Reasons Why I Love Purdue: Part 1

Living Near a Great Campus

There is a group of students that I see their photography work and get very envious of. That is because you can see how much they love their campus while they are there. I was never that guy. When I went to Purdue it was all about the end result. I never really walked campus much outside of going to my classes. With a little time on my side now though I have come to love this campus. I even moved back to town to be closer to it. This year I have made a point to get out and photograph the campus more. Today’s post will show some of my favorite photos that were still unpublished until today.

The Bell Tower

I think that I focus on the Bell Tower a little too much when photographing campus. I try and put it somewhere in most of my campus photos even if it is in the background. I feel that it is like visiting Paris. By putting the Eiffel Tower in the background of your shots you immediately convey a sense of where you are. It is this tall iconic part of the campus of Purdue.

The Engineering Fountain

The other part of campus that I photograph too much is the engineering fountain. I often will stand in such a way that both the bell tower and the fountain are in the same shot. This year I was determined not to do that so much. I really have not been to the fountain much since it was turned on as the weather turned warmer.

The Boilermaker Statue

The Boilermaker statue stands next to the football stadium as a reminder of why the teams are called what they are. This is another monument that I photograph in much the same way. The location of it really only lends itself to this composition. I have other photos from other angles, but this is the angle that I like the best.

The Water Tower

The water tower on campus is another great background element for your photos. Here I made it the subject of my photo. I made this during a track meet just as the trees were getting their colors back. I always have this love for the greens and blues in the spring. After a winter of drab colors I can finally make some photos with color in them again.


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