Texting at the Fountain

Meet Me at the Fountain

One spot on campus that I love to photograph more than any other is the Engineering Fountain otherwise known as the Class of ’39 Water Sculpture. It seems like you can always make a new picture at the fountain. Earlier this summer I went down with a friend to make some photos of it and the rest of campus. As we were walking back to our cars I saw a group of students from the school paper at the fountain. One of them was on her phone, and I had the idea for the shot that you see above. This might just be my favorite photo from that night. It is simple, but yet something that I did not have before that night.

The Week in Photos

As I do every week I have put together some of my favorite photos from the past week into one Exposure post. This week of course is very heavy on the racing photos. In addition to photographing the racing on the big track I also included some of my favorite photos from the ARCA festivities at IRP as well. Here is a look at some photos that I enjoyed from the week.


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