A Winter Walk on the Campus of Purdue University

Taking a Winter Stroll on the Campus of Purdue University

Yesterday I was on the Purdue campus for a client and I had some time to kill. The sky was beautiful, and the temperature was actually pretty mild for this time of year. I love this campus, and this year I have made a little pact with myself that I will photograph it more. One of my favorite new to me features on campus is this Hail Purdue glass mural. I don’t know when it was put into place, but I found it last year. Most trips to campus now include a photo op here. Here the rays of the sun provide a nice addition to the photo.

The Boilermaker Stands Tall

I really love this boilermaker statue on campus. It has been a welcome addition to campus, and it is fun to photograph. With the blue skies I wanted to to focus on that a bit. I actually was on my way home when I decided to photograph this statue. I pulled off the road to make a few frames. I love the sky as a background here. The new performance center is nice, but it is just another item to clutter up the background of this photo.

The Week in Photos

This week was one without any sports in it. There was a bit of everything else though. You can view my weekly collection of my favorite photos on my Exposure page here.


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