A Stormy Night At Purdue

Storms Move In To Purdue

I love a good storm. Where I live in the city though the trees and houses all around me make it hard to watch them roll in. On the night that I made this photo I went up to Purdue to the top of a parking garage. If the storm is very bad this is not the best idea, but this was a mild storm so I felt safe up there watching the storm roll in. Most of the time I have my tripod set up outside of the car while I sit in the car with my camera watching. When the conditions are right I then jump out and make my photos. This was something that I was not expecting to see, but I loved the swirling clouds as they moved toward Beering Hall.

The Unexpected

On the day that I made this image I was not thinking about this kind of photo. I was up there to make lightning photos. At this point I had spent two hours with nothing to show for it. I missed a photo of lightning over the football stadium by a few seconds. I had just moved my camera and I was grabbing my shutter release cable when the lightning hit over the stadium. Had I just pressed the button manually before grabbing for the cable I would have had the photo. Luckily for me some interesting clouds moved in to make up for that missed photo.

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