really did not do too much to this photo. I corrected the white balance, and then added a bit of vibrance in Lightroom. I spent a couple of pictures trying to get this right in the camera, and I think that I did that here. I like photos that are this easy to edit.


Photo of the Day

I took this photo during the campus photowalk on Tuesday night. I had this vision of a picture showing my setup for another picture. That was supposed to be the photo of the day, but I liked the picture of the gates a little better.

Technical Data

Not a whole lot to talk about here this time. I took this photo with the new iPad (iPad 3). For me that is a big new piece of information, but for the reader it probably does not make a whole lot of difference. I left this picture alone this time. I ran it through Snapseed and he iPad Photoshop program but I liked this version the best. It was taken with the Pro HDR ap for he iPad. I liked the results, but did have some trouble holding this thing still during the shots.

Other News

I have a couple of things to talk about today. Over the weekend I bought the domain You might notice this when you bring the website up that now I have my own domain name instead of the long wordpress name that has been on here for nine months or so. Nothing will change if you have the site bookmarked, but it just gives me a quicker name to give to others. I wanted to make sure that everything was working properly before telling everyone about the change so that is why the short delay.

Another bit of news that I might have failed to mention is the new tab on the top of the page. I added an HDR FAQ tab up there. This is just a way I could address some commonly asked questions when I bring up the HDR process to most. I didn’t want to do a full on tutorial for a couple of reasons. The first is that I am still really learning this process. The second is that it has already been done very well by several people. I have linked to a couple of them in one of the questions. I like how the page really accents my photos so the design will probably not change much, but some of the components may.


Photo of the Day

Tonight we walked around campus a bit after dinner enjoying the views with very little interruption. There is a photowalk on June 30th around the world celebrating the 1st anniversary of Google+. I don’t post on there as much as I should, but I really wanted to be part of it. The closest walk is in Chicago, but with plans that night I can’t attend it. That was when it dawned on me that I could possibly host one here at Purdue. I have never been on a photowalk so hosting one seems like a big first step. Would anyone near here be interested? I may post it tomorrow on Google+ to gauge interest.

Technical Data

This shot is pretty simple. I put the -2, 0, and +2 exposures into Photomatix to get the tonemapping that I liked. Because of the harsh light I really did not like any of the individual pictures so I left it as is. Not much to report here tonight.

Interesting Fact

We found the Armstrong Hall of Engineering open and decided to walk in. I knew I had a killer shot ahead of me so I set up for a shot. One person was in the grand entrance when I was setting up but she was out of the frame. As I was leveling my tripod with way too much care about thirty kids came into the building. I quickly realized that they planned on doing something right in my shot. I snapped three quick frames, but they really did not turn out. Sometimes you have to get a shot first, and then set up correctly. I did find a great shot for another day though, and I can use what I learned today to my advantage.

Today I watched the Purdue baseball team play yet again. As I have said before this has been a great year to move down here so that I could watch even more Purdue baseball. I admit that I am a bit of a bandwagon Purdue baseball fan. I started watching them play in 2005 so I only saw eight years of the 103 year drought. There have been some close calls in that time, but the trophy remained elusive. That all changed today when Purdue won at least a share of the title in a game that was never in doubt. I wanted to get a picture of the team celebrating so I was a bit late getting onto the field, but I did get there just in time to get this shot. I had just a couple of seconds to raise the camera over my head and hit the shutter button. It just looked like a moment that was too good to be true, and I love that I captured it. I love that the only player that you can see is Eric Charles who is a spark plug on this team. His eyes tell the whole story.

I know that this site gets a lot fewer hits when I post a sports photo as the photo of the day. Today though this had to happen. On a site where I am learning how to capture moments this is definitely a moment worth capturing. Tomorrow I can get back to capturing barns and windmills.