Day Three of the Purdue Invitational

Photographing Golf

One sport that I have not photographed, but have wanted to for a while is golf. Back when I had patience I used to play it quite a bit. Golf is not an easy sport to get out and photograph. The weekend warriors probably do not want you photographing them, and it seems as if Purdue has not golfed at home much lately. I did not let this opportunity get away from me. My biggest fear getting onto the golf course is not that the ball will hit me. It was that I would somehow interfere with play. Most sports that I cover have very easy to determine boundaries for where you can be. Golf does not. I was lucky enough to have someone who has been on the course a lot to follow early on to see what I could and could not do. Once I became comfortable with the course I started actually making some photos instead of just taking them. As with most first times out I really am not happy with my photos at all. So now I have to find some golf to photograph again to get out there and redeem myself so to speak. I think that the photos are okay, but I think that I can do better. Another thing that I liked was that I did not think that I walked very far today, but I did log in just over five miles on the golf course. Shooting golf could be a great way to do what I love and still get a little workout in as well. With that said I would love to scout the course on a golf cart to find some scenic locations to camp at. Today was more about the action, but next time I would like to get some more shots of the golfers on this beautiful course. This was the one and only weekend on the course this year though so I will have to wait a while.

Photographers Are Not Cool

A lot of people come up to me at events and say that it must be cool to do what I do. The job itself is very cool. The photographer is not. Late in the day I was camping out at one of the holes to make images of all of the Boilers with the light hitting them right and a good background. One of the guys hit a shot into a grass bunker that I could shoot down into. I just had to climb a large hill with my gear to make the picture. I did that no problem and lined up my shot just right. I had this idea of the beautiful grass as my background for a different looking shot. The golfer made his practice swings, and just before he addressed the ball a large bird flew out of the tree that I was up against and hit my lens hood. Not knowing what happened immediately I made a very audible noise. Of course by the time the golfer looked up the bird was gone, and I still stood there. I am sure that he wondered why they brought in a photographer with turrets.

Photos of the Week

As I have been doing I have compiled some of my favorite photos from the past week in one post on my Exposure page. This has been an amazing week with the Indy Indians finally starting their season, a great softball game, and a fun morning on the golf course. This was a fun week, and it will be hard to top it next week. The fun will be in trying to top it. You can take a visual look back at my week here. This coming week as of right now I have three events that I will blog about, and they are all midweek.

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