NCAA Golf Regionals Day Two

Photographing the Campbell Camels on Day Two of the NCAA Regionals in West Lafayette

Yesterday I spent my morning back at Kampen Course photographing the Campbell Camels. I could only shoot during the morning so I only shot for one team. Kampen is a beautiful course, and I had a great morning roaming the back nine making images. The Camels played well as I saw them go through where I was. It will be interesting to see how far they can climb up the leaderboard today.

More of the Details

I have been trying to make a big effort to try and get more details in. I am only with the players for a couple of holes each, but I still can get some of the details as they setup. The Campbell logo on the ball and on the shoes is a fun way to do this. A camel on each of the players bag is another fun way to get a new look in your gallery. The problem with golf is that everything is so small and I only have a 400mm lens. I try to not get in the way of the action so I have had some fun coming up with ways to get in close without getting in the way.

Making It Look Easy

I have not golfed in years. A bad back and my competitive nature ended my golf career as I was always playing hurt. Watching these athletes golf the last couple of days made me want to go out and try it. I kept thinking about it as I shot today. Why couldn’t I go out and do this? Then I had a thought that was probably pretty true. Watching these guys is a lot like watching the World Series of Poker on TV. It looks easy until you actually go out and do it. I would probably just be disappointed. I really do enjoy photographing this sport though. I think that I am just finding out what kind of golf photos I like. Having three straight days to experiment really helps.

Easy on the Shutter Count

Golf is a sport that is very easy on the shutter count. I don’t make nearly as many photos as I think that I do. I will hammer down on the shutter on contact for a couple of frames, but the amount of times that I do that are not too many. I looked at my take during the baseball game I shot last night after golf, and saw that I was already at my count for the entire golf outing in the fourth inning. Baseball has a lot of swings and misses though. It is nice to have a quick upload to the computer after an event.

Going For a Walk

On my ‘light’ day of shooting I still managed to walk a little over five miles yesterday. That is at least what my Health app on the iPhone told me. It was a fun walk though with some great golfers. Today I have three teams teeing off at three different times. I am sure that I will be way above five miles at the end of the day today.



One Reply to “NCAA Golf Regionals Day Two”

  1. Great post! I love shooting golf. You’re right, there’s not that much relevant action, but it’s fun to shoot players against the dark trees for bokeh and contrast and golf course shadows can be amazing.

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