NCAA Golf Regionals Day One

Photographing Golf Again

I really enjoy photographing golf. It is fun to get out and make some images of a beautiful course like Kampen. At times I am just making a landscape photo and placing a golfer in it. Tuesday morning I was photographing three teams so I didn’t have the time that I would have liked to make some cool images. The beauty of the course though is something that just lends itself to cool shots.

Using the Course To Your Advantage

Some of the holes have very elevated tee boxes. That allows me to just get the golfer and the sky in my photo. It is a beautiful course, and I like to include it in most of my shots. When I get a chance to do this though I am going to take it. There are many spots to get something unique at this course. Over the course of the next three days I need to try and find those spots to make some cool photos.

The Early Morning Light

One great thing about golf is that you get to get out and photograph it in the early morning light. I am not a morning person, but I love that great light early in the morning. The great part about the light is when it falls right onto your subject like it does here. When the long shadows cover your player it can be a bummer though. I will take the good light however I can get it though.

Walking All Over

One thing about covering golf is that you get around. I thought that I was pretty smart with how I moved during the day and I still managed to walk nearly 8.5 miles shooting 18 holes. You are always looking for a good angle, and it seems like I walk more than I should to get that. Now that I have a couple of money spots on the course I may let the action come to me a bit more as the week goes on.

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