Photographing Men’s Golf

Photographing Golf

I don’t get to photograph much golf. It is a sport that I think does provide many chances to make good images. I do not do it often enough to know where I should be when though. I can see a photo that I could make, but getting there might interfere with another shot. Long lenses help solve this problem most of the time, but it is still an interesting one to have.

When Easiest Isn’t Always Best

I went to the course with three bodies and three lenses yesterday. I had them all mounted in my cart to make them easier to use. My plan was to use my Canon 600mm lens as much as I could. I kept finding myself using my Tamron 150-600mm lens on my Canon 7D Mark II a lot though. I loved the range that it gave me. It seemed perfect. On a crop frame body it acted like a 240-960mm lens. That covers quite a bit of ground. It was much easier to make photos with it, but as I was editing I realized just how much I love that bokeh from the 600mm lens. I should have pulled it out of the cart more than I did. I use to think people that only used primes were photo snobs. I realize what they are after now though. You cannot beat that creamy bokeh from a prime 600mm lens. A shot like the one above would have been so much better with the creamy background.

The Week In Photos

This was a week that ended much differently than I thought it would. I still had a blast and made some photos that I really liked. I was even home more than I normally am which is great. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

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